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January 1, 2022

How to set up composite products in Woocommerce (The step by step guide)

Do you want to sell customizable product packages like custom laptops, skateboards, gift boxes, or made-to-order jewelry? You’ve come to the right place! Allow clients to create their own products with Composite Products, WooCommerce’s most flexible and robust product builder. Woocommerce composite products allow customers to customize their own products. With a few real-life composite product instances, this article will show you How to set up composite products in Woocommerce (The step by step guide). So let’s start our journey.

What are Woocommerce composite products?

WooCommerce composite products are a technique of putting together a custom product from a variety of other products. Consider a gift basket in which the customer selects the things to be included. Similarly, a computer in which the user configures every component, from the motherboard to the keyboard. So this is the most effective method for creating a WooCommerce create-your-own-product.

Kit-builders, kit-building products, and custom product builders are all terms used to describe composite products. The user assembles the composite product from a variety of sub-products.

How to create configurable products?

Using the Variable product type to create product variations is the most simple method to offer configurable items with WooCommerce.

A variable product is a realistic technique to ease the management of several linked SKUs that have the same adjustable properties from an inventory perspective. But when purchasing a variable product, only one SKU is used: the SKU associated with the specified variation.

On the other hand, a composite product is made up of numerous different products that must be combined or packed together. When a composite product is configured and purchased, it affects many SKUs.

Determine whether the provided alternatives must be inventory maintained individually if you’re constructing a configurable product and can’t decide whether to use the variable or composite type. If you answered yes, then select the composite type and:

  • Create Components to describe the configurable product’s parts or qualities.
  • Create a new product for each alternative you want to provide, then utilize Catalog Visibility to hide it from your shop pages if necessary.

Therefore, this tutorial shows how to make a Full Frame DSLR Kit out of Composite Products, which includes a camera body, lens, and optional memory card.

It’s worth noting that a similar selection interface might be created using the Variable type by establishing Attributes for the Camera Body, Lens, and Memory Card. But this can prevent you from keeping track of the inventory of the cameras, lenses, and memory cards you’ve chosen.

Plugins/Extensions used

  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Composite Products
  • Storefront


Follow these instructions to configure the Full Frame DSLR Kit composite product:

1. Create the Composite

  • Firstly, click Add Product under WooCommerce > Products.
  • Secondly, add a title, a description, and a short description to your post.
  • Thirdly, select the Composite product type from the Product Data panel.

2. Define Components and Optional Components.

  • Go to Components from the Product Data panel.
  • To make a component, click Add Component and give it the name Full Frame Camera Body.
  • Add component Options for the Full Frame Camera Body 
  • Finally, for the Lens and Memory Card Components, repeat steps b-c.

3. Set up Pricing Options

The Full Frame DSLR Kit’s price is equal to the sum of its components:

  • Go to the Components tab in the Product Data panel.
  • In the Basic Settings section of all Components, select the Priced Individually option.
  • Make sure the Regular Price and Sale Price sections are both blank on the General tab.

4. Set up your shipping options

  • The camera, lens, and memory card(s) of your choice are sent in their original packaging, with no assembly required:
  • Go to the Product Data > Shipping section.
  • Select Composite Type > Unassembled.

5. Set up the Layout Options

  • Go to the Components tab in the Product Data panel.
  • Choose the Progressive layout.
  • Select Radio Buttons from the Options Style drop-down in the Full Frame Camera Body Component. Carry on with the Memory Card Component in the same way. Choose Dropdown for the Lens Component.

6. Add the last touches

You can select a Product Image, add some Gallery items. Finally, you also can edit the Full Frame DSLR Kit page’s layout.

How to create product kit builders and custom product configurators using existing products?

Streamline your processes.

Do you want to sell a customized skateboard? So begin by laying out the foundation. For assembly, you’ll need a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and bolts. Then, by selecting products — or categories — from your inventory, populate each with alternatives. Finally, pick a design and flow that will keep your customers interested. And then you can start selling!

create product kit builders

Create a shopping experience

Every Composite product can be customized to deliver a streamlined, personalized shopping experience thanks to the variable layouts and option styles available.

Moreover, composite Products enables you to create nearly anything with built-in support for simple and variable products, product bundles. And even downloadable/virtual variants of different product kinds.

set up composite products in Woocommerce

Features that scale

Do you have a skateshop with thousands of decks, trucks, and wheels? You will want to include them all in your personalized skateboard configurator!

Don’t worry. Because you can select an options view. It allows for pagination, sorting, and filtering. Therefore, your consumers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

 composite products Woocommerce

Conditional logic at your fingertips

Do you need to limit the display of entire setup stages or individual options on a case-by-case basis? So Composite Products will help you!

An architecture that can be expanded

Woocommerce composite products are an excellent starting point for any kit-building project. Because it allows you to customize practically every aspect to your individual needs.

Woocommerce composite products


So that is the comprehensive step to set up composite products in Woocommerce. If you still have any questions about it, you can let us know via CONTACT FORM. ArrowTheme is always ready to help you solve all your problems with your site. 

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