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April 27, 2021

Product description generator: Top 10 ultimate free and premium Shopify apps to drive more sales

In order to continue the previous Shopify Apps blogs, we – ArrowHitech team will collect the best Product description generator in Top 10 ultimate free and premium Shopify apps to drive more sales. Let’s go


VITALS - Product description generator

Coming to VITALS, users have an opportunity to use 40+ apps in one. Not only that, this Product description generator allows you to expand your work over the world by Currency Converter. This feature helps you to convert prices into 160+different local currencies. Besides that, VITALS is also SEO friendly. Therefore, your ALT tags of your products can get high rank on the search engine, Thanks to Shoppable Instagram Feed, you have permission to boost sales with an Instagram gallery easily. Furthermore, most of the Vitals apps are fully translatable


 EasyTabs - Product description generator

If you are looking for a Product description generator, EasyTabs is a perfect pick for you. With only a few taps, you can add product page tabs to your website.Not only that, you are able to change the tabs color and tabs layout easily to match your store’s style. Moreover, the tabs are responsive. As a result, your customers still can access your tabs even on small screens like smart phones. One more thing is No any manual code changes. Therefore, you are able to customize all elements with ease.  


EasySlide - Product description generator

EasySlide is a good option you should not miss. This Product description generator offers you a 7-day free trial and $5 per month, By accordion tabs, you are able to organize your long description text or page content. As a result, your page can boost the quality of the content marketing. In addition, EasySlide is a Multi-purpose tab.  Therefore, with just one app, you can add accordion tabs to your product description or build fancy FAQ pages. Not only that, EasySlide also provides 3rd party integrations such as Shopify reviews tab, YotPo reviews tab, Kudobuzz reviews tab, Kiwi Sizing table tab,…

Magic Product Description Tabs

Magic Product Description Tabs - Product description generator

Magic Product Description Tabs gives you an infinite number of customizable tabs that fit your store’s style. Meanwhile, it still keeps clean and structured content from your store in tabs. Not only that, the application also has the highest responsive rate so it can be used on any computer, including your desktop, tablet, and cell phone, without any issues. Additionally, on almost any theme. it is easy for Magic Tabs to install itself automatically.


kopigin - Product description generator

The next Product description generator I want to recommend in this list is kopigin. Coming to Kopigin, it just takes you a short time to create the product description. In order to save money, traditional copywriting services are offered. Not only that, this Product description generator provides material that is well-written and compelling. Therefore, it can help your site increase the traffic

 Variant Descriptions King

Variant Descriptions King - Product description generator

Variant Descriptions King is also a Product description generator you should consider.. It is a Mobile-Friendly Product Description Tabs. Therefore, it does not have any restriction in accessing your site. you can organize the product descriptions in collapsible tabs. Additionally, you are able to use hashtags to create product descriptions. Furthermore, SEO of Variant Descriptions King is optimized. Thus, you can boost your ranking on the top of Google result. 



e‑ProductPlug is a Product Data and Inventory Manager developed by E-mend software. This Product description generator is easy to connect your Shopify store with retailers, fulfillment centers, dropshippers, and wholesale distributors. Furthermore, up to three times a day, your website will be updated with new product details. Besides that, Product catalogs are automatically updated from your wholesale network. Product description content has been optimized for SEO and data feeds.

Product Description Tab Widget

Product Description Tab Widget

There is a Shopify app of  SolverCircle – Product Description Tab Widget. It brings to you a 30-day free trial, Therefore, you have an opportunity to take full advantage of its features. One of them is creating tabs for product descriptions. Secondly,  for specific products, you are able to create additional tabs. Not only that, tabs can be shown anywhere on the product page. More than that, you are allow to showcase tabs and content, as well as product descriptions

Product FAQ 

Product FAQ

You want to draw  more customers to visit your ecommerce site, Product FAQ is a good choice to solve that problem. Here are some awesome features of Product FAQ:

  • Reduce the number of questions that are repeated
  • Spend less time answering questions.
  • Present the product summary in an orderly manner.
  • Customers can access to a general FAQ.

Toggle Description

Toggle Description

The important feature of Toggle Description is No coding required. As a result, you are able to change any elements as you want. Besides that, for a long text, you have a permission to add the ‘show less’ or ‘show more’  button. Therefore, your customers can choose to view more or less the description of your products. Moreover, your site still works well and has a stunning interface on mobile phones.


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