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January 1, 2022

Gift registry app for shopify: Top 10 best apps to increase revenues without much effort

It can be difficult to find a wedding, birthday, or other gifts for a person. Do you have any idea what they need? Don’t worry. Thanks to the growth of the internet, you can use gift registry solutions instead of thinking about what presents the receivers want. This is simple to use a Gift registry app for shopify. With this app, your customers can visit your ecommerce website and register the products that they want to include in their wishlist. And then your customers can share their wishlist with their friends and family to help them decide what to buy. Therefore, they can purchase it directly from your store. As a result, this is a great way to boost your brand’s revenue without putting in a lot of effort. You only need to attract one person to gain a large number of new customers.

So, which of the Gift registry apps for shopify are the best? Here’s what ArrowTheme came up with. Let’s explore. 

Gift Reggie by modd apps inc.

Gift registry app for shopify

Even when you set up Gift Reggie for your online store, your customers can immediately begin creating registries. Therefore, they can share with their friends and family. Firstly, when someone creates a registry for the first time, they’ll also be creating a Shopify account that will be linked to your sales. As a result, they can make changes to their profile and customer experience after they’ve logged into their registry. In addition, shop owners may receive email notifications of all registry transactions and must gain access to a backend dashboard. Thus they can summarize all revenue and interest. Gift Reggie brings to you a lot of features to help you run your business. When you download this app, importing and exporting your products will be super easy.

Awesome features:

  • White Label services are available.
  • Multilingual assistance is available.
  • It is possible to update the registry and/or wish list.
  • Have tools for sharing on social media
  • You can personalize your email notifications.

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Advance Gift Registry by Aaaecommerce inc

Gift registry app

Advance Gift Registry by Aaaecommerce inc allows you to create and share presents for a wedding, event, or birthday. Owners of gift registries can create multiple registries for various events and share gifts via social sites or URLs with their friends. Moreover owners can choose or change the quantity of items in their gift registry for each product. Besides that, present givers can add a large number of registries and non-registry products to the cart at same time. Users can receive immediate and excellent support by using this Gift registry app for shopify. Finally, please note that this app provides you with free updates and new features.

Awesome features:

  • Allow customers to create their own gift registry.
  • Manage multiple gift registries for each account and allow customers to share gift registries via social sites.
  • Allow friends to click on the links and make purchases as a gift.
  • Constantly add new features

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Best Gift Registry Solution by

gift registry online

The Best Gift Registry Solution app will give your customers the best shopping experience possible. This Gift registry app for shopify facilitates the acquisition of new customers. Customers-created present registries encourage their friends and families who have never shopped with you before to visit your website online, buy items. Therefore, they will become new customers. Unlike most regular shoppers, gift buyers are not afraid of getting discounts. If a gift meets their budget, they will purchase it at full price. If you’re interested in its features, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Awesome features:

  • Make a gift registry.
  • Allow users to check your products.
  • Allow for full-price sales.
  • Integrate products sold in-store

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Gift registry app for shopify- Ask to Buy 

shopify app

Ask to Buy is not yet a gift registry. However it has a similar function. This Gift registry app for shopify can be used by a customer to choose a product. And then send it to someone as a gift request. The process is simple and clear. In addition, the customer simply adds products to their cart and then pre-fills the checkout information. Finally, all customers have to do is enter their payment information. This app is free, so that it can help boost sales. However, it lacks the extensive features. Therefore, it is suitable for a small collection of one or two products

Awesome features:

  • Simple to install and use.
  • Excellent for stores with a high proportion of customers under the age of 17.
  • This is ideal for stores that sell gifts to individuals.
  • Download and use for free

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Gift registry app for shopify- DROP A HINT Premium

shopify Gift registry app

Coming to DROP, you will have the opportunity to use lots of cool features. First of all, this Gift registry app for shopify will collect customers’ email addresses. These can be automatically synchronized into your MailChimp lists and saved for later use. As a result, you can rapidly expand your email marketing lists. Besides that, the app can also tell you of the most popular items in your store. It can help you with future marketing campaigns and FOMO campaigns by mentioning how many times these products have been listed.

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Gift registry app for shopify- Listfully Wishlist

app for shopify

Listfully is an excellent wish list and registry solution for your ecommerce website. A new button will be added to every product page that allows people to add the goods to a gift list. Furthermore, customers are able to easily manage their lists on the Listfully website. Not only that, they can share that list with their friends and family. Thus, it obtains the gifts they desire for their special occasion. This app also provides you with detailed information of all the products listed. Hence, you can know which products are in high demand 

Awesome features:

  • This product is only available in English.
  • Wishlists are simple to share with friends and family.
  • Detailed statistics to assist you with long-term marketing plans.

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Gift registry app for shopify- +Wishfinity Universal Wishlist

shopify app Gift registry

Wishfinity Universal Wishlist makes it simple for your customers to bookmark your product pages. As a result, they can add the products to a shopping cart to complete a purchase to buy later. This lowers the long-term abandonment rate and increases revenue for your store. Furthermore, thanks to the app’s sharing features, this app helps you expand your business to a larger market. Besides that, customers can easily share their wishlist as well as individual products from your store with their friends and family. The free app is an excellent way to increase your site’s revenues and profits.

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Gift registry app for shopify- Shopping With Friends

shopping online

Shopping With Friends is the next Gift registry app for shopify I want to mention in this list. Thanks to this app, customers can invite their friends to shop with them in the same way that they would in a real shop. During the shopping trip, they can chat and share products without having to switch between devices. Additionally, customers can send requests to each other to view specific product pages. This can boost the number of sales of specific products. A wishlist feature is also available. Therefore, the favorite products are included in the list. That wishlist can be set at the public or private. FInally, Shopping With Friends is compatible with all devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Awesome features:

  • Shoppers can have a shared experience.
  • Enables individuals and groups to shop together at the same time.
  • It works on all devices and can even be used across multiple devices.

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Gift registry app for shopify- Wishtack 

present registry app

Wishtack enables customers to pick up any item from your store to their wishlist. Wishlists are sociable. Thus, when an item is added to a customer’s wishlist, their friends are notified via social media. As a result, it is an excellent way to generate a large number of new sales without a marketing fee. Additionally, all of their friends are welcome to contribute to a fund instead of paying all of the money. This Gift registry app for shopify is available for free download and use in your store. It can also be a great way to boost profits and revenues 

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Gift registry app for shopify- Wishlist Advance App

wishlist advance

With the Wishlist Advance App, your customers can make wish lists of products and then share them with their friends and family. Additionally, they have an unlimited number of wishlists on their account. Whenever customers add a product, a popup will appear asking them which wishlist they want the product added to. All products on the wishlist can be removed or renamed depending on the customer’s decision. Customers can also quickly include various products from a wishlist to their cart.

Awesome features:

  • Share wishlists via email with friends and family.
  • Wishlist items can be added to the cart with ease 
  • Products can remain on a wishlist even after customers make a purchase.

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These Shopify gift registry apps will help you create a strong gift wishlist setting that will appeal to those seeking a specific set of products for a special occasion. There are numerous methods that can assist you with this. Furthermore, in case you lack coding knowledge but want to start up a Shopify Ecommerce Website, don’t be concerned. So you’ve come to the right place. You can select one of our Shopify packages. With three Shopify package options: Basic, Standard, and Advance, our services will satisfy you. Our Basic package is suitable for you if you wish to own a stunning and practicle online store without having to pay for the expensive Shopify packages. Moreover, our Standard and Advance packages are a significant upgrade over the Basic package, which includes every Shopify feature. So go ahead and explore them right now.

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