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May 28, 2021

Google tag manager magento extension: Top 10 best ones in the global market for Magento 2 stores

In case you’re running a Magento 2 store, one of the most essential things you should integrate for your business is Google Tag Manager. Once you set up Google Tag Manager, you can alter measurement codes and related code fragments, often known as tags, on your website or mobile app fast and efficiently. In the global market, there are various solutions to create a Google tag manager. However, today, Arrowtheme will only mention for you the solution using Google tag manager magento extension. If you can take advantage of this extension in a smart and effective way, your store will easily gain high profits soon. Coming to this topic, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 most outstanding extensions in the global market for Magento 2 stores. So, let’s explore them right now! 

Top 10 best Google tag manager magento extensions in the market

1. Google Tag Manager for Magento 2

Google tag manager magento extension

The first google tag manager magento extension we highly recommend for your store is “Google tag manager for Magento 2”. In fact, this extension is a well-balanced solution that includes site-tagging as well as Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, Facebook Pixel and Google Adwords Conversion Tracking. Firstly, you can quickly increase the performance of your website by using this extension to include Google Tag ID. Besides, dynamic remarketing is supported by this powerful extension. Following that, not as similar as other simple remarketing, dynamic remarketing is more advanced by showing customers advertising for products they have looked at.

2. Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) Tracking

best Google tag manager magento extension

If you’re seeking for a wonderful Google tag manager magento extension for your ecommerce store, let’s consider “Magento 2 Google Tag Manager by ANOWAVE”. In fact, this extension is one of the best ones in the global market for Magento 2 stores. Firstly, thanks to it, everything including add-to-cart activities, product detail views, add-and-remove-from-cart activities, etc can be readily tracked. Moreover, this extension allows you to effectively manage your ecommerce store without any hard effort and time. Not only that, it also helps you drastically enhance your conversion rate with ease. 

3. Magento 2 Google Tag Manager by WELTPIXEL – Google tag manager magento extension

awesome Google tag manager magento extension

Coming to another Magento extension for Google tag manager named “Magento 2 Google Tag Manager by WELTPIXEL”. In reality, this extension is a useful and must-have feature that any store owners should integrate for their Magento 2 stores. To begin, as soon as you set up this extension, you can quickly control item impressions. Besides, you can also add or remove shopping carts as you want. Aside from that, this extension aids in the effective control of your all store transactions and actions. Moreover, this extension also allows you to add, customize or remove marketing and measurement tags without the need for webmaster interaction. 

4. Magento 2 Google Tag Manager by SCOMMERCE-MAGE

best extension in the market

In case you’re looking for an amazing Google tag manager magento extension to develop your store, you can’t ignore “Magento 2 Google Tag Manager by YIREO”. First and foremost, with this professional extension, you can easily track your online business and enhance it effectively. Besides, you are able to simply and quickly control all tags on your site with this extension. Best of all, although this extension is free, it is not inferior to any premium plugin in the market. So, if you expect an advanced extension without paying any money, let’s take advantage of it right now!

5. Google Tag Manager magento extension by Pronko Consulting

awesome Google tag manager magento extension

Let’s try using this Google tag manager below and you will be surprised with the result it brings for your Magento 2 store. Firstly, when using this extension, the Google Tag Manager script may be effortlessly added to your website. And, Tag IDs and scripts can be managed in a flexible manner. Besides, this awesome extension will make it simple to integrate any marketing or tracking script. What’s more, its installation is very easy and fast with just only a few simple steps. Not only that, it also supports several stores and multi- language. As a result, you will have many great opportunities to approach international potential customers. And, boosting sales will become a great result. 

6. Google Tag Manager by  SharpLogicians

best Google tag manager magento extension

Do you think about the Google tag manager Magento extension from SharpLogicians? In reality, this plugin is always one of the most wonderful extensions in the global market. First of all, this extension comes with a ton of amazing features that will easily help your store stand out compared to competitors. For example, it includes your tag manager code on all of your website’s pages. Besides, thanks to it, you can easily remove the previously time-consuming operation of manually adding code snippets to your source files. Additionally, you can also use this extension to track ecommerce conversions and sale information with ease. 

7. Google Tag Manager Pro

outstanding Google tag manager magento extension

“Google Tag Manager Pro” is the ideal choice for any shop owner to drive their business. Firstly, when adapting this extension, you can keep track of a lot of things including Google AdWords remarketing, Facebook pixel and so on. Besides, it uses the data layer to support the Enhanced Ecommerce Product List Performance Report. More than these, based on the user-selected option, it will measure checkout steps. The shipment option selected as ‘next day delivery’ or the payment method selected as ‘PayPal’, for example, will be displayed in the occurrences. In addition, with each transaction, it will record promotional data, such as a promotion or coupon code.

8. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Why don’t you take a look at “Accelerated Mobile Pages”? In fact, it is one of the most outstanding and worth-trying Google tag manager magento extensions in the market. To begin, depending on an open-source effort from Google and Twitter, this app aims to make all mobile pages as fast as possible. Besides, this extension lets you make your website AMP-friendly without the need for any third-party integration. Moreover, thanks to this powerful extension, the time taken for a page to load will be increased from 0.4 to 0.5 seconds. Not only that, your site will get a second mobile theme optimized for Google AMP if you use the Plumrocket AMP plugin. 

9. AVG / GDPR Cookie Consent 

AVG / GDPR Cookie Consent

The next flawless Google tag manager magento extension you should know to install for your Magento store is “AVG / GDPR Cookie Consent”. Firstly, this extension distinguishes between functional, analytical, marketing, and social media cookies. And, you can specify your preferred setting for each sort of cookie. As a result, cookies are not set until a decision is reached. In the case of Google Tag Manager, this plugin also works effectively with numerous containers. Besides, the settings cookie’s lifetime can be changed thanks to this extension. What’s more, it also provides the possibility to activate categories by default. Thus, the option on the frontend is always checked (opt-out). 

10. Google Tag Manager (GTM)

excellent Google tag manager magento extension

Last but not least is a perfect Google tag manager magento extension comes from Hagner Kevin. In reality, this extension is a smart tool allowing you to easily add analytics, ad trackers, etc as external JavaScript to include on your website. In particular, it doesn’t require any coding. And, because no visible HTML is rendered, this plugin is compatible with responsive designs and will not disrupt your theme. Besides, this extension also establishes a connection between your Magento store and your Google Tag Manager account. As a result, you can control your business with ease. Best of all, it also supplies configuration options available at the global, website, and shop view levels. 

In conclusion

Arrowtheme hopes through this blog, you can easily understand well about Google tag manager and choose the most suitable extension for your store. In order to develop your ecommerce website, you can refer to other Magento 2 Extensions as well as Magento 2 Themes.

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