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January 9, 2022

Social proof app: Top 10 best Shopify apps to increase your brand’s trustworthiness

As you know, building trust about your brand in customers’ minds is not simple and will take a lot of time. However, once you’ve won the hearts of clients, the boosting sales as well as growing your business will become easier than ever. In reality, with any e-commerce store, there are many ways to increase the brand’s trustworthiness with customers. But not all methods are good and bring high efficiency. Then, this is the reason Arrowtheme create this blog to help you find the most suitable solution for your Shopify store. In this blog, Arrowtheme will deliver Top 10 outstanding Social proof app worth-trying for your store. What are you waiting for without discovering right away!

Top 10 wonderful Shopify Social proof app to enhance brand’s trustworthiness

1. Product Review ‑ Photo Reviews

Social proof app

If you are looking for a wonderful Social proof app for your online store, let’s consider “Product Review”. In fact, it is a fantastic app that helps you increase your brand’s trustworthiness and conversions by showing customer photo reviews of items. As you know, the text reviews are quite important. However, it won’t be reliable unless you attach a real photo of your items. And, with this app, your customers will be encouraged to leave reviews with one or more self-taken photographs of your products they bought. Hence, you will easily have a chain of reliable reviews. And, it will be the foundation for you to attract more potential customers in the future. Best of all, customers’ images uploaded to your review section will not be affected in terms of quality or size. Therefore, your site’s output and appearance will never be destroyed by anything. 

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2. VITALS – Social proof app

best Social proof app

In order to build trust in the customer’s mind, you need to use a powerful Shopify app like “VITALS”. In reality, VITALS comes with a lot of advanced features for you to draw more customers and gain their interest. First and foremost, this app runs as a powerful review picker. And, its duty is collecting customer reviews and forwarding them to shop owners. From these results, you can easily evaluate their purchasing trends, favorite products, and calculate the efficacy of the marketing campaign. What’s more, with shops wanting to expand in several countries around the world, this app can help them convert currency. And you should know, it covers currency units of up to 160 countries. Therefore, buyers can see how much it costs in their most commonly used currency with ease. 

3. Fomo Social Proof

outstanding Social proof app

The next Shopify social proof app we highly recommend for you to increase your brand’s trustworthiness is “Fomo”. Can you not know, Fomo is the first social evidence marketing app available on Shopify platform. To begin, this app will show prior to your visitors’ eyes about live store traffic to generate the atmosphere of a crowd store. In fact, this way is very effective because it will demonstrate to potential customers that there are numerous people who trust your brand. Thanks to that, you can easily boost sales and revenue as soon as possible. Best of all, with Fomo, you can freely customize reviews and put them on the most highlighted space.

4. Urgencer

excellent Social proof app

Coming to “Urgencer” and you will be amazed at what this app can do for your business. On top of that, its mission is supporting shop owners to increase conversion rates by instilling a sense of urgency for consumers. Simply speaking, as soon as visitors browse on your product site, they will immediately see the traffic number and will be urged to order quickly and with a clear sense of urgency. Some of them are real-time store visitors, visitors by your clients’ places and urgency messages. Hence, your potential clients can easily make a buying decision in the shortest time. Of course, this Social proof app also enables you to edit these alerts to affect stronger customers as well. 

5. Press Kit Builder

Press Kit Builder

Don’t worry if your website doesn’t have the social proof, because “Press Kit Builder” will resolve for you. In fact, this app is the ideal choice in case you expect to create a professional press kit for a better brand presentation. Then, once you have an advanced press kit, it will be a great opportunity for customers to access exact information about your online store. Besides, you can easily master this app without paying any cost for hiring a developer or designer. Moreover, this app also allows you to add company details, connect to social media sites, attach videos, pictures and so on. Above all, all detailed information you provide will be turned into an eye-catching, professional, and fully responsive press kit. 

6. Social Proof ‑ The Urgency App

wonderful Social proof app

As its name suggests, “Social Proof” is really the worth trying Shopify social proof app you should install for your online store. Firstly, in case you’re seeking a solution to boost revenue and generate urgency effectively, “Social Proof” is the ideal choice. Then, it is considered as one of the most essential assets for all Shopify online stores. Besides, thanks to “Social Proof”, you can see how many people are looking at a product at the same time, as well as the quantity of that product is still available. Not only that, it also offers you a highly customizable widget. Thanks to it, you can easily make changes to the section of social proof. Then, you can ensure it is extremely outstanding in customers’ eyes. 

7. POWR Visitor Counter

awesome Social proof app

It would be a big mistake if we don’t mention “POWR” in this blog. Firstly, this app was designed with the goal of following the visit to your store with a hit counter. Can say this Shopify social proof app can be taken advantage of to show customers how famous your store is. Following that, it will help you display traffic to your site for use as for social proof. Especially, you are able to choose to monitor all or specific site visits thanks to POWR. What’s more, because of its customizability in custom fonts, backgrounds, etc, your hit counter can fit in seamlessly with your store’s style. 

8. Visitors Counter Increase sale

Visitors Counter Increase sale

“Visitors Counter Increase sale” is a reasonably-priced yet effective app with any Shopify store to enhance online store. Before helping you increase your brand’s trustworthiness in customer’s mind, this app has also built trust with thousands of retailers. Firstly, with the support of this app, you can display a real-time customer counter and effortlessly see what they do on your site. Then, this will grab the visitor’s attention and make them feel like they’re probably missing out on an interesting item in the hands of someone else. As a result, it will push them to make a buying decision in the quickest time, then, your sales will increase dramatically. 

9. Awesome Social Proof Map

worth trying Social proof app

There is no denying the correspondence of “Awesome Social Proof Map” with Shopify stores in building the brand’s trustworthiness. To begin, this fantastic program helps you to display actual proofs of real orders on your website to attract visitors. Besides, all of the orders will have a great look on an eye-catching map. Hence, your customers can see who has purchased the items and what they are doing. What’s more, you can save a lot of time when using this app. This is because all orders will be updated in real-time on autopilot. Best of all, with its support, you can also customize the number of recent order products shown, colors, stickers and so on. 

10. Sales Pop up ‑ Conversion Pro

Sales Pop up

Being last in our top does not mean that “Sales Pop up ‑ Conversion Pro” is inferior to the above applications. In reality, it is always a stunning Shopify social proof app in the market. First of all, this app is the best method for shopkeepers who want to display recent orders notifications on their storefront. Besides, you can also exchange details about recently sold out and trendy goods in alerts with this app instead of sending emails. Moreover, after a certain amount of time has passed since an order was placed, there will be a notification popup with the detailed information of the customer’s order sent to them. 

The final line

Arrowtheme believes the above article will help you to come up with the perfect solution to the problem you are facing. In addition to the Social proof app, your store also needs to integrate many other different functions. Then, it will surely develop more and more quickly in the future. Let’s refer to other Shopify apps

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