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May 20, 2021

Shopify reports app: Top 10 useful apps to help your business make better decisions

Report is one of the most important aspects in running a business. With the aim of boosting the revenue, you have to analyze the revenue, costs and profits of your online store. That’s you should consider a reports app for your Shopify ecommerce site. Thanks to Shopify reports app, you can save a large amount of money for hiring an accountant or business analyst. Instead of that, you just set up the Shopify reports app and then data can be collected, sorted, and exported into a variety of formats. This app will make it easier for you to read and evaluate. Therefore, your business may be improved and succeed. 

That is the reason why you should take a look at our blog. because in this blog, ArrowTheme will provide you with Top 10 useful apps to help your business make better decisions. 

Shopify reports appData Export by Estore automate

Shopify reports app

Shop owners have lots of trouble when analysing their shop. Data Export by Estore automate is available to help you do that. Coming to this Shopify reports app, by a few simple steps, Shopify sellers can easily update and customize the product characteristics. Furthermore, the Data Export Reports app can assist users in creating and customizing financial reports. Not only that, it provides a variety of sales reports that are exported to Google Sheets. Moreover, store owners also can arrange the orders based on any element, such as location, payment date, and so on.

Awesome features:

  • Provide details about the orders.
  • Reports can be exported in a variety of formats.
  • Professional tools can be used to customize orders.
  • Support a range kind of reports
  • Help with summarizing data in Excel using a pivot table

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Shopify reports app Better reports

reports app Shopify

When running a business, you have to keep track of everything that happened during that time in order to calculate your profit and loss. So Better Reports by Better reports is a perfect tool to solve that problem. First of all, this Shopify reports app assists you in keeping track of your business’s progress such as sales, goods, traffic, and so on. And then your browsed data is totally safe from being leaked out. In addition, Better Reports also allows you to freely build and customize your reports using the tracked data, or even do it for you. By using email, Google Drive, you are able to share that report to anyone you want. 

Awesome features:

  • Keep track of your company’s progress.
  • Sales, consumer, inventory, traffic, and other reports are available.
  • Creating and customizing reports is easy.
  • There are many ways to share the reports.
  • After you’ve tracked your info, keep it safe.
  • To avoid out-of-date information, update your reports on a regular basis.

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Easy Reports by Dev cloud

reports Shopify app

The next Shopify reports app in this list is Easy Reports by Dev cloud. Making the financial report becomes easier with Easy Reports by Dev cloud. Thanks to this Shopify reports app, you will get the most accurate statistics about your sales status. Besides that, you can export that report into CSV or format with ease. Additionally, you can easily look up previous emails from a long time ago. Because Easy Reports the program saves all of your reports for later use. As a result, this app will ensure that you do not lose any of your saved data. So let’s use a 15-day free trial to experience and make a decision.

Awesome features:

  • Deliver reports on time
  • Keep your reports in a safe place for later use.
  • Export the data from your store in the format you want.
  • Email reports are available.

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Shopify reports appVendor Payout

Shopify app reports

Vendor Payout by Robert banh is another Shopify reports app you should consider for your online store. This app will bring you lots of awesome features. Firstly, Vendor Payout allows third-party sellers to log in your page. Therefore, Vendors have permission to access your sales data. Thus, they can search and view the latest sales. It will improve in the clarity of transactions between your shops and vendors. In addition, you can look up a report by date, provider, or order status. It will save you time in finding reports if you searched on specific categories.

Awesome features:

  • Allow third-party vendors to log in.
  • Reduce the time spent estimating revenue.
  • Install with ease
  • Search reports by times, suppliers, and order status.

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Shopify reports appEZ Exporter

App Shopify reports

With EZ Exporter by Highview apps llc, you are able to manage your business easier. Below are awesome features of this Shopify reports app:

  • Firstly, provide tools for customizing various attributes including data and formulas.
  • Secondly, automatic CSV exports are supported.
  • Thirdly, send the exported CSV via email, FTP, or other means.
  • Finally, assist with transaction processing, such as authorization codes and payment details.

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Best Seller Insights by Burst commerce

App reports Shopify

Burst Commerce’s Best Selling Insights assists consumers in growing sales by focusing on their best sellers. The app will tag best-selling products based on their sales percentage. And then creating a smart collection of those tags so you can move the best-selling orders to the front and center to improve sales. Besides that, you also can see your slow-sale products. That is why you should use a discount program to boost its sale. This will encourage consumers to buy more products from your store. 

Awesome features:

  • Focus on best-selling products to increase consumer purchases.
  • Allow users to arrange their favorite collections and add more items to the appropriate locations.
  • To increase sales, mark best-selling products.

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Customer Acquisition by Argoperks

Financiala report Shopify

Customer Acquisition by Argoperks is a perfect app that can assist you in gaining new customers and increasing sales. Thanks to the Argo app, you can build a gift card for your website. As a result, it will make your customers satisfied to make more purchases. Besides that, by this app, you will charge only when customers make a purchase from your online store. Thus, It saves a significant amount of money on clicks from not actual customers. With only a few clicks, you can quickly build new gift campaigns. So, install now to get all of these benefits for free.

Awesome features:

  • Increase the sale
  • Using for free
  • No analysis skill requirement

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Reports & Orders Administrator by Creating genius, inc.

Financial report app

Reports & Orders Administrator by Creating genius, inc. will help you to follow your business with ease. With this Shopify reports app, you can predict when sales revenue will peak or which products will be popular, and so on. Additionally, in the case of sales tax, you will get information about how much you earned and for which county. You can also choose from a variety of reports depending on your requirements such as weekly, monthly, and annual reports. Not only that, you can also transfer reports to CSV files and use them for other purposes. Moreover, you can use the app for three days free and pay $9.95 per month for continued use.

Awesome features:

  • Statistical support for tax data
  • Sorting data for orders is easy.
  • Reports can be easily exported to CSV format.
  • Some options for the report such as: weekly, monthly, and annual reports

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Email Reports by 2can apps

Email report shopify app

With Email Reports, you can keep track of all of your store’s orders, traffic, and sales on a daily basis. You don’t have to read every order notification email or manually review your transactions anymore. However, you can still follow any new details or actions on your store’s website. In addition, 2can Apps’ Email Reports also provides regular, weekly, or even annual information on your sales. Therefore, it helps you to reduce workload and spend more time preparing your store’s future strategy by comparing month-to-month figures and determining the top-selling items. Now you can get this useful Shopify reports app for free!

Awesome features:

  • Emails are delivered in a mobile-friendly format.
  • Display the best-selling items as well as their remaining stock.
  • You can choose the specific time you want to receive email reports.

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Shopify reports appEdrone

shopify ecommerce site

Edrone was created to assist online shoppers with inventory management. This app provides admins with a variety of unique features for their online stores. Here are cool features edrone by Edrone brings to your ecommerce site:

  • Give a detailed description for buyers.
  • Show a detailed account and purchase status summary.
  • Customers should be able to build their own scenarios.
  • Recover lost shopping carts.


If you are interested in Shopify apps, feel free to visit our website at HERE. Let ArrowTheme help your business succeed. 

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