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February 16, 2022

How to get more sales on Shopify store quickly

Shopify is a fantastic tool for rapidly and effectively launching an online store. However, sales will not happen on their own, as they will with any platform. Making sales on Shopify may be as easy as reaching out to your friends or as difficult as building a complex Facebook ad funnel. But we must all begin somewhere! Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your first Shopify sales. We’ll discuss How to get more sales on Shopify store quickly. So let’s start our journey.

Why does your Shopify store have visitors but no sales?

Some stores may be getting lots of traffic, but sales aren’t coming in.

In that situation, you must put yourself in your customers’ place. People are hanging around at your business, but they aren’t enjoying themselves. What is the reason behind this?

Here are some of the reasons why your visitors aren’t converting:

Lack of trust

Create trust by displaying customer evaluations and other forms of social evidence, as well as emphasizing your commitment to their protection.

Poor navigation

You want to make it as simple as possible for your customers to discover exactly what they want, therefore your navigation needs to be flawless. To bring customers to the product they want faster, include your Shopify collections in your navigation menu and on your homepage.

Not mobile-friendly

People are increasingly shopping and purchasing on their mobile devices. Don’t lose out on valuable visitors by failing to optimize your shop pages for mobile.

Product descriptions

They are shopping for the items. Therefore if you haven’t described them carefully, your customers will leave.

Low-quality images

Your photographs, like your descriptions, are the final element of product promotion for the wonderful items you want to sell. Make sure you have high-quality photographs. Therefore,  your customers can truly get a feel of what you sell.

Store design

If your store appears exactly like others, it will be forgotten. Therefore, you should design personalized shop pages that are completely on-brand so that no one forgets who you are. Make it appear attractive while also reflecting your personality.

Wrong audience

You could be attracting the wrong people. You need to correct it so that the right buyers can find and buy your goods, whether it’s because your SEO is confusing searchers or your paid advertising campaign is targeting the wrong demographics.

How to get sales on Shopify stores?

1. Use Dynamic Product Ads to Retarget Customers (DPAs)

Dynamic Product Advertisements (DPAs) on Facebook are one of the best methods to build ads which are more targeted and relevant. They will automatically display the appropriate products to those who have demonstrated interest in your website, app, or elsewhere on the Internet.

Basically, instead of generating advertisements for specific goods in your catalog, you build an ad template which automatically uses photos and product data feed information for products you want to advertise.

To automatically sync and fuel the DPAs in Shopify, you should connect your product feed using the Facebook Product Feed app from the Shopify App Store. 

They are great for audiences who are already interested in your product. Rather than just retargeting customers to specific sites with generic ad creatives, you can customize the experience by displaying them the same product they were just looking at again.

2. Integrate Shopify to your Facebook store.

Facebook is a fantastic tool for combining social media and ecommerce promotion.

Setting up your Facebook store and earning sales is a reasonably simple process. However, it is preferable to integrate your Facebook store directly with your Shopify shop.  So that you do not need to maintain a separate inventory.

3. Use video testimonials on conversion pages

Customer testimonials and reviews are a strong kind of social proof which attracts and converts more clients. You can use  video testimonials to inform other customers what a great experience you give.

Video testimonials may be added to any of your important conversion pages, such as your product and collection pages, homepage, and checkout. Your existing pleased customers  can spread the word about the quality and value of your products.

You may expect to enhance conversions on your Shopify store by 20% or more by using a product like VideoPeel.

4. Rent remarketing pixels from authority sites

Renting remarketing pixels from authority sites and highly relevant specialty blogs, and then retargeting that audience with Facebook Ads for your store, is another technique to increase sales for your Shopify business.

Because you’re targeting a highly relevant and engaged audience that is looking to buy the sort of things you provide. So you may significantly cut your marketing spend while increasing sales faster.

All you have to do is tweak and test your adverts to get the greatest result

5. Provide free shipping on orders with a minimal value.

When it comes to growing online sales, free delivery is a sure-fire winner. If a client must pick between free and paid shipping for the same goods from two different retailers, they will prefer free shipping.

If you use free shipping appropriately, you may dramatically boost your average order value (AOV). Rather than including free delivery on all orders, limit it to those that exceed a certain threshold.

Vagabond Cookies, for example, more than quadrupled their AOV by offering free delivery on all purchases of $100 or more.

6. Start Instagram Live shopping campaigns.

Instagram has already shown to be an effective product discovery and shopping channel:

  • 70% of shopping lovers use Instagram to find new products.
  • 87% of consumers said influencers influenced them to buy something.

So, if you haven’t already set up an Instagram shop, now is an excellent moment.

With an Instagram Live broadcast, you can now show and sell your items. Therefore, you can engage with your fans, and work with influencers in real time.

7. Integrate live chat into your Shopify store.

According to American Marketing Association data, visitors who interact with your business via live chat are three times more likely to purchase.

Therefore, you may utilize live chat to engage visitors proactively and send messages depending on browsing activity, page viewed, and other factors.

Adding a live chat app to your Shopify business allows you to answer buyers’ inquiries and overcome their objections. You may also contact individuals by live website chat, phone, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Apple Business Chat. So it gives you an omnichannel experience.

8. Include upsells and cross-sells at the checkout.

When a customer adds one of your goods to their shopping cart, you have a fantastic chance to boost the entire purchase value by providing similar products.

If it works for Amazon, it should work for you as well.

When a consumer adds an item to the cart in Shopify, you may display upsells and cross-sells via a popup. However, you may include a checkbox option at the checkout.

9. Provide customized product recommendations

Personalization is another marketing strategy which may be used to increase sales. Personalized product recommendations are based on previous activities and preferences of a visitor.

You may also personalize recommendations based on a customer’s location. If you know your visitor is from California, for example, you can suggest a swimsuit. Besides that , if they’re from New York, you might want to give something a little warmer

Alloy Apparel, for example, displays a customized “most popular” carousel of products depending on trending items in the visitor’s area:

10. Create an email list by offering unique deals.

Creating an email list is a tried-and-true marketing strategy. The most major advantage of email subscribers is that you have complete control over when and how you contact them.

To create an email list, integrate email marketing software with unique deals in your Shopify store. You might, for example, use:

  • Floating bars to promote your current offer and attract visitors to sign up for your mailing list.
  • Exit-intent popups that show a great offer when a customer is about to leave your shop.
  • Slide-ins that appear when a visitor spends a certain amount of time on a product page.

11. Create automated transactional email campaigns.

To increase sales on Shopify, you can also employ transactional email marketing.

Experian reports that transactional email open rates are eight times greater than typical marketing email open rates. Because customers expect the information provided in them.

For example, you might create particular email sequences that are triggered based on user activity, such as: 

A welcome sequence when people subscribe at the first time:

According to GetResponse data, welcome emails have the greatest open rates. Customers anticipate welcome emails to be in their inbox. So 82% of them get opened.

Ac sequence when subscribers leave products in their cart: 

The Baymard Institute reports that 69% of shopping carts are abandoned for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Unexpected shipping charges.
  • Account creation is required.
  • Checkout procedure is complicated.
  • The Return policy is unsatisfactory.
  • The website went down.
When subscribers stop opening your emails, create a re-engagement sequence:

According to Email Monks, 45% of re-engagement email recipients read the subsequent emails

12. Create “out of stock” waitlists.

Pre-selling things and seeing how many people put orders is one strategy to increase sales. If you’re unclear whether a new product will appeal to your target audience, you can try this strategy. You may also utilize it to create scarcity, causing visitors to sign up for your waitlist. When you know there is sufficient demand for the goods, you may contact them and inform them that it is currently in stock.

13. Place your goods on external marketplaces.

Shopify allows you to offer your items on third-party marketplaces.

But why would you want to do such a thing?

Marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon already have their own traffic. Furthermore, customers are more acquainted with such locations and may have subscriptions such as Amazon Prime, which provides free delivery.

Leather Honey items, for example, are available on Amazon as well as through their Shopify store:

14. Place bids on keywords with strong intent.

In case there is a lot of search demand for your items but you aren’t ranking organically yet. So you may bid on Google ads with purchase-intent keyword modifiers like “buy,” “discounts,” and “product names” to drive purchase-intent shoppers.

15. Make use of post-purchase data to guide future marketing.

Collecting more information from clients at checkout and after they have made a purchase might help you increase your sales on Shopify. You may, for example, ask for the customer’s birthday, gender, age, or other information to help guide future marketing strategies.

Post-purchase, for example, you may encourage clients to sign up for a free account and “complete their profile”. Therefore, your customers can obtain rewards like a discount code off their next purchase or bonus points in your shopper reward program.

16. Concentrate on the user experience of your storefront.

When you’re experimenting with new sales strategies, it’s easy to overlook your Shopify storefront. Among the things to improve are:

  • Colors, fonts, and mobile optimization are all part of the overall shop design.
  • Finding the appropriate balance of images and words.
  • Visitors can locate what they’re seeking for thanks to simple navigation and menus.
  • With proven payment options, you can build security and confidence.

17. Try with ad creatives and audience targeting.

When running advertising, it is critical to test your ad creatives and audience targeting.

A/B split testing is the only way to determine which of your ad creatives is more effective. Is it the one with the picture A or the one with the image B? Is it the one with the short copy or the one with the extended copy? You may use your top performing ad for the correct audience to drive additional sales after you’ve identified it.

18. Create a loyalty program.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a certain method to increase sales, and loyalty programs.

Your clients can get points for their purchases. Moreover, they also can earn points for referring their friends and family.

With specialized applications like Smile, Growave, Rise, and others, you may build a loyalty program on your Shopify business.

19. Collaborate with relevant influencers.

Collaboration with relevant influencers is another strategy to increase sales. They may drive significant traffic to your Shopify store if you pick the proper influencer for your demographic and product.

If you’re just getting started, you may hire micro-influencers with smaller specialist audiences, who are less expensive than major influencers.

20. Make your Shopify store mobile-friendly.

In 2020, the average value of mobile online orders was $90.82. Furthermore, in 2021, mobile devices are predicted to account for about 54% of all retail ecommerce:

That is why it is critical to build your Shopify store for mobile from the beginning rather than trying to make it mobile-friendly later. Choose a mobile-optimized template for your business that has an easy-to-read font, clear photos, and snappy shopping cart features.

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