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May 6, 2021

Shopify product customizer: Top 15 best apps to build a customizable product Shopify store

Shopify product customizer can help you to customize your products and offer a more personalized experience for your shoppers  If you’re owning a Shopify website and want to add the useful functionality, don’t miss this post. Arrowtheme will recommend to you the Top 15 Shopify product customizers, including free and paid extensions.

1. Infinite Options

Infinite Options

Infinite Options seamlessly integrates with your Shopify eCommerce website to provides an engaging user experience to your clients. This powerful app allows your shoppers to choose the product options for products they purchase with dropdown menus, image swatches, text, number inputs, checkboxes, calendars, radio buttons, and much more. Moreover, the great feature is that this app lets shoppers use personalize products for engraving, monograming, custom printing and beyond.

2. Product Options and Customizer

Product Options and Customizer

Product Options and Customizer supports you to add infinite number of variants, user customizations, custom file uploads, dropdowns, text inputs and any other options you want. With this, you could make your products section more personalized and customized. Especially, this module helps managing and running your Shopify store more convenient than ever before, as well as boost the revenue significantly. Especially, it comes with a superior customer support service with free installation and excellent support system.

3. Qstomizer


Qstomizer is one of the most effective apps that helps your customers to design their own expected items on your website. Also, this module allows your shoppers to generate designs made by themselves. Furthermore, it offers pre-made design templates for clients to use. It also equips you with the automatic filters for images in order to make effects such as colorize, leather or others. Beneficially, Qstomizer lets you to set rules for pricing. When the your customers add something like clipart or image, you can add a price. Needless to say, this module sets minimum resolution or size in pixels to photos to make sure they are in the best quality to display.

4. Product Personalizer

Product Personalizer

This Shopify app is another great solution for your Shopify store that comes with custom product design such as pillows, frames, t-shirts, wallets, jewelry, package, bag, shoes, watch or anything. In addition to that, Product Personalizer lets your customers to easily create options for the products with the ability to see the changes instantly.

It supports all robust features such as conditional logic, bulk actions, extra charge for custom options, translate tool for text, etc. With this, customers will find easy to add text, upload the images they want to appear on your items. Then they can freely customize the appearance with color, fonts any many more

5. Customify ‑ Product Customizer

Customify ‑ Product Customizer

Products building and customizing have never been easier with Customify Product Customizer. Also, this app allows your shoppers to upload unlimited images. Especially, they are able to save the customized products they’ve made to come back later so that they can have a proper deal of time to determine whether should they make an order or not. Similarly, your customers also feel comfortable when they can look at the live previews. Thanks to this, they can make sure that those ones are in the best status to purchase.

6. Custom Product Builder

Custom Product Builder

Allow your customers make their own products that they want is not a new concept, but do you know you can bring them the best product customizing experience ever? Custom Product Builder is a perfect solution for you to show customers every angle of their chosen product, and an unlimited number of variants, options, and personalization functions so that the item can turn out exactly what they want, and otherwise, the shoppers will also get to know the best about their products. More than that, the preview feature is interactive, which is clickable to make it fully convenient to use.

7. Live Preview Options

 Live Preview Options

With Live Preview Options, you can make previews individually for your shoppers at no time. This app comes with the infinite customization options for your customers with a wide range of Customs Fields so that you can add everything you need from swatches, text inputs to HTML instructions to your previews. Right from your website, the visitors can see those live previews and those previews will be shown with a price to enhance the customers’ former selection. As a result, you will not have to spend any effort following every of your customers’ steps.

Needless to say, the options will also be shown or hidden based on the customers’ previous selections which will bring the best shopping experience for each of your customers.

8. Arka: Packaging and Supplies

Arka: Packaging and Supplies

Shopify product customizer is a Shopify app which provides an limitless number of options and fields added to your products. Also, with the easy-to-use 3D interface, you can easily customize your box and visualize how you want it to look. At the same time, you can easily to create and experiment with different themes by saving them as creations! No phone calls or waiting necessary. With quick digital printing technology, your box artwork will be showcased crisp and clear!

9. Spiff 3D Product Customizer

Spiff 3D Product Customizer

Spiff takes 3D product renders to the next level by allowing you to dynamically personalize the product in real-time. This is an essential feature for your store to provide products which have customization and personalization options. In these cases, in the past, it has been hard to visually represent these products to the customer. Furthermore, one of the famous feature are the AR function of the Spiff app where the personalized product can activate an AR experience.

10. Product Options + Testimonials

Product Options + Testimonials

Product Options + Testimonials is a essential assistant for all store owners. This module equips you with the various features of Product Option Field, Testimonial Form, and Custom Popup Form. In that way, you easily to generate a large number of additional Product fields. Besides, you can add additional attributes from various filed types such as Text area, text field, date, multiple select, checkbox, dropdown, radio button.

In addition to, showing testimonials is an effective way to express the quality and many good sides of your products, which can supports you to get more trust from the customers. By using Product Options + Testimonials, you can generate a testimonial slider and grid with a submission form and even manually add testimonials in the store.

11. Colorlab ‑ Product customizer

Shopify product customizer

This Shopify product customizer is designed to increase your customers creativity by using built-in elements like text, pictures, artwork, and colors. Also, the owner store can easily view, modify and export customized orders directly via our user-friendly back-office or fully automate by using our extended API. Similarly, you can convert your existing product templates into customizable products and allow your customers to personalize each side.

12. Angle 3D Configurator

Angle 3D Configurator

The Angle 3D Configurator app allows you to provide your customers a 3D product customization experience. It lets shoppers easily to fully engage with your products with photorealistic details.

All thing you need to get started with Angle, is a 3D model of your product. Take pictures of all angles of your product and find a 3D artist that will create the 3D model for you. Check out our “Get started with 3D on Shopify” guide on our website for all information on how to get into 3D products.

13. Inkybay ‑ Product Customizer

Shopify product customizer

Inkybay is a powerful Shopify product customizer that allows your visitors to create their own products including clothes, mugs, stickers, shoes, mobile cases, business card and more. From admin panel, you can control everything like custom products, fonts, printing method, pricing, order, etc.

From users’ view, they can add and customize anything easily on a legible interface. They can adjust text with favorite font, color and size, graphic, upload image and files, etc until they find satisfied. On the other hand, the app is very easy to install, no manual action is required. Inkybay is designed with HTML5 and advanced JS technology which supports any device and all modern browsers

14. Tshirt & Product Design Studio

Tshirt & Product Design Studio

This app is used to Design or Personalized any products on your Shopify store. From the App back-end section you can choose which products can be personalized by the customer. There you can mention additional customized price for an item. By using this app, your customer can design products as per their requirements such as: add arts from the list added by you, or upload his own arts and add to the Product, add any Text with various font and design. You can also save a customized design for a product which users can edit (if needed) and order.

  • Customizing product with logo, text, images, etc.
  • Can set up Design Template for any product individually in the app backend. This will load the design panel with that template
  • Change product Color in the design panel
  • Set up custom font
  • Get the customer’s design details in app backend
  • Download the SVG File of customer’s design


Shopify product customizer

By using this Shopify product customizer tool, you’ll be able to design and publish a huge variety of apparel & accessories to your Shopify store. Also, this powerful technology equips you with the freedom to truly create unique products for your shoppers.

  • Print anywhere, no charges for additional print locations
  • 100% all over printing (every surface can be printed)
  • Print graphics over seams with +/- 1mm accuracy
  • Vibrant bold colors through our reactive dye print process
  • Zero hand feel, no plastic feeling graphics (even on darks!)
  • Highest quality and most unique product offering

Wrapping up

If you’re already doing a Shopify website, it’s likely that you’re at least reaching some app to power up your website. But remember, it is always much better to have the best support for experts. You can find a technology company to do integration and customization for your website. At Arrowtheme, we provide the professional service to help merchants improve the customer experience. Want to know more about our Shopify service? Check it out

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