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October 19, 2021

Sport magento theme: Top 20+ robust themes you can’t miss for your online shop

Looking for the perfect Sport Magento theme for your online store? Then, you’re at the right place. In this blog, we will deliver you top 20+ robust and powerful Magento themes for your online sport stores. 

All of the themes below are ranked based on Arrowtheme scores, their sales, ratings and social metrics. Now, let’s begin


Sport magento theme claue

The quickest and safest way to choose a perfect Sport Magento theme is getting multipurpose themes. They not only have the right look for any online store, but also deliver you every element you need to build a solid online store. In this case, we highly recommend Claue 2.0 – one of the best Magento themes for any online stores, especially Fashion and Sports. This is the advanced version of Claue 1.0. The new version. new features. Don’t make online shop owners disappointed. Claue 2.0 is created based on the Luma Theme. Therefore, Magento stores can be compatible with most third-party extensions.without any restrictions. Besides that, this new version also Claue 2 is fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x. Furthermore, all awesome features of Claue 1.0 still remain such as: fully responsive, mobile optimized, Dark-Light mode, Powerful Admin Panel, Fast Loading Speed, Sales Popup,…


Sport magento theme molla

Coming to another powerful multipurpose Magento theme – Molla. This Sport Magento theme has standard UX/ UI, clean layouts and well structure. Therefore, it can display your products beautifully and professionally. Moreover, thanks to neutral color combination and clean design, Molla can greatly bring out your products. This will encourage customers to make purchase on your website

There are more than 20 exclusive demo concepts for you to choose. If you need to make some changes to them, you can easily do that with drag – and – drop editor. 

Moreover, Molla is fully responsive. Thus, your website will look stunning on every devices, from mobile phones for desktop

Other highlight features of Molla

  • Google AMP is available
  • This Magento fashion theme includes Quick View Popup. Therefore, customers can quickly see the product without going to the product page
  • Includes the best extensions such as mega menu, lookbook and blog for Magento 2. 

Read more detailed information about Molla here


Sport magento theme supro

Supro is a powerful and stunning Magento theme for many types of online stores, including Sports and Workout products. With great layouts and color combinations, this Sport Magento theme greatly highlights your products. Moreover, Supro is powered by Ajax. Thus, it can bring better experience to your customers and increase your revenue

Supro comes with 18 beautiful and modern demo layouts. Furthermore, you can easily customize them for any store online with Front – End CMS Page builder. As a result, you will be able to edit CMS pages at the front – end and see the result instantly.

Also, this Magento theme can grant you great web performance with Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP. This will not only increase your conversion rate, but also customer satisfaction as well

Other highlights of Supro

  • Front – end CMS page builder with 36+ block elements. Then, you can easily edit CMS page at front end and preview the results
  • Dark theme option available
  • Besides, it has the fastest Ajax Quickview extension and fly Ajax Cart extension
  • Included advanced Magento extensions such as Blog for Magento 2, Mega Menu, Shop by brand, etc. 


Sport magento theme porto

Now, coming to another multipurpose, powerful Sport Magento theme – Porto. This Magento theme comes with more than 30 stunning homepage layouts for any type of online stores. With unique color combinations and great layouts, Porto confidently can meet most of your requirements

Also, this Magento theme is optimized for speed and performance. Hence, you don’t need to worry about buggy or slow websites when working with Porto. Besides, Porto is very easy to use, install and customize. It includes many advanced features as well. Thanks to that, Porto has become the most popular and best – selling Magento theme with more than 20,000 sales


Sport magento theme athlete2

Athlete2 is proud to be the only Magento theme with the true spirit of athletes. This Magento theme is built specifically for sports and workout products. Therefore, it can meet most of your requirements.

First of all, Athlete2 has extremely strong design. By using black and highlight colors ( e.g: neon green, yellow), this Sport Magento theme will bring an energetic and active vibe to your online store. Also, this design will better emphasize your products as well. 

Secondly, Athelete2 is highly powerful and robust. It includes many advanced features such as mega menu, CMS banners, and so on. Best of all, this Magento theme is easy to use as well. For instance, you only need one click to import all the demos. Besides, Athlete2 allows you to freely customize the theme as you need without touching a single line of code

SM Sport

Sport magento theme SM Sport

If you’re looking for a Magento theme that is built specifically for Sport stores, then you can’t miss SM Sport. Similar to Athlete2, SM Sport has strong and energetic layouts. However, SM Sport uses more subtle colors. In particular, instead of using highlight and neon colors, this Sport Magento theme combines white and pinkish orange. This will make your website look cleaner and more harmonious

Best of all, SM Sport provides you with a lot of advanced extensions such as Dynamic Slideshow with smooth and transition effects, powerful mega menu and so on. Thus, you’ll be able to build a powerful website with this Magento theme

Petsy Shop

Petsy shop

Right from the name, you might think that this Magento theme is for pet shops.  However, this is partially true. In fact, Petsy Shop can work well for Sport and Gym stores. Thanks to its stunning color combination, this Magento theme will greatly bring out your products. Moreover, Petsy Shop has stunning and clean structures that are perfect for Sports products. Also, this Magento theme is fully responsive and cross – browser compatible. Thus, Petsy Shop can show off your products beautifully regardless of devices and browsers. 

Petsy Shop also brings you a lot of ready – made dynamic eCommerce website templates. For example, catalog, shopping cart, new products and so on. Overall, Petsy Shop can be a powerful and stunning Sport Magento theme

Mega Shop

Mega Shop

Mega Shop is designed specifically for Fitness, Gyms and Sports. Thus, it has a great color combination and structure to show your products beautifully. This Sport Magento theme comes with 6+ clean and professional layouts for any kind of store. All of them are customizable. As a result, you’ll be able to customize the theme as you want to meet your business requirements

Some other features of Mega Shop are Slider Product Module, Vertical Mega menu, manufacturer/ brand module, etc.


Sport magento theme sebian

Sebian is one of the best Magento themes in the market. It’s multipurpose, therefore you can use it for many types of online stores. This Magento theme has a bright and fresh color combination. As a result, it can make your website look attractive and energetic. With 10+ stunning demo layouts, the chance you can find the right one for your online store is high

This Sport Magento theme also includes many helpful and advanced features. For example, dynamic mega menu, incredible revolution slider and so on. 

SK Store

Sport magento theme SK store

SK Store claims to be a unique Sport Magento theme, and this is not merely a claim. This theme has exclusive and modern designs. Moreover, it supports full – width and large images. Thanks to that, you can better display your products and attract customers. Needless to say, this will encourage your customers to make purchases on your site. 

Another great thing about SK Store is its flexible foundation. Hence, it’s able to adapt to every screen size of mobile and tablet devices with the same quality. This will allows you to approach a lot more customers and increase revenue



Moving to a clean, minimal and well – functioning Sport Magento theme – Orion. Orion has well – structured and fresh design. Using white as the background color, this Magento theme can make your website look elegant and bright. Besides, this design is highly product – focusing. 

Besides stunning appearance, Orion can deliver you a lot of well – functioning and best functions. For instance, each block contains one extension, V megamenu and so on



If you’re looking for a fast and customizable Sport Magento theme, then you must take a look at Belano. Besides modern and clean designs, Belano can bring you a lot of outstanding features. For instance, this Sport Magento theme conforms the best coding practices when it comes to HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Thanks to that, this theme has clean, simple and easy – to – read code. This is very beneficial for customization. 

Best of all, Belano includes many advanced extensions. These extensions are worth up to $1750, included in this theme for FREE.



Sagitta is the premium Magento theme for Fashion and Clothes stores, including sports wear. Therefore, this Magento theme will be able to display your products in the most eye – catching way. Also, to help you attract more customers, Sagitta provides you with beautiful image slideshow such as banner sequence, banner7 and so on. 

Moreover, this Sport Magento theme is very easy to customize and user – friendly. You have much freedom to edit different elements, from colors, fonts to layouts. Other features of Sagitta include a featured product slider, product tabs, etc. It supports multi language and currencies as well. 



Minimal is the trend of 2020, and this trend is likely to continue in 2021 and afterward. Then, if you’re looking for a clean and minimal Sport Magento theme for your online store, Moza will be an ideal option. Using white as the background color, Moza will bring out your products. Moreover, it will focus on your products, not on other elements. This will encourage customers to make purchases on your website. 

Besides, Moza has clean and simple code. As a result, this Magento theme is extremely fast. In fact, it has the real fastest loading speed among similar top selling themes. Thus, you don’t need to worry about slow or buggy websites when working with Moza

Ves SportShop

Ves SportShop

Ves SportShop comes with clean, unique and eye – catching designs specifically for Sport stores. Therefore, it can attract your customers at first sight. This also a great way to help your website stand out from the rest.

This Sport Magento store is also equipped with helpful and advanced features. For example, Powerful Mega menu, Smart Blog Module and so on. Especially, with Drag n Drop page builder and Live CSS editor, customizing your theme has never been easier



Genera is a Sport Magento theme with a clean and modern layout. It catches up with the latest design trends and supports additional colors like Red, Cyan and Green. As a result, your website will look stunning and attractive with Genera.

The best thing about this theme is that it’s extremely easy to customize and user – friendly. For instance, you can easily customize and edit the theme as you like. Moreover, Genera supports boxed and wide layouts. Thanks to that, you can easily customize the background image to meet your business expectations. 



Rossi was built specifically for sportswear and fitness. Therefore, it can display all sports – related products beautifully. This Sport Magento theme comes with 3 homepages versions and 5 Shop pages layouts. Depending on your business requirements, you can choose the most suitable one for your online store. But what if you don’t find the right one, yet? Then, you can easily customize the theme as you want. No coding required

Furthermore, Rossi allows you to easily build your blog page. With 7+ Blog pages designed professionally, you’ll be able to set up your blog in a short time. 



Want to make your sport store stand out from other similar websites? Need to attract customers at first sights? Then, Sneakers will be the perfect solution for your requirements. 

Sneakers has such a unique and exclusive layout structure and color combination. Then, this Sport Magento theme can show off your products beautifully. There are 4+ pre – made unique demos for you to choose. All of them are customizable. Hence, you can customize or edit the theme to meet your requirements. No coding required

Some other helpful features of Sneakers are Powerful Admin Panel, Fully responsive & Mobile Optimized, Blog Module Included, etc. 



AMSport is an ideal Magento theme for sport stores. It is clean and well – structured. Thus, it will display your products in the most eye – catching way. This Sport Magento theme comes with 6+ stunning themes. If you want to install or activate AMSport, all you need is just one click, and you’re ready to go.

Other highlight features of AMSport are Multi header & multi footer, support RTL on all homepages, etc. 

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