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January 8, 2022

Shopify product filter app: Top 5 best free and premium apps to generate more sales

In order to generate more sales, there are many ways to achieve this goal. However, today ArrowTheme will only review for you the way by using Shopify apps through this blog below. Let’s explore the Top 5 powerful free and premium Shopify product filter apps with us right now! 

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Top 5 wonderful free and premium Shopify product filter app

1. Product Filter & Search (From $19/month)

Shopify product filter app
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In case you are looking for a Shopify product filter app to generate more sales, you can have a glance at this Shopify app. Before making a decision to officially install this app, you can experience it free within 14 days. On top of that, this app gains its reputation with 4.9 star rating based on more than 930 reviews on Shopify App Store. In fact, it is especially trusted to be used by a lot of famous brands in the world such as: Boeing, Ford, Durex, Scholl and so on. 

Besides, this shopify product filter app is integrated with a big package of advanced features. For example, “Smart & Instant Search” helps clients to find their products they want in just some seconds. As a result, it will increase customer’s experience and boost sales as well. What’s more, customers can multi-select from a variety of filter options such as: collections, vendors, variants, tag, etc. Best of all, just only by one – click, you’ve completely set up. 

2. Fera – Shopify product filter app (Free or from $9/month) 

free Shopify product filter app
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Fera is considered as one of the best Shopify product filter apps in the market. Firstly, although this app is designed quite simply, it is still beautiful and will capture customer’s attention at the first enter. Besides, Fera is very effortless to customize and add to your website. What’s more, this shopify product filter app allows you to increase social proof and consumer confidence without causing any damage to the brand’s integrity. Not only that, the fast loading site speed as well as low costs are the best scores of this app. 

Addition to, customer reviews, photographs, and videos are all simple to handle with the support of this app. Besides, you have many freedoms to add, import and even edit reviews, photos and videos in necessary cases. Furthermore, you can display reviews by many different languages such as: German, Spanish, Swedish, French and so on. 

3. Filters & Instant Search – Shopify product filter app (Free or from $19.99/month)

Filter & Instant Search
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If you expect to find a perfect shopify product filter app in order to increase sales, you can consider Filters & Instant Search. With 4.8 star rating from over 650 reviews on Shopify app store, this app is very excellent and worth using. Not only a shopify app, this app is also one of the most successful retailers that helps you boost conversion. Besides, this app includes a wide range of advanced modules to meet your any requirement. For instance, “Upsell & cross-sell” module makes suggestions to your clients to help them enhance their AOV. What’s more, it brings the highest shopping satisfaction owing to the “Optimize Shopping Experiences”. 

4. Opinew – Shopify product filter app (Free)

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Opinew will be the ideal choice if you are seeking for a free shopify product filter app. On top of that, you can submit reviews from current and previous orders (check email, review SMS, Print QR codes) and import existing reviews with our review management system. Besides, you are free to make changes to anything you want in order to fit with your theme and branding. Best of all, no coding required is one of the plus scores of this app. Following that, even if you have no knowledge of coding, you still activate it as well as possible. 

What’s more, Opinew is exactly a reviews importer. Just by one – click, your store will be occupied with reviews. Not only that, it also displays the best reviews for your items. As a result, it will build the trust in clients and push them to make a decision to buy quickly. 

5. Smart Product Filter & Search (From $4.90/month)

premium Shopify product filter app
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Coming to Smart Product Filter & Search, then, your result it brings will never make you disappointed. Firstly, Smart app allows you to filter products instantly according to many elements such as: price, size, color and so on. Not as similar as other apps, when choosing this app, you can experience it free within 21 days. And after this period, you have to spend only $4.90 per month. Besides, you can select the right Filter Style such as: Checkbox, Radio, Swatch, etc for a Filter Option. 

What’s more, this shopify product filter app also supports 3+ templates of layouts for you to choose: Horizontal, Vertical and Off Canvas. 

In Conclusion

These Shopify product filter apps above are all best apps with the highest rate on Shopify App store. Arrowtheme hopes across this blog, you can choose the best one and take advantage of it well to generate as many profits as possible. Besides these apps, we also highly recommend Lusion shopify theme from one of the best outsourcing technology companies – ArrowTheme. In addition to the integration of Product filter, Lusion also includes a wide range of other latest features. So, let’s explore it now!  

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