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May 27, 2021

Shopify age verification app: Top 10 best apps to protect your ecommerce business for local law

Shopify age verification app is a great solution for you to make sure you only sell goods like tobacco, alcohol, and e-cigarettes to people over specific ages. In this post today, Arrowtheme gathered the best age verification app by looking at the app store ranking, the number of overall ratings, the app’s unique features, and other arbitrary criteria.

1. Age Check + Age Verification


Age verify – age chekify app enables you to verify customer age and deter under-age visitors. In details,  it comes with a flexible age limit settings to ensure that you can manage the restricted content for underage visitors easily. Also, the age-verification popup is fully responsive, which means that the age-verification popup showcase great on all available screens. Additionally, this Shopify app is customizable. Admin can easily include your terms link in popup, so customers can know your terms and verify their age before purchasing.


  • Flexible age limit settings are available
  • Customize the layout of the age-verification popup
  • Link any available URL to Exit/Submit button
  • Work great on all modern devices
  • Whether to enable or disable the tool is up to you

2. Age Check


If you sell alcohol, tobacco, vape or other age restricted goods on your Shopify store, Age Check is a must-have app that verifies the age of customers when they visit your website. Besides, this app looks professional and awesome so your shoppers have a positive first impression ensuring you don’t lose potential customers.


  • Customize the design of text, color and background
  • Verify customers’ ages on the first page
  • Properly compatible on all devices
  • Get rid of language barrier
  • Add CSS to your theme

3. Bouncer


Bouncer is a must-have Shopify age verification app if you are selling beer, wine, spirits, tobacco, vaporizing products, adult materials or other age-restricted merchandise. Besides, you can easily adjust the appearance and feel of the screen. Likewise, you can easily adjust the font or background to match with your brand. The tool also allows retailers to verify their accounts by inserting birthday and Facebook. Thanks to connecting to Facebook, you are highly likely to promote your products on social media.


  • Run the website under legal compliance
  • Customize the look and feel of the screen
  • Verify customers via birthday and Facebook
  • Properly compatible on all devices
  • Product support from Monday to Friday

4. Age check w/ Age Verifier


Age Verifier is very helpful if you sell alcohol, spirits, tobacco, vaporizing goods, adult materials or other age-restricted merchandise. Also, this tool assist you to verify customer age and deter under-age users. At the same time, it strikes the right balance between supporting you easily verify customer ages without being too intrusive or risking losing potential customers.


  • Easy to install without modifying theme or coding
  • Verification by yes/no button (self-certification) or entering date of birth
  • Customizable test
  • Add logos or background photos to match branding
  • Longer free trial than other apps listed here
  • Fully responsive for mobile and tablets

5. 18 Plus Age Verification Popup


This app clearly restricts access to your Shopify store when they are not of a sufficient age. In fact, this process is done through a popup that inform to the users about the age restrictions on your online site. Furthermore, the popup is fully customizable so you can easily adjust to match to your brand. Likewise, you can update the heading and the sub-heading as you want.

In addition, you can style your popup with ease. You can select the background image to make it suitable with your brand’s style. And any changes that you make to your popup can be previewed before making the changes live on frontend.


  • 100% compliant with GDPR laws, to ensure all data is kept safe.
  • Easy to install and manage, no coding or developer needed.
  • Is compatible with every theme.
  • Responsive, so will appear great on any device or screen resolution.

6. Age Verifier

Shopify age verification app

If you want users must verify their age before access your online store, Age Verifier by Omega is the perfect solution you need to do it! This app support you to set up the minimum age for customers to confirm to access your website. Also, it comes with helpful features which allows you easily customize he pop-up colors and content. The FDA banner component of the app offers a marked warning for shoppers about the health risks of certain products, helping your online store comply with federal regulations.


  • Begins user verification process as soon as customers visit on your store
  • Verification popup can be added to any page in your store
  • Can enable or disable date of birth requirement
  • Customizable design for popup (width, colors, button texts, etc.)
  • Easy to add logos and background image for branding
  • Provides an FDA banner as part of the app to warn users about the health risks of certain products
  • Updated dashboard for ease of use
  • Any URL can be linked to the Exit button

7. Age Verification Pro

Shopify age verification app

This simple Shopify age verification app is one of the best on the market for unique features. Like some other apps, you can also choose specific products, collections and URLs where an age verification requirements to be tracked.

This age verification popup is fully customizable. You can customize the text, color, fonts, logo and even the background image thought Shopify admin panel. Besides, you can easily select between several different methods to verify the age of the users. This contains a birthday check and a yes/no button set.

When you’ve finished generating your popup, it can be implemented thought your website on the specified pages. On top of that, this app is also fully responsive and multilingual so it can be seen across the world on any device


  • Select which pages, products, collections and more your age verification appears on.
  • Can choose between two different verification methods.
  • Fully responsive and multilingual.
  • Can customize to be more aligned with your brand.

8. Age Checker Plus

Shopify age verification app

This age verification app is easy to install and can then automatically screen the visitors to ensure that they are of the right age to look at your site. The check is designed to be elegant and fit perfectly into your store’s design. However, you don’t have to limit the entire website, you can set what pages need to be protected. For instance, you can set specific collections or products.

The app is fully responsive, so it looks great on all devices, whether the user is on a mobile, tablet or a desktop, they can still use your website. Any text on the popup can be edited, to fit the branding or language you need. Images can also be changed, to make them more attractive and relevant to your brand.

There are numerous ways to check the age of your visitors. This can include them entering in their birthday or with a confirmation button. If users don’t pass the age restrictions, you can send them to any URL that you want.

There is another option on this app which includes selecting the mode. There is forgiving mode or strict mode. Forgiving mode allows users to try the test again.


  • use forgiving mode and strict mode.
  • customize many options of the age verification popup.
  • use two types of verification for your users.
  • Fully responsive.

9. Age Verification Popup

Shopify age verification app

Age Verifier by Omega enables you to verify your visitor’ ages by asking them to enter their birthdates or by certifying that are above a specific age. Plus, it has a responsive layout, so it’s compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones devices. Lastly, it comes with a short code that allows you to add age restrictions to your entire website or just specific pages.

10. EVS Age Verification

Shopify age verification app

When you sell goods that has age restrictions on it, you need to check the ages of users to your store. EVS Age Verification comes with an age verification popup to be installed on any particular page, collection or product or blog page. Therefore, you can easily allow visitors to see pages which don’t necessarily have to be restricted but keep those with age restrictions protected.


  • Eliminate age-restricted products for underage visitors
  • Add date of birth field to the registration form
  • Provide help from IdentiFraud Consumer+
  • Add a tag for each verified customers
  • Tag unverified customer’s order as needing manual verification

Select the right Shopify age verification app from our list and you won’t have to worry about the age verification process in your Shopify store. Besides, you can check out other post to discover more great and helpful apps for your eCommerce store in our Shopify review series!

In conclusion

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