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January 6, 2022

Shopify contact form app: Top 10 best apps to generate more targeted leads

During the online shopping process, your customers will inevitably arise many questions. Therefore, if your e – commerce website does not have a contact form, it will easily lose a lot of points in the eyes of customers. And, it won’t meet all customer’s demand as well as bring them the best shopping experience. So, now is the time for you to make a change. If you want to generate more targeted leads and increase conversions, you need to ask Shopify contact form app for help. 

In fact, this app is an effective tool for you to create a stunning contact form where your visitors can leave the message and send it to you. Thanks to it, you can easily satisfy any customer and increase sales as quickly as possible. With the above things, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 most excellent Shopify contact form apps in the market for you to develop your business. Let’s take a look right now! 

Top best Shopify contact form app for ecommerce stores

1. SMS Email Marketing Automation

SMS Email Marketing

Receiving the highest rate review on a big platform like Shopify app store, this is the reason we recommend SMS Email Marketing Automation for you. To begin, this Shopify contact form app is designed for any e- commerce store that wants to grow their customer base and generate more targeted leads. Besides, all you need to prepare for your marketing are integrated in this app. Some of them such as: Abandoned Cart Email, Welcome Email, Transactional Emails and so on. What’s more, it also enables you to send mass emails through newsletter campaigns by using professionally crafted models. Not only that, you can use this app to deliver SMS Automation and mass SMS to your customers, with an ideal open rate of up to 98 %. 

2. Contact Us Form Builder

Shopify contact form app

As its name suggests, “Contact Us Form Builder” is one of the best Shopify contact forms apps in the market. On top of that, this app offers various contact forms and it allows you to send unlimitedly. Of course, you can easily personalize your contact form to make it become extremely unique and special compared to competitors thanks to this app. As a result, it will help your store improve brand awareness and create more potential customers as soon as possible. Furthermore, it also provides Zotabox’s unrestricted sensitive and embeddable contact form. Then, your customer service will be improved a lot. Following that, your clients will be able to connect with you in a private way on your website and it results in increasing their shopping experience.

3. Constant Contact Marketing

best Shopify contact form app

In case you are looking for an outstanding Shopify contact form app to generate more targeted leads, you should consider “Constant Contact Marketing”. First and foremost, this app is an effective tool that helps you send an email no more than 5 minutes. Besides, depending on information customers provide, this app will send personalized welcome, birthday, and anniversary emails, as well as a series of emails to your contact lists. Not only that, this Shopify contact form app is able to quickly synchronize your Shopify email list. Moreover, it enables you to design or make changes to the email model and it will meet your all requirements. 

4. Improved Contact Form

best Shopify contact form app in the market

If your e- commerce store hasn’t had Contact form yet and you’re seeking a way to resolve it, don’t miss “Improved Contact Form”. On top of that, coming to this app, you can easily receive messages from all visitors without having to change your theme or pay for a service. This is thanks to a free “contact us” page and popup form it provided. Besides, this app allows contact form submissions to be sent to your mail. Hence, you can easily check messages from your current mailbox without having to log in to a website. Best of all, you also have many freedoms to customize anything to the contact form like name, e-mail, etc. Then, it will reflect your own unique style and leave a big impression on the customer’s mind. 

5. Custom Contact Forms

professional Shopify contact form app

The next professional Shopify contact form app we highly recommend for you is “Custom Contact forms”. Firstly, it is a smart Shopify app that allows you to completely manage all of your shop’s forms. Not as simple as an app, “Custom Contact Forms” also runs as a smart tool in order to help you analyze customers. Hence, you can easily learn more about your customers, communicate with them effectively and meet all their demands. What’s more, this app comes with an infinite number of forms and all of them are very easy to use. Best of all, you can generate unlimited contact forms and embed them anywhere on your site. Furthermore, this app is known as a great protector to ensure that your site will always avoid spam and run smoothly. 

6. Zero Spam Contact Form

amazing Shopify contact form app

Can’t help but mention “Zero Spam Contact Form” if you want to add the contact form feature to your website. On top of that, this app is a useful tool for all Shopify ecommerce owners who want to add Google reCAPTCHA to their contact forms. Besides, this Shopify contact form app will be very convenient and surely to be enjoyed by customers. This is because it will help them limit spam from you. Then, it will bring your customers the best shopping experience on your site. In addition, unlike other traditional captchas, this app is more convenient and friendly for clients. Following that, all they need to do is click the box next to “I’m not a Robot”. What’s more, you can freely edit the available contact form to your own style to make it stand out from the rest. 

7. Constant Contact Email

Constant Contact Email

Coming to another Shopify contact form app also an effective tool to boost more targeted leads – Constant Contact Email. To begin, not only does it allow you to quickly add items to your email and sync contacts, but it also helps you monitor revenue. Besides, this app has a total of over 100 eye – catching templates that can fit with any type of business and meet your all demands. What’s more, this app assists you in many activities such as: Chat, phone, blog, knowledge base, etc. Therefore, it will result in giving you real-world results. For example, it will increase more traffic visiting your site as well as more phone calls to you. 

8. Contact Form Builder

ideal Shopify contact form app

Contact Form Builder will be the ideal choice if you are concerned about coding problems. This is because this app is very convenient even if you’re a newbie and have no knowledge about coding. On top of that, this excellent Shopify contact form app provides you with all of the necessary resources to create a contact form with ease. Besides, you can take advantage of many available advanced fields such as: dropdown lists, multiple options, etc. As a result, this allows you to create correspondence, reviews, and booking forms in addition to contact forms. Additionally, there are a variety of pre – made templates for you to choose. They’re all perfect and reflect your brand well. However, if you aren’t really satisfied with them, you can easily design an absolutely new one. Hence, it will make your contact form become unique and special among the crowd. 

9. Form Builder

outstanding Shopify contact form app

Coming to another Shopify contact form app without coding knowledge required – Form Builder. First of all, with this app, you can easily create a contact form that allows you to collect data or any other information from your customers. In fact, you can create your form with a few simple operations. And, similar to some many page builders, this app also employs a drag-and-drop interface. What’s more, you can use any font you like on the completed form. And, you can have as many input fields as you want. In addition, only by using the given shortcode, the contact form can be placed anywhere on your website. Best of all, it is fully responsive. Hence, it will be compatible with any type of modern device from mobile phone to big screen devices. 

10. Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms

Form Builder Mailchimp

Last but not least is a professional Shopify contact form app – Form Builder. Firstly, this app enables you to generate contact form and add onto your site easily. One special and useful thing about this app is that anyone who sends email for you can be added to your MailChimp mailing list. As a result, it is very helpful for many future email marketing campaigns to attract more customer’s attention. Moreover, thanks to Form Builder, all your information on your app can be synced with Google Sheets to keep track of who sends you contact requests and what they say. Additionally, in order to save more time, you can collect files and create your autoresponder email sequence as soon as you create your contact form.

In conclusion

Have you decided which Shopify contact form app to choose for your ecommerce store? If you haven’t yet, let Arrowtheme know and we will help you.

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