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January 8, 2022

Shopify ebay app: Top 5 best apps to create a powerful ecommerce business

As you know, with Amazon, eBay is considered as one of the biggest e – commerce platforms in the world. Ebay is where sellers and buyers can deal with very easily and quickly. In case you’re operating a Shopify online store, you should enhance your eBay experience by taking advantage of a Shopify eBay app. Of course, this app will bring you a bunch of advanced and powerful features to develop your store. One of the best ones is it allows you to transform your products from eBay to your Shopify store and raise sales from both places. 

Besides, you can easily build the trust of customers thanks to collecting product reviews from eBay and posting them on your website. So what are you waiting for without using this app right away? If you still can’t find the suitable Shopify ebay app for your store, we will help you. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 5 flawless apps to create a powerful e – commerce business. Let’s explore it now! 

Top best Shopify ebay app for your ecommerce store

1. eBay Connect

best Shopify ebay app in the market

Coming to this topic, the first Shopify app we want to recommend for you is eBay Connect. First and foremost, thanks to this app, your eBay listings will be exported to Shopify. Besides, Shopify will keep your eBay and Amazon orders and inventory in sync. What’s more, when using eBay Connect, everything you have on eBay including the brand will be compatible with its own Shopify online store. In addition, with this app, generating an eBay listing is easier than ever. Best of all, it allows you to use your own custom template or our template builder.

Highlight features of eBay Connect: 

  • Generate an eye – catching Ebay listings
  • Easily upload and customize pictures as you want
  • Keep track of your orders with inkFrog
  • Allow customers to participate in the order management process. 

2. eBay Professional Importer

perfect Shopify ebay app

In case you’re seeking an excellent Shopify eBay app to make your online business more prosperous, you should consider eBay Professional Importer. Firstly, with this app, your online store will be full of products with ease. To begin, this app is really an effective boosting sales tool for any shop owners. Because it will help you to import more items from foreign countries. Besides, thanks to this app, your products will be diversified to appeal to customers and satisfy even the most demanding customers. Best of all, you may use the app to handle products with variations and monitor inventory systems more effectively. And then, you can effortlessly see which products are commonly purchased and the origin of them. 

Outstanding features of eBay Professional Importer:

  • Provide reasonably price
  • Convert goods from ebay to shopify in order to increase shopping for your store
  • Sort goods into suitable categories
  • Show a clean and professional user interface. 

3. eBay

Shopify ebay app

As its name suggests, eBay is one of the best Shopify apps in the market for you to build a powerful e – commerce business. On top of that, this Shopify eBay app was created with the goal of assisting shopkeepers in improving the quality of marketing and customer service. Besides, this app is also unique and is loved by a lot of sellers thanks to a wide range of advanced features. Exclusively, it makes use of the eBay platform to manage booked or prepaid orders. Moreover, it also acts as an intermediary between your Shopify online store and eBay account. As a result, you can easily control all orders from both sites. 

Highlight features of eBay:

  • Build the connect network with many new sales channels
  • Enhance your brand awareness 
  • Compatible with both website and mobile version 
  • Connect and communicate with customers easily through eBay messages. 

4. eBay Marketplace Integration 

 app to boost sales

eBay Marketplace Integration received numerous compliments for its perfect features and performance. Firstly, this Shopify eBay app allows shop owners to advertise their products on eBay more easily. This is thanks to the removal of time-consuming processes such as product control. Besides, with this app, you can simply organize your goods based on different product houses. What’s more, it will profile in order to choose policies and models that are appropriate for the situation. Best of all, when switching from your Shopify store to eBay, templates will be used to make it easier to edit or change the product’s vital details.

Outstanding features of eBay Marketplace Integration: 

  • Free trial within 30 days
  • Supply models that are easy to control
  • Manage inventory with ease
  • Support for eBay order management. 

5. Codisto LINQ

Codisto LINQ

If you are having trouble managing orders on both Shopify store and eBay, you should take advantage of Codisto LINQ. At first, this Shopify eBay app is one of the smartest solutions for you to sell your items on a big e – commerce platform like eBay. Besides, Codisto LINQ comes with a variety of helpful features that can assist you in easily and efficiently integrating with eBay. Then, this app allows you to access more than 40 marketplaces on both eBay and Amazon including USA, Germany, Spain, etc to increase sales with ease. Not only that, you can use bulk actions to list individual items, filtered groups of products, or the entire product collection on Ebay at a glance. 

Highlight features of Codisto LINQ:

  • Connect with your current eBay listings
  • Allow you to create different marketplace pricing and value rules
  • Orders from eBay are synced in real time with all of your distribution platforms. 

The final line

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