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January 8, 2022

Shopify gift card app: Top 5 best apps to generate more sales for your Shopify stores

On many occasions, the appearance of a gift card is very important and highly appreciated. However, because of the geographical distance, many people cannot send cards directly to their family and friends. Then, they need a digital gift card to send their wishes without meeting directly. This is the reason why the Gift card app appeared. Can say, if you are managing a Shopify online store, Gift card app is an essential function you need to add for your site. In fact, Shopify Gift card app is really an advanced tool for shop owners to boost their revenue as well as build a loyal customer’s network. To help you achieve this goal quickly, Arrowtheme will deliver Top 5 excellent apps for you to get more ideas. Let’s read it right now! 

Top 5 excellent Shopify gift card app

1. Shopkeeper Gift Cards

Shopify gift card app

In case you’re seeking a shopify gift card app that is effective in generating more sales, you can consider the Shopkeeper Gift cards. In fact, this app is a must – have app for every e – commerce website to succeed in building great relationships with customers. At first, it comes with a variety of appealing design models that can draw any customer’s attention at the first glance. 

Besides, these gift cards can match with a lot of different occasions including birthdays, Christmas, weddings, Valentine’s Day, etc. All of them are designed to be extremely eye – catching and meet any customer’s demand. Then, your customers can choose the most suitable templates and send them to their family and friends with ease. Not only that, this app also provides your customer personalized gift cards that can be printed and redeemed through the Shopify POS. As a result, you can easily boost sales and gain high profits as soon as possible. 

2. Better Gift Card Auto Fulfill

best Shopify gift card app

Coming to one of the best ways to create more shopping for your online business – Better Gift Card Auto Fulfill. With the perfect Shopify gift card app like this one, you will notice that purchasing a digital gift card is very simple and fast. On top of that, after you buy gift cards in your store, this app allows you to instantly fulfill them. Besides, whenever an order is done, this app will assist you with auto-filling gift cards. 

What’s more, with this app, your customers don’t have to wait a long time for delivery. This is because they will receive your gift cards immediately once they finish their order. Additionally, this will also avoid any future service debt if the manual delivery of a gift card is skipped. Best of all, just by one – click, you have done the installation of this app and you can master it with a few following simple operations. 

3. Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards 

appealing Shopify gift card app

The next Shopify app in this topic you must know to enhance the appeal of your store is Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards. First and foremost, it is an important app that can be lacking for any e – commerce website. Thanks to this app, your customers can give more gift cards to others by customizing the default gift card template. Besides, you can add a variety of professionally made, branded gift cards to your store as well as a well – made gift card ordering process with ease. 

What’s more, it is similar to other Gift card apps because of the animated gift card experience, however you will have complete control over the cover, context, etc. Best of all, visitors may prefer your gift card above all thanks to the personalized feature. Because it provides the “from” blank on any individual card for your customers to write their name and personal note.

4. Gift Box

Gift Box

If you want to create more loyal customers by taking advantage of a Shopify gift card app, you should consider Gift Box. Not simply as an app, but Gift Box is also a smart tool for you to increase sales effortlessly. To begin, with this app, when customers spend a certain amount to buy your products, you can give them free presents, such as gift cards to encourage them to come back. Besides, it is very simple to use. And, you can use it to inspire and reward your customers according to your own rules. 

What’s more, you can also use this app to sell physical items. As you can see, this app is more versatile than some of the other apps in the market. Furthermore, with this app, you are able to pick any of your items as a free gift for loyal clients. Best of all, it will also support you to provide many interesting programs like free shipping, gift wrapping, etc

5. Shopkeeper Gift Card Scheduler

app to boost sales

Last but not least is Shopkeeper Gift Card Scheduler. You should take a look at this app because of its effective sales increase. At first, this app has a simple working process, just by sending a message to the buyer. In fact, there is a connection in that message that they can enter the recipient’s email address. And then, they can choose the date and time they want to receive the gift card. Far from traditional deliveries that can miss the scheduled date, this app can make gift cards reach recipients on time without missing a moment. 

What’s more, your customers can use this app to send their gift cards every quarter hour and time zone. Best of all, don’t worry if the recipient misplaces the original email or doesn’t like to use this gift card. Because the money can be refunded once the purchaser submits the original email to reclaim. 

In conclusion

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