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January 1, 2022

Shopify B2B app: Top 5 professional apps for B2B ecommerce

Business-to-business (B2B), also known as B2B, is a type of transaction that occurs between companies, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Business-to-business transactions are those that take place between companies rather than between a company and an individual consumer. Therefore, you need something to help your online store connect to other companies. Shopify b2b app definitely suits your ecommerce business. So you found the right place for that. In this blog, ArrowTheme will provide you with a list of Top 5 professional Shopify b2b apps for B2B ecommerce. Let’s discover.

Shopify B2B app-B2B Verify Customers by Singleton software

Coming to the first Shopify b2b app in this list – B2B Verify Customers by Singleton software. This Shopify b2b app comes with lots of cool features for shop owners. B2B Verify Customers lets customers view prices of the products. Besides that, customers can use”Add to Cart” buttons to add the products into their cart. However, they will be able to see, only if they are authorized customers. Furthermore, All new registered customers should be verified by the administrator. And then, When the store administrator approves a customer, that customer is notified via email. Nevertheless, all unauthorized customers and visitors cannot see product prices or “Add to cart” buttons, just your email. Moreover, in advanced settings, you’ll find even more options. Install it so that you can assign relative DOM paths to elements that you want to keep hidden from unapproved customers and visitors.

Highlight features:

  • Convert the shop to a B2B (business-to-business) model.
  • Accept or reject customers who have applied.
  • Able to conceal product costs
  • Easy to customize  colour, background and text size
  • In the advanced settings, you can set relative DOM paths to objects

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B2B Login To See Prices by Singleton software

You want to manage who has access to your store. So let B2B Login To See Prices by Singleton software help you. Using this Shopify b2b app, you are able to lock your online store 2B Private Store. This feature allows only registered and validated users to access your eCommerce. As a result, users who have not been approved cannot view the content. Besides that, the administrators are able to check new registered customers. Therefore, the not-yet-approved customers lead directly to the login form. They have permission to browse your store only when the administrator has authorized their account. Thus, approved customers can see what they are logging in to with this app. Additionally, store owners should customize their own messages box for customers who are looking for secret prices. It is especially simple for users to edit or preview messages in the message box before sending them.

Highlight features:

  • Limit the legal age.
  • Create a professional-looking
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads integration
  • Support the display of a scope

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Shopify B2B app-B2B Handsfree by A9 design

B2B Handsfree by A9 design is the next Shopify b2b app you should not miss. Firstly, you can receive an email requesting you to create a password. Wholesale customers will receive an email with a connection after completing the registration form. They can create a password for their newly developed customer account by clicking the connection. Additionally, this Shopify b2b app also automatically sets international wholesale customers as tax reducing and adds VAT ID. As a result, you can set up international wholesale customers automatically. When a B2B customer creates a new account, this app will inform you. Using all of  these features depends on your needs. Do you want to learn more? Make an order, and your sales will rapidly increase.

Highlight features:

  • Receive an email requesting you to create a password.
  • Customers from other countries are automatically added as wholesale customers.
  • Have the VAT ID of your customers.
  • Get notified when having a new customer account
  • New wholesale customers automatically tag.

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AAA Membership + Wholesale B2B by AAAeCommerce Inc

AAA Membership + Wholesale B2B by AAAeCommerce Inc is the must have app if you are looking for a Shopify b2b app for your ecommerce business. Below are awesome features AAA Membership + Wholesale B2B brings to the users:

  • Member subscription: Create several membership programs with free or paid subscriptions for one-time or monthly payments.
  • Customer form builder: Use the drag-and-drop form builder to create custom forms for members.
  • Approve or deny members: Admin has the ability to accept or deny memberships
  • Restricted access: Depending on the package, show or hide websites, blogs, add-to-cart buttons, or collections for members only.
  • Free trial & discounts: Provide specific members with a free trial duration and unique discount codes when buying membership plans.
  • Advanced reports: Access all of the store’s advance reports for all of the participants and transactions. Additionally, the data can be easily exported in CSV formats.
  • Members transaction: Keep the record of customers payment. You will see them at any time by going to the App’s transaction menu.

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B2B Login Access Management by BSS Commerce

The last Shopify b2b app I want to mention in this list is B2B Login Access Management by BSS Commerce. Look at here you will see the cool features of this app:

  • To see the prices, you’ll need a password.
  • Using Customer Login Page or Custom Content to Restrict access 
  • Redirect users after they log in to ensure a smooth experience.
  • There is no personal information about your store stored on B2B Login Access Management’s  servers.
  • Disable the “Create an Account” and “Default Registration Form” functions.
  • When anyone visits the registration page, show a message.

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