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May 19, 2021

Shopify search app: Top 10 best apps to make improvements to your Shopify stores

If you own a Shopify store with numerous categories and products, it is crucial to help your customers easily and quickly find the item they are seeking for. So, integrating an advanced Shopify search app into your Shopify store enables you to improve the boring default search functionality of Shopify and simplify the search process for users

So, in this blog, we will review Top 10 Shopify search app you need to install for your e – commerce website. Let’s explore it right now!

1. Instant Search & Smart Filters

Shopify app

This Shopify search app equips you a lot of attributes to make your search function more powerful. In details, it helps you to improve conversions as it exactly show products depending on the search query of the user. Besides, it comes with both the smart search facility and the filtering system.

With this, products can be displayed as soon as the users type in text in the search box. Therefore, the customers might see the product they want before the all word or phrase has been entered. Therefore, the time to transaction is fast, the customers has a better experience.

More than that, the search facility can also assist correct misspelt words. Any entry into the search box will be compared to some product elements such as the titles, descriptions, SKUs, variants and tags. Therefore, there is limited chance that the shoppers won’t find what they’re seeking for if you have it. As a shop owner, you can also have products filtered on the collection and web pages.


  • Enhance the search functionality on your Shopify store.
  • Auto-correct misspelt words for more accurate search results.
  • Search will compare query to many aspects of the product.
  • Includes a product filter.

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2. Instant Search

 Instant Search

This Shopify app supports you to improve your search and merchandising in order to improve the conversion of your website. This app comes with various powerful features to improve conversion. Firstly, when any users search for some products, the result will showcase instantly immediately and also inspire customers from the first text that they entered. Even if they mistype the texts, this application can allows them correct those words in the blink of an eye and provide them the correct results.

Besides, you can also improve the conversion of browsing customers by using the same filters in search and collections. In addition, with this tool, you can sell goods that you want to sell. You only need to set up the rules on product position in search, collections or suggestion and this app will allow you match it with users’ intent.


  • Advanced Search App, Filters, Merchandising used by Top Brands
  • Display results from the first character that shoppers type
  • Allow setting rules for search, collections, and recommendation
  • Offer results even when customers misspell
  • Auto-generated Search Filters, Quick View, Add-To-Cart and Badging
  • Provide customers with visual experiences

3. Product Filter & Search

Product Filter & Search

Product Filter & Search is a must-have app for all ecommerce store to offer the best search and navigation experience for users. With multiple filtering attributes and powerful features, the search results will be more correct. As a result, it helps you to keep customers from bouncing off your store.

Furthermore, the results will showcase instantly while use enter text with spell-check and auto-correcting. Therefore, you can save time for your shoppers while your sales are improving

More than that, Product Filter & Search updates product, catalog in real-time and offers support for up to one million items to match your website size. On top of that, this smart application offers mobile optimization on all mobile devices and with great UX/UI.


  • Get the wanted results with multiple filtering options
  • Save customers’ time with advanced search and suggestions
  • Get the result instantly while typing with spell-check, auto-correction
  • Offer support for 1 million products in your store
  • Require no changes in the designs with popular Shopify themes

4. Smart Search & Instant Search

Smart Search & Instant Search

Smart Search & Instant Search enables you to create a smart search, filters, suggestions to boost your sales. This tool offers numerous useful features. Firstly, when a visitor search in your store, a widget will appears some suggested items, collections, and content pages depending on the texts that they enter immediately. Besides, it also provides the spellcheck and typo correction which can support your visitors find the right goods even if they mistype it. Secondly, this tool equips you with unlimited filters like price, availability, vendor, product type, tags, review, etc. for search results and collections.

Last but not least, it empowers the show owner profound analytics and detailed reports on search queries, clicked and even bought items for you to track the performance of the Shopify app


  • Personalize Content Delivery Network search
  • Improves search results page and navigation
  • Allows searching with merchandising, customizable product labels and recommendation blocks
  • Provides analytics and detailed reports on search queries, clicked and bought products
  • The ability to hide products by in-stock status or tag

5. Smart Product Filter & Search

Smart Product Filter & Search

Smart Product Filter & Search provides you great filter options. You can filter out products depended on variant, size, color, price, tags, collection, vendor, brand, inventory, discount and more. Also, you can utilize the various filters to restrict the number of items

The tool also comes with a robust search solution. As soon as the shoppers starts typing in a product, there will be immediate recommendations and if a spelling mistake, there is an option for an autocorrect. Besides, within the search results page, there is a product filter too.


  • Improves the original Shopify search bar functionality on your website.
  • Offer autocorrect, suggestions and can autocomplete searches.
  • Lots of filtering options for the product filters.
  • Can group similar products together for easier filter results.

6. Omega Instant Search

Omega Instant Search

Omega Search comes with the awesome search functionality to help your shoppers find the products they’re looking for. Also, this tool can automatically complete the search query as it provides a search as you search drop-down menu into the search bar. With this, your customer can save a lot of time for looking the desired product. More importantly, it can also helps you to correct misspelt words.

This app is free for website that gets a small (less than 600 products) catalog. And, online store with more products can be placed on a paid plan after they have a free trial.


  • Free for those stores that have less than 500 products.
  • Can complete search terms for the customer.
  • Offers autocorrect functionality.
  • Adds filtering options to the collections page.

7. Live Search & Smart Filters

Shopify search app

This powerful app includes the search and filtering ability to improve the user experience and navigate them to the product they’re looking. With this, results provided depending on what the visitors are typing into the search box will show in real-time.

The tool is easy easily to install and setup without coding knowledge All you need to do is to intergrade the app on your Shopify store. Every month you’ll be noticed with a monthly search results analytics group, with daily search keywords, landing pages for numerous search terms and a list of the top search terms. This can help you enhance marketing efforts in the future.


  • Smart filtering enabled to help you create the perfect experience for shoppers on your site.
  • Analytics to show what visitors are searching for on your site.
  • Live search functionality that will help you display results quickly.
  • Simply to install and use the app, no need to know any code.

8. Product Search Bar and Filters

Shopify search app

This Shopify search app is very easily to install and use. This app allow you to improve the search functionality in your Shopify store. In details, our customers have successfully minimized the common typo errors while performing searches in more than 40 languages. The search results are correct and you can also customize the accompanying filter functionality to match your requirements.


  • Incredibly fast, search results as you type
  • Smart algorithm that learns from your user behavior
  • Suggestions, autocomplete and visual search
  • Smart Search Bar Insights
  • Visual and Voice Search
  • Search suggestions and auto complete with Doofinder APP for Shopify

9. Product Filter & Search 

Shopify search app

Product Filter & Search  is a must-have tool for all show owner to equip advanced AI search to your online store with a single click. With the support of this app, you can easily improve search utility and conversion KPIs. In details, you can improve the findability within search results with robust filters which completely fit with the visitors’ common queries. Besides, this app comes with an advanced artificial intelligence-based search for your Shopify website. With powerful tools like Instant Search, Collection Filters, AI-based personalization, and real-time analytics, this tool helps enhance customer satisfaction and boost the revenue.


  • Search as you type, predictive search, spelling correction help your users reach their desired search results as soon as possible.
  • Use artificial intelligence to show the most relevant results, personalized for each user.
  • Inbuilt advanced analytics to help you understand user behavior, search queries and improve your store listings.

10. Findify Search & Personalize

Shopify search app

This app provides the shop owner a smarter search tool to help businesses of all sizes boost revenue. Especially, this tool specializes in Atificial Intelligence personalization which use the latest in AI technology to change the order in which each individual customers sees your products. This application is best suitable for medium size businesses and up, those who are looking scale their business.

Final Word

We hope that this review can give you a big-picture of the available Shopify search app in the market. Besides, if you plan to renovate your current site or build a brand-new one, we’re here to help. At Arrowtheme – we provide the integration and customization service to help merchants improve the customer experience.

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