by Ngoc
July 5, 2021

Magento translation extension: Top 10 best ones to help your stores enter new markets and grow your business

If you own a store, you recognize the importance of expanding your market and attracting a new audience. In case you already own a Magento store and haven’t done it yet, you’ll be shock at how simple it is. With Magento translation extension, making your e-commerce site accessible to multiple languages is easier than you might think. We know that. Therefore, in this blog, Arrowtheme will introduce you Top 10 best Magento translation extensions to help your stores enter new markets and grow your business. Are you ready? We will start now. 

Google Translator by Digital Aptech PVT LIMITED ($0)

If you want to boost your revenue, it is important to expand your market into the word. Therefore, you must need a Magento translation extension. So you should consider the Magento translation extension. Coming with this extension, this Google Translator module for Magento 2 makes language translation simple. Therefore, this extension can be useful if you want your store to have several language options. In case you wish to offer services in different languages and use a translator on your store, you’ll need to create numerous store views and install multiple language packages for each language. This not only takes a lot of time and work. However, with this great extension, you only need to install this plugin. And then it will enable you to add your chosen languages to your store in only a few clicks.

Transfluent Translations by Transfluent ($0)

If you have any idea about coding, this extension is a good option for you. Because the Magento translation extension makes it simple to translate your website.  Additionally, all CMS content and product information may be translated into as many languages as you want. Furthermore, the translated content can be simply updated. Moreover, there are no manual steps required. Because translations are automatically completed without correct formatting.

Smartcat Translation Manager by Smartcat ($0)

Smartcat Translation Manager by Smartcat makes it easier and faster for you to localize your Magento website. This Magento translation extension is a platform that brings customers and suppliers together in a collaborative, real-time production workflow. Customers may also search, hire, and pay suppliers all. Moreover, it also allows you to notify your international buyers about upgrades in minutes rather than days.

German Language Pack by Splendid Internet GmbH ($0)

The next Magento translation extension you should not miss is German Language Pack. Coming to this extension, the buyers can work with Magento in German. Moreover, they also can provide a German-language shopping experience to their customers. Because the strings were translated by a team of native German speakers. It is rather than an automated translation machine. So the German translations are of higher quality. After installing our German Language Pack, shop owners can change the language of the user interface for backend users to German. It also allows you to change the storefront’s language to German or provide customers with a German-language store view.

Straker Translations by Straker Translations Ltd ($0)

Straker Translations is a language service with cloud-based translation technology. Its services combine human translation experience, machine learning, and automated file handling to process and create multilingual content. Therefore, it allows users to quickly and easily translate. Moreover, the content of your store can then be translated into any of the languages provided.

Online Theme Translation by Decima Digital ($0)

Firstly, without installing new code or contacting the developer team, you also can apply translation texts on their website with this extension. Moreover, this Magento translation extension provides a user-friendly interface to the Database Translation table. Furthermore, it operates in the same way as Magento’s Inline Translation feature. Any phrase on the website can be changed or translated by the online store at any time without losing time. Ther, in the back office, the administrator can manage lots of languages.

Eurotext translationMANAGER by Eurotext AG ($0)

This is a language service provider with over 30 years of expertise in translation. This Magento translation extension provides a wide range of e-commerce products and services. It includes extensions for a variety of shop and content management systems, advice on how to set up efficient translation workflows, high-quality translations, and multilingual search engine optimization. Moreover, with translation MANAGER’s intelligent selection, export, and import functions, you can organize quality translations. Furthermore, you also can connect your store to a translation network. Because it supports over 50 languages and has native-speaking country teams. 

Translation Manager by Codaone Oy ($0)

The Translation Manager plugin is a tool that makes translating websites into new languages. In addition, it can change current translations and make it easier and more efficient. Besides that, this Magento translation extension adds a list of translations to the inline translation functionality.

Arabic Language Pack by O.S extended ($0)

Do you want to make your Magento store more appealing to Arab customers? This language pack will help you in adding Arabic translation phrases to your Magento store. This package may use to set up our store in Arabic. And it provides translations for Magento phrases on both the frontend and backend. This extension will bring to you over 8400 phrases. Therefore, you will have lots of choices for your decision. 

GlobalLink Connect by ($30)

This extension provides a lot of services in over 170 languages to clients all over the world. It is used by over 5,000 companies around the world to make multilingual content management easier. You also can manage multilingual material using the full capabilities of your CMS, DMS, e-commerce, PIM, and database platforms. When integrated with GlobalLink AI, users can further reduce costs and time-to-market while maintaining a high level of quality.

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