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July 2, 2021

Magento bundle extension: Top 10 best ones to help you take advantages of bundling strategy for your stores

In eCommerce platforms, selling bundled products is an effective way to boost sales. Bundle products strategy is selling a combination of related products at a cheaper price than a single product. For example, instead of selling a computer, store owners can buy a combo of computers, mouses, CPUs, cases and so on. Many famous brands have successfully gained many sales with this strategy. So, you can take advantage of a bundling strategy for your stores. The Magento bundle extension is an ideal tool to support you.
Here are the top 10 best ones that Arrowtheme suggests to you.

1. Custom Bundles by Aurora Creation

Custom Bundles offers you to show a group of related products at a discount price. This extension has some highlight features. Firstly, customers can add all the items in the bundles to the cart quickly. Secondly, the admin can set up a new group of products on the Admin Panel. Also, the admin can suggest to customers some products which are often bought together. From that, it can save customers time and boost your sales. Thirdly, you can combine bundled products with an attractive discount. In addition, you can show both configurable or single products in each bundle. Furthermore, each bundle can be divided into single products or consider a solid product. It is based on your setting. Finally, you can allow customers to create their own bundles for their needs.

Magento bundle extension
Bundles Products

3-month Free Technology Support
12-month Free Updates
25-dau Money Back
Price: $59

2. Magento bundle extension by Aheadworks

Simple Bundle Product extension decreases your workload for creating bundle products by optimizing the parameters. First of all, it helps you to generate bundle products with simple steps. You only need to choose some required options and this extension does the rest. Secondly, it optimizes bundle orders by adding configured bundles to new ones. Thirdly, shoppers can view all the detailed products in each bundle via original pages. In addition, customers can buy bundle products quickly through the “Add-to-cart” button.

Magento bundle extension
Simple Bundle Product

3-month Free Technical Support
Price: $129

3. Bundled Discount by MexBs

Bundled Discount provides you with a smart discount to sell bundle products. Firstly, it uses the “Mix and Match” section on the Product Page to show the money-saving when customers buy current products with another. Also, customers don’t need to leave the page to add the bundle ones. Secondly, you can display “Mix and Match” combinations on the CMS page. It will notify customers of all the promotions about bundle products. For instance, shoppers get 5% discount when they buy a T-shirt with a jean. Thirdly, this extension can create discounts based on the cart rules. So you can save time to consider discounts. It is flexible for you to choose a fixed price, per cent discount, or fixed discount.

Furthermore, it provides you with the “Upsell Cart Hints” function. For example, it sends to your customer the message “Buy more $20 to have a coupon”. This function will motivate customers to spend more. So it increases your sales. Finally, you can read other functions of this extension on the marketplace.

Free Lifetime Support
25-day Money-back
Price: $199

Magento bundle extension
Discount for Bundle Products

4. Magento Flexible Bundle Extension by Peexl SRL

Flexible Bundle creates a flexible process for buying bundle products in your stores. Firstly, this extension uses steps to instruct customers to add a product into a bundle. The admin can control the number of steps. Also, customers can add numerous products within a step. This is a different point from the default. In addition, customers are able to skip an optional step. Secondly, this extension shows a very detailed description of each step to guide customers. Thirdly, shoppers have a choice to change the products in the bundles at any step. Furthermore, it considers configurable and bundles products as items. Finally, you can choose a dynamic or fixed pricing option for bundle products.

Magento bundle extension
Flexible Bundles

3 months of Free Technical Support
6 months of Technical Support for $80
12 months of Technical Support for $100
Price: $249

5. Advanced Bundled Products by Xumulus

Advanced Bundled Products gives you many outstanding features to manage the bundled products. Firstly, it allows customers to see the description and picture of each item in the bundle. Secondly, shoppers can zoom out the thumbnail product picture. Thirdly, it displays a summary sidebar with an Add-to-cart button. In addition, it uses a popup to highlight the product image with a detailed description. Furthermore, it provides you with a summary and product preview. Finally, the admin can valid the field which is displayed on the popup.

Bundle item selection

Price: $399

6. Configurable Products In Bundles by eWave

Configurable Products In Bundles allows you to add configurable products into a bundle. Firstly, store owners can use Radio Buttons, Checkboxes or Drop-Downs to group these configurable products. Secondly, the admin can select a number of configurable products to display on the stores. Thirdly, you can mix between single and configurable products in a bundle. In addition, it allows you to divide items in the group into individual products or keep bundle products as solid ones after customers add them to the cart. Finally, thumbnails on PDP can be disabled.

Bundle option

Price: $99

7. Magento bundle extension by Webkul Software Private Limited

This extension assists store owners to generate bundle products quickly. Firstly, you can choose many input types including radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs and so on. Secondly, you can custom the bundle products options to match your needs. Thirdly, the price of bundled products is set up based on a fixed amount or dynamic strategy. In addition, shoppers can view all the information about each item in the bundle. Moreover, you can ship the bundle products individually or together. Also, you can edit the title and select the quantities for each bundle item. Finally, this extension helps you translate into many languages.

Magento bundle extension by Webkul Software Private Limited
Bundle Products

3-month Free Technical Support
Free Lifetime Updates
Price: $99

8. Product Bundled Discount by MageDelight

Product Bundled Discount helps you offer discounts for buying a group of products. Firstly, you can allow customers to create their own bundles or just select premade bundle options. Secondly, the admin can form categories tags in the backend. So shoppers can filter and find bundle products easily. Thirdly, this extension will limit the interval for receiving discounts on product bundles. In addition, you can combine any cross-category products, complement, or high inventory stock in a group. Furthermore, it supports you with a multi-store view and customer group-wise access for bundled discounts. Also, it depends on you to set 2 types of discount including fixed price and percentage. Finally, it is possible to create different promotions for the same products for different users.

Product Bundled Discount by MageDelight
Bundle Promotion

Price: $199

9. Configurable Bundle by GoGento

Configurable Bundle takes advantage of both bundled and configurable products to boost your sales. Firstly, it allows you to consider configurable products as bundled items. So, you can create discounts for the bundles together. Secondly, shoppers can directly add configurable products in the bundle to the cart. Thirdly, in the backend, the admin can generate orders including configurable bundles. Finally, if you need to customize this extension in your store, contact the developers for more detail.

Configurable Bundle by GoGento
Configurable Bundle

Price: $99

10. Bundle Deals by FMEextensions

Bundle Deals increases your conversion rates by applying special deals and discounts. Firstly, you give discounts for the products which are high of stock to the customers. Secondly, you can display a competitive price for bundles products to attract more customers. Also, the deal can be set in advance with a specific interval. Thirdly, this extension shows the market rate and competitor’s prices for customers to compare your deal. Furthermore, you can select the products to mark “qualified”. So customers can know which product is included in the deal. Finally, in case shoppers do not reach the target amount to have a coupon, you can customize the content to send messages to them.

Bundle Deals by FMEextensions
Bundle Deals

Price: $79.99

To sum up, Arrowtheme has introduced to you an overview of best Magento bundle extensions. We wish you a smart choice.

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