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January 1, 2022

Shopify page builder app: Top 11 best apps to convert more visitors into customers

For eCommerce stores, the landing page is considered as the face of the stores. Hence, the businessman should focus on beautifying the pages to attract more customers. To develop the page, people often think about the website software. However, there are some Shopify page builder apps that can help you. Today, Arrowtheme will introduce you to the top 10 best Shopify page builder app to convert more visitors into customers.

What can a Shopify page builder app help you with?

Before going to the detailed review, Arrowtheme will tell you some advantages of Shopify builder apps. The main function of these apps is to create the landing pages, product pages and collection pages for your stores. They will design fronts to match your brand image and distinguish your stores from other brands. Also, you do not need to have knowledge about coding to adjust items on your pages. Hence, Shopify builder apps will be a good assistant to build your online stores.

Here are the top 11 best Shopify builder apps that Arrowthem suggests for you.

1. GemPages Landing Page Builder

Prices: From $15/month, 10-day free trial.

GemPages Landing Page Builder is the most powerful drag-and-drop page builder for Shopify. Build, design, and optimize your store pages without limit, without code. Its extensive library of page templates, elements, and features helps you create stunning, high-converting pages for any business.

page builder

Highlight features

Firstly, unlimited pages for all pricing plans

Secondly, 60+ templates & 100+ elements for any purposes

Thirdly, efficient marketing toolkits & sales boosters

Next, optimized for page performance & conversion

Also, advanced A/B Testing 

At last, white-glove customer support

2. PageFly Landing Page Builder (by PageFly)

Prices: Free plan available or from $19/month
PageFly Landing Page Builder is a must-have Shopify builder app for your eCommerce stores. It provides you with many elements such as display, FOMO effect, review and ratings, sales booster, … in one library. Also, it allows you to control every page included the landing page, pricing page, product page, collection page, blog pages, FAQ pages and so on. Moreover, it helps you build your page with ease. This app offers more than 70 templates for all page type, available sections and analysis for your performance.

Shopify page builder app
Shopify page builder app

Highlight features
Firstly, numerous elements in one library
Secondly, control every page
Thirdly, 70+ templates
Next, increase site speed
Also, utilize SEO for landing page
At last, excellent customers support

3. Shogun Landing Page Builder (by Shogun Labs, Inc.)

Prices: From $39/month, 10-day free trial.
Shogun Landing Page Builder is a Shopify page builder app that helps you build your store in your way. This app provides you with premade layouts for home pages, landing pages, blog pages, products pages and so on. You can easily drag and drop the elements to edit your pages. You can try it for 10 days and uninstall it if it is unsuitable. In addition, this app offers you some marketing tools to improve the performance such as SEO, Content, Email Capture and Test.

Shogun Landing Page Builder
Shogun Landing Page Builder

Highlight features
Firstly, create your pages freely
Secondly, not affect the page speed
Thirdly, easily drop and drag elements
Next, edit the products and collections
Also, offer marketing tools
At last,  high ratings in Shopify

4. Shopify page builder app: Hypervisual Page Builder (by Sunset + Lincoln)

Prices: From $9.95/month. 14-day free trial.
Hypervisual Page Builder builds the visual for your online stores. It customizes the design of the products page without coding. Besides, it increases conversion rates by add-to-cart form and embedded products. Furthermore, the products are expanded to fit the space. Also, this app uses built-in emails to engage with customers. Additionally, your pages will auto-connect with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel to see your performance.

Hypervisual Page Builder
Hypervisual Page Builder

Highlight features
Firstly, customize page design
Secondly, integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel
Thirdly, compatible with mobiles and tablets
Next, collect emails and auto-connect to Mailchimp list
Also, no Hypervisual brand on your pages
At last, customer support via email and in-app chat

5. LayoutHub Easy Page Builder (by LayoutHub)

Prices: Free plan available or from $14.99/month
LayoutHub Easy Page Builder takes care of your store’s design. Also, it focuses on ease and saves your time. Hence, you can use this app with no coding knowledge. Additionally, you can use a free plan or charge for more functions. Next, there are many premade layouts in the library. You can freely choose the most perfect one and see it in preview mode. It is easy to import the given layouts to apply.

LayoutHub Easy Page Builder
LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

Highlight features
Firstly, a free plan available
Secondly, design for non-technical users
Thirdly, a big library layout
Next, high speed and SEO optimization
Also, compatible with all devices
At last, support with love

6. Shopify page builder appPage Studio Page Builder (by ShopPad Inc.)

Prices: $8.99/month, 14-day free trial.
Page Studio Page Builder builds all types of pages for your store. By installing it, you can easily edit the element to optimize the design. This app provides you with numerous eye-catching pages through the drag&drog interface. Also, there are lots of elements being used. And, you are not worried about the speed due to a premium global CDN. Furthermore, it increases SEO to drive more traffic. In addition, you can use administrative features to visualize the store.

Shopify page builder app
Shopify page builder app

Highlight features
Firstly, optimize the design
Secondly, no worry about speed
Thirdly, increase SEO
Next, advanced editors for developers
Also, work well with mobile devices
At last, administrative features

7. Zipify Pages Builder & Editor (by Zipify Apps)

Prices: From $67/month, 14-day free trial.
Zipify Pages Builder & Editor creates the sales funnel and landing page for your stores. This app consists of many templates which come from a successful campaign. Also, these templates are updated regularly. Besides, you can design your stores by yourself by drag and drop manipulation. Furthermore, it develops SEO by putting your pages on the Shopify domain. Especially, it optimizes your campaign by tracking and accurate data.

Highlight features
Firstly, highly recommended by many users
Secondly, templates were tested
Thirdly, customize your design
Next, integrate with Facebook, Google
Also, sharing among Zipify pages accounts
At last, create funnels and landing pages

8. AZEXO Free Page Builder (by AZEXO Apps)

Prices: Free plan available or $19/month
AZEXO Free Page Builder is used to turn your stores into amazing Shopify website. This app uses a pixel-perfect design to make your visions. Additionally, you can add your products to many products elements such as catalogue, add-to-cart button, product price,… Moreover, it builds a beautiful lookbook with products preview. Next, it improves the speed to save time.

AZEXO Free Page Builder
AZEXO Free Page Builder

Highlight features
Firstly, make the visions beautifully
Secondly, improve the speed
Thirdly, easily add products to many elements
Also, build a suitable lookbook
At last, products preview mode

9. Shopify page builder app Funify ‑ Page Builder (by Jipo App)

Prices: Free plan available or $9.99/month
Funify ‑ Page Builder creates your store’s pages with powerful drag and drop tools. This app offers more than 25 elements to strengthen your stores. These elements include product bundle, decline button, opt-in form, add-to-cart button,…Furthermore, it improves the funnel based on the last decisions. It will offer upsell or down-sell to the customers.

Funify ‑ Page Builder
Funify ‑ Page Builder

Highlight features
Firstly, 25+ elements
Secondly, improve the funnel
Thirdly, SEO control
Also, design by screen size
At last, live chat support

10. Page Builder & PRO page editor (by Gravity Software)

Prices: $9.99/month. 15-day free trial.
Landing page builder is an assistant for you to edit your pages. It allows you to drag and drop the elements to use the interface and edit the content with many design options. With 50 available templates, you can choose the most suitable one for your stores. Furthermore, this app automatically applies the animate and rotate content to beautify the pages. Besides, it provides a video tutorial to instruct you. Hence, you can install and use it faster.

Shopify page builder app
Shopify page builder app

Highlight features
Firstly, 50 available templates
Secondly, drag & drop elements to use interface
Thirdly, provide a video tutorial for instructions
Next, work well with desktops and mobile devices
Also, map for customers to find you
At last, 24/7 support

11. Buildify Drag & Drop Builder (by Aheadworks)

Prices: $12.99/month, 7-day free trial.
Buildify Drag & Drop Builder is a Shopify page builder app for non-tech users. It offers you 50+ page templates and 80+ widget such as icons, buttons, analytics, … You can drag and drop these elements to edit the landing page, collection pages and blog pages without coding. Besides, social media widgets involve customers in your stores content to engage. Furthermore, it compatibles with all devices and screen sizes. Therefore, you save a lot of efforts. Also, this app supports you with a preview mode. Hence, you can see the results easily.

Buildify Drag & Drop Builder
Buildify Drag & Drop Builder

Highlight features
Firstly, highly recommend for non-tech users
Secondly, edit the page by drag and drop
Thirdly, various elements
Next, compatible with all devices and screen sizes
Also, a preview mode
At last, engage customer via social media

To conclude, depend on your budget and needs, Arrowtheme wishes you the best you. For more information, come here with us. Moreover, do you want to start a Shopify Ecommerce Store without any coding knowledge to build your website? So you have found the right place. Our Shopify packages are ready for you. With three packages ranging from Basic to Standard to Advance, our services will not disappoint. In case you need a beautiful and functional online store without paying more for the extra features as the more expensive Shopify packages. So our Basic package is for you. Besides that, our Standard and Advance packages are a huge upgrade from the Basic package which can get almost every feature of Shopify. Hence, let’s take a look at them.

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