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May 13, 2021

Shopify donation app: Top 5 best apps – beneficial way to increase conversion rate

Shopify donation app provides you a chance to gather a donation on behalf of yourself (if you’re a charity) or as a charity. Collecting donations for a charity can help to increase average order value and improve conversions on websites. It helps your customers to make feel more prideful of the purchase. So, in this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 5 best apps you need to install for your Shopify stores. Let’s explore it right now! 

1. Change Commerce ‑ Donation App

Change Commerce ‑ Donation App

When you intergrade this app to your website, it enables you to give to a wide range of charities and not-for-profit organizations without problems. With this app, you can easily add lots of information about the good causes to your store. You’re also able to select which projects you don’t want to get involved in.

When the shoppers selects to make a donation, they can provide a percentage of the donation or a flat dollar for the donation. You can also set up custom donation amounts on specific items or collections. Moreover, your sellers can share that they’ve made a donation, via your website on the social media. With this, your store and the charity to have much more exposure than it would otherwise. And customers can track donations, allowing your brand further exposure.

2. Sticky Cart by Uplinkly

Sticky Cart by Uplinkly

Sticky Cart is a helpful Shopify donation app for the online business to boost the sales and conversation rate. You just need a one-click installation without any coding and then it will be automatically updated with your website. With this app, you can easily customize the online store with the color scheme that makes your website more appealing and outstanding. In addition, this module will make the “Add to Cart” button outstanding and visible to attract the users’ attention. Therefore, they will be reminded with their items on the cart. Moreover, with this button, the users will always have an opportunity to purchase, which boosts your website’s sales.

  • Improve the profit with an Add-to-Cart
  • One-Click Install
  • Integrate with all devices
  • Remind shoppers to their carts
  • Fully Mobile and Desktop Responsive

3. Easy Donation

Easy Donation

This powerful app allows merchants to include donation options on the cart or checkout page (only Shopify Plus) to gather donations along with product selling. The store owners can easily create individual donation products or landing pages to gather the donation for the causes without selling any products or services. More than that, this is best suitable for any charity institutions, NGOs, Non-profit organizations, Churches, any religious institution and all eCommerce brands.

  • Donation Option on Cart Page.
  • Individual Donation Pages.
  • Non-profit Products Selling and Multiple Charity Options.
  • Donation Receipt.
  • Collect Extra donation money.
  • Default Charity Values…

4. Shop for Good Donation App

Shopify donation app

With the support of this app, you can easily use your existing customers behaviors to boost sales and raise money for charity. Your shoppers can make donations to your preferred nonprofit partners during the traditional purchasing process on your website. You can also get multiple good cause campaigns for your online store. Furthermore, you can respond to events happening in the world in real-time and create social good campaigns effectively within minutes.

This app also comes with lots of options available for your online business. For example, you can reward buyers for being caring by providing a discount when they donate to your good cause. Or shoppers can round up their bills and distribute just a few cents to a any charity. Beside, another option is to get a fixed percentage or fixed amount that will be given to charity with every order made on your store. From the detailed analytics screen you’ll know how much you’ve raised and whether there has been an up-tick in the average order value and conversions on your online store

  • Lots of options for raising money on your store.
  • Helps to improve results on your eCommerce store.
  • Have lots of good cause campaigns throughout the year.
  • Track the results of your campaigns.

5. Give & Grow Donations

Shopify donation app

This Shopify donation offers donations across the world and can distribute cash for you in more than 100 countries. All the donations received are processed through the platform, with no third parties. Therefore, more of the donation that shoppers give you will reach the good cause. Especially, the module also enables you to measure and showcase the impact you’re having on good causes. The displaying it can include a little pride to your brand and encourage other customers to complete a transaction with you. Last but certainly not least, the app offers you real-time analytics of your hard work helping nonprofits. This can be a real good option in knowing if your good causes are relevant to your users, or perhaps you could provide more support to another good cause.

  • Offer the outstanding landscape
  • Make an announcement on social media that the buyers can share
  • Allow customizing your impact calculator by choosing schemes
  • Display the real-time impact and track KPIs
  • Improve the loyalty of customers by increasing the conversion rate

Final Word

Shopify donation app is an excellent solution to improve business performance while also support charitable causes. It has been shown to increase average order value and improve conversions on websites.

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