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January 9, 2022

Shopify live chat app: Top 10 great apps to drive more conversion for your ecommerce business

On any e – commerce website, there are a variety of apps and each one contributes to a different role for shop owners. And, one of the most essential apps you must know to drive more and more conversion for your online store is Live Chat. Not only does it come with many benefits for shopkeepers, but it also makes customers feel satisfied. Besides, it can meet all customer’s requirements and help shop owners to raise sales easily. In case your website doesn’t have the Shopify live chat app, you should refer to this blog below to get more ideas. In this blog, Arrowtheme delivers you Top 10 wonderful apps for your e – commerce business in the market. Let’s explore it right now!

Top 10 wonderful apps for your e – commerce business

1. Tidio Live Chat

Shopify live chat app

In case you search for a great Shopify live chat app in order to drive more conversion for your e – commerce website, let’s consider Tidio Live Chat. In fact, any shop owner must look after their customers in real time. Hence, it will effectively create more and more sales revenue as soon as possible. And, Tidio Live Chat is considered as one of the best solutions for doing so. Besides, it can combine live chat, bots, and marketing automation. Hence, it will easily meet all of the customer’s requirements. Furthermore, by installing this Shopify app, you can provide your store’s services with the fastest and most convenient method of communication. Following that, not only you can communicate with your visitors, but also monitor all of activities while you’re in your store. 

2. Live Chat

best Shopify live chat app

Let’s take advantage of Live Chat right now if your e – commerce website hasn’t integrated this function. In fact, is one of the most outstanding and famous Shopify live chat apps worth using in the market. At first, although this app is free, it is still very advanced and beneficial with both shop owners as well as customer transactions. Besides, thanks to the compatibility with a lot of modern browsers and social networks such as: Zalo, Facebook, etc, you can connect your clients with ease.  What’s more, this app also allows you to monitor the customer’s behavior. Then, you can easily bring the best experience and the highest satisfaction for them. Above all, Live Chat is really an effective tool to boost your sales. 

3. Chat Button

Shopify live chat app to drive conversion

Coming to another Shopify app you need to know in order to increase more conversion rate for your shop – Chat Button. At first, thanks to a variety of advanced features, this Shopify app will leave a big impression on any shop owners and customers at the first glance. Best of all, you can install and master this Shopify live chat app with a few simple operations without any coding required. In addition, this app can work with a lot of popular social media such as: WhatsApp, Facebook and so on. As a result, your customers and you can easily interact with each other. Not only that, it also operates as a smart report tool that helps you create regular reports. 

4. Facebook Chat Box – Marketing

Facebook Chat Box

As its name suggests, you may find this Shopify live chat app runs via Facebook Messenger. At first, Facebook Chat Box comes with numerous useful features. Hence, this is the reason why it is known as one of the most outstanding ways for connecting store owners with customers all over the world. Besides, thanks to the reputation of Facebook, this app also built the belief in the customer’s mind and got well – received from them. Best of all, you can also use the custom icon with text and color to make your store stand out among the crowd. Not only that, this app can be compatible with all types of devices such as: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. 

5. Reamaze Live Chat & Helpdesk

outstanding Shopify live chat app in the market

Reamaze is really one of the most effective resources for Shopify store owners who want to boost profits and customer loyalty. At first, not as simple as a Live chat app, Reamaze is also a Shopify multiple channels helpdesk. This is because it enables you to connect buyers through many famous channels. What’s more, Reamaze will allow your store to bind to other Shopify stores. As a result, it will help you result in increased revenue. Especially, if you are wondering whether your website’s loading speed is affected by the addition of this app, the answer is no. This is thanks to a script loading that is SEO-friendly. 

6. JivoChat Live Chat


JivoChat Live is the flawless Shopify live chat app for you to develop your online store with ease. Firstly, any store owners who want to draw more potential customers can take advantage of this app to do so. Besides, because of a flexible omnichannel app, you can effortlessly connect with visitors through Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, JivoChat Live helps you to collect information about your customers such as their email addresses and phone numbers. As a result, by increasing the convention rate, you can optimize benefits easily. All in all, with this app, communicating with various clients becomes more simple than ever. 

7. Messenger Channel

Messenger Channel

Let’s consider Messenger Channel and the results it brings will never make you disappointed. At first, this app is widely regarded as the most effective way for Shopify sellers to communicate with potential customers. Besides, Messenger Channel allows you to add your items to all modern browsers. As a result, this Shopify live chat app is really an effective tool for you to boost the sales. Moreover, 

this app comes with the customized ability. Hence, you can easily edit it as you want to make it extremely unique and special to capture customer’s attention at the first visit. 

8. Live Chat

perfect Shopify live chat app

If you’re seeking a Shopify live chat app for your e – commerce website, you shouldn’t ignore Live Chat. In fact, this app is really an effective assistance for you to take care of your customers while you’re busy. Firstly, this app comes with a number of advanced features including an automated chat module, a chat dashboard, and visitor tracking. Besides, thanks to this app, any question of your customers can be answered automatically yet still satisfy them and meet all their demands. As a result, the conversion rate as well as the revenue of your online store will increase dramatically. 

9. Easy Messenger

free Shopify live chat app

Don’t forget Easy Messenger if you want to drive more conversion for your Shopify online store. At first, this app is an important assistance for any online shop owners who want to use Facebook Messenger as a Live Chat for their store. Besides, as you know, Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with millions of users. Then, integrating it on Facebook is the most effective way for you to connect with potential customers and raise your brand awareness in their mind. What’s more, we believe that by offering real-time customer service, you will be able to significantly increase your conversion rate as soon as possible. Best of all, this app Shopify live chat app is free and very simple to activate. 

10. Pure Chat

best Shopify live chat app in the market

Last but not least is another perfect Shopify app for live chat named Pure Chat. Firstly, to organise your store better and build a great relationship with your customers, you can use this app. Besides, with Pure Chat, shop owners will have more opportunity to enhance customer conversations with their guests in real time. Additionally, you can easily limit the proportion of items that customers leave in their shopping cart. As a result, it helps you to boost the shopping for the online store in the quickest way. What’s more, your clients will be served at all times thanks to the support of an unlimited chat box. Therefore, it will result in increased profits for your shop.

The final line

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