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January 9, 2022

Shopify menu app: Top 10 best apps to enhance the user experience for your Shopify apps

In addition to good product quality, the shopping experience on your website will greatly determine customer satisfaction. Besides the loading speed or stunning appearance, the menu also plays a significant role to enhance customer’s experience. A smart and easy-to-see menu can not only capture clients’ attention but also helps them easily find the product they want in the quickest time. If your e-commerce store hasn’t had this function yet, it is the perfect time for you to integrate it in order to catch up with the opponent. There are various ways for you to create a stunning menu. However, in this blog, Arrowtheme will mention the Shopify menu app. Below are Top 10 flawless Shopify menu apps you should consider to install for your online store. Let’s explore right now! 

Top 10 outstanding Shopify menu app in the market 

1. Buddha Mega Menu

Shopify menu app

In case you’re seeking a Shopify app that helps you to enhance the user experience for your e – commerce website, you should consider “Buddha Mega Menu”. At first, it was created with the goal of assisting consumers in discovering your collections and items. Meanwhile, you can also increase the real time customers spend on your site thanks to enticing product displays in your menu. Besides, you can easily add items, sets, pages, urls, etc to the menu with this app. What’s more, it is really an effective tool for you to simply build automated collections of the newest and best-selling items. Not only that, this app also offers four submenu styles. Following that, you can  customize them to match with your brand as well as optimize your profits. 

2. Collection Filter

Collection Filter

Coming to this topic and the next Shopify menu app we highly recommend for you is “Collection Filter”. In fact, this app is considered as one of the most outstanding apps in the market and can adapt all your Shopify store’s demands. Besides, based on many things like vendor, size, color, etc, this app will assist in the creation of filters. Hence, it enables customers to search for your products they want at a glance. Moreover, in addition to making your business easier, it can also bring your customers the best shopping experiences. This is thanks to the displaying filters as navigation menus that can help them navigate your online store. Best of all, your website will be boosted interaction and then, lower the bounce rate with this app. 

3. Globo Mega Menu

best Shopify menu app

If you want to take advantage of a Shopify menu app to improve the user experience for your store, you can have a glance at “Globo Mega Menu”. Firstly, this app is very simple to use and activate. Besides, it can generate a fantastic menu for creating exclusive and completely personalized super menu configurations. Moreover, without any technical knowledge, you are able to build a super menu in just a few minutes. In addition, this app comes with a variety of menus including horizontal and vertical menus for you to choose. Especially, you can customize them as you want from effects, fonts to backgrounds. What’s more, you can use the submenu to create several columns and rows, as well as change the menu items’ position.

4. Filter Menu

excellent Shopify menu app

Let’s take a look at Filter Menu and you will be surprised with the benefits it brings for your online store. On top of that, this app is extremely useful that uses list filters to improve navigation and conversion. Besides, it was created based on many leading retailers like Ebay or Amazon. Then, it helps you to enhance your store navigation. Therefore, it will provide consumers with great shopping experiences while also speeding up conversion rates. What’s more, in order to fully experience the filter menu, you can keep the hands-free filter. Additionally, you can filter options in various ways such as by brand, price, form and so much more. 

5. Menus Uncomplicated

Menu Uncomplicated

“Menu Uncomplicated” is known as one of the perfect Shopify menu apps that is worth using for any online store. As its name suggests, you can see this app can make the creation of menus become simple and uncomplicated. Besides, you can categorize your items to make them easier to find or discover thanks to this app. More than that, this app will display the number of products available in each menu and allow you to add new products. Therefore, your consumers can fully comprehend all of their options. Best of all, you don’t have to be afraid of HTML coding knowledge. This is because this app is very easy to use even if you’re a non-developer. 

6. Smart Mega Menu & Navigation

wonderful Shopify menu app

The next Shopify app, also a smart tool we want to suggest for you to generate an amazing menu is “Smart Mega Menu & Navigation”. At first, this app allows you to create an eye – catching Shopify navigation and making it easy for customers to find your items. As a result, you can save time as well as money a lot. Besides, it also helps you draw customers’ attention by putting items on the mega menu plus advertising banners. What’s more, this app comes with a lot of advanced features including numerous menu items, dropping and dragging menu items and so on. Hence, they will help you succeed in your business as well. Not only that, you can effortlessly replace a menu from the Shopify navigation with smart menus with one simple click. 

7. ICONX ‑ Too Many Widgets?


ICONX is regarded as an excellent Shopify menu app you need to install for your online store. On top of that, the first thing that makes this app loved by a lot of shop owners is its convenience and user-friendly. Besides, you must consider the customizable templates of ICONX. Following that, it allows you to draw customer’s attention with pretty icons, displayed text, great color and so on. Moreover, its mini menu runs as a smart tool to boost sales by encouraging visitors to purchase more and come back to your site many times in the future. More than this, in order to gather critical data from customers more quickly and simply, let’s build the Thumb Zone Navigation Menu to do it. 

8. Widgetic

flawless Shopify menu app

Coming to another perfect Shopify app you must know to develop your e – commerce store as soon as possible – Widgetic. At first, this app is a must – have tool for any shopkeeper to create an interactive navigation menu by using product photos. Besides, thanks to this Shopify menu app, you can effortlessly view your product photos as a slideshow in a small room. Then, if you do it better, we believe your clients will be attracted by your impressive content and easily keep track of them. Best of all, Widgetic also lets you edit the video or maps’ ratio to fit with any frame on your website. 

9. Categories Uncomplicated

perfect Shopify menu app

Categories Uncomplicated will be the ideal choice if you are finding a Shopify menu app to improve the user experience on your site. Firstly, with its flexibility, this app can suit any type of online business and will bring them a lot of benefits. Besides, it comes with a variety of smart features to help you achieve your goal as soon as possible. Specifically, the first one is that it assists users in organizing their collections into a format. From that, your clients can comprehend with ease even if they just glance at it. In addition to supporting you to properly present their items, this app also runs as an effective boosting SEO tool. Not only that, it enables you to use specific URLs to index your goods collections. 

10. Meteor Mega Menu

stunning Shopify menu app

If you expect to generate an awesome menu and add it to your available theme with ease, let’s have a glance at “Meteor”. To begin, you must download this app, then, select the most suitable one from pre – made menu template’s collection. After that, you just need to build the menu and this app will take care of the rest. Besides, this app allows you to check and preview menus to make them as perfect as possible before coming to your visitors. Best of all, without any change to your theme’s coding required, menus will still display on your website. Not only that, Meteor supplies a lot of professional available models for you to choose. And, all of them are as special and customizable as you want. 

In conclusion 

Arrowtheme hopes through this blog, you will find the most suitable Shopify menu app. Hence, you can easily increase the experience of customers for your store. However, not only stopping on the menu, but you must also focus on many other things to make your store as developing as possible. One of them can be contact form. Let’s refer to the Top 10 best Shopify contact form apps now! 

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