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May 31, 2021

Magento 2 search extension: Top 10 best ones to engage and retain a large number of customers on your store

One of the decisive factors to customer’s satisfaction when shopping on your site is the speed of product search. The more quickly the search product results appear, the more satisfied your client’s feeling. If your Magento 2 website has slow product search speed, then how to improve and upgrade it? In fact, there are various ways to help you resolve this problem. However, now, Arrowtheme just mentions the Magento 2 search extension. As soon as you install this extension, your ecommerce store will surely increase engagement and keep a wide range of buyers. Then, driving your sales will be as a result. With these reasons, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 flawless Magento 2 search extensions that can meet all your requirements. Let’s explore with us right now! 

Top 10 awesome Magento 2 search extensions in the global market


Magento 2 search extension

The first Magento 2 search extension we highly recommend for you is an outstanding extension from named “Instant Search for Magento 2”. This is the best Free Magento extension for you to easily engage and retain a huge number of clients for your website. In fact, this free extension gets high ratings from hundreds of retailers about its effectiveness in engagement and retaining customers for their online stores. Firstly, as soon as you enter keywords, it will display rapid drop-down options for goods, categories, etc. Besides, this extension also allows you to change the amount of search results displayed in the drop-down menu. Moreover, it supports Ajax that enables your customers to search their necessary products at lightning speed. As a result, it will bring them the best shopping experience when visiting your site. And, boosting sales will be a great result. 

2. Ajax Search

Ajax search

If you’re seeking an awesome extension for search feature on your site, let’s consider “Ajax Search”. In reality, this Magento 2 search extension is a fantastic solution that can help you streamline your site’s search procedure. First and foremost, without having to wait for the page to reload, buyers may see search results in the dropdown list below the search field as they type. Best of all, this extension is very smart and professional thanks to its voice search functionality. Following that, your customers will easily find what they’re looking for without typing. What’s more, you also are able to customize the dropdown box’s header and footer as you want for promotion purposes. 

3. Amasty Advanced Search for Magento 2

best Magento 2 search extension

Coming to another Magento 2 Search extension any shop owners should integrate for their ecommerce business named “Amasty Advanced Search”. First of all, this extension will make the searching on your site simpler than ever for customers. Simply speaking, this extension adds more advanced options to your Magento store’s boring default search functionality. Hence, it will drive the client’s experience and improve search performance for your store. Besides, this plugin also supplies visitors detailed search information depending on items, categories, and CMS pages. In addition, you can enhance your conversion rate by adding an “Add to Cart” button on your site to encourage customers to buy your products. 

4. Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension

outstanding Magento 2 search extension

“Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension” is the ideal choice with any shopkeeper wanting to engage and retain a large number of customers for their online stores. Firstly, this extension will enhance the default Magento search feature. This is thanks to AJAX technology. Following that, once customers type the products they want, it will display search results quickly without reloading your page. Besides, in case your consumers want to see more items than that the dropdown box allows, you can choose to divert them to a separate search results page. If you do it well, your store will attract more potential customers and increase conversions with ease.

5. Magento 2 ElasticSearch Extension

awesome Magento 2 search extension

If your online store lacks the search function, you should take a look at “Magento 2 ElasticSearch Extension”. First and foremost, this Magento 2 search extension provides your customers with the fastest and most reliable search possible on your business. Hence, your clients will surely feel comfortable and get the highest satisfaction when shopping on your site. Besides, it includes a powerful feature named wildcard search. From that, your clients will get the proper results even if their search query contains special characters or spaces. Not only that, this Magento extension also supports fallback search. 

6. Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2

wonderful Magento 2 search extension

Coming to another Magento extension for improving the online store’s search function called “Sphinx Search Ultimate”. In fact, this extension runs as an effective and smart tool for improving search function on any ecommerce store. As a result, it will allow online businesses to boost their conversion rate from search results by more than 50%. Besides, it makes use of the Sphinx search engine to quickly provide the most relevant search results in just some ticks. Moreover, thanks to this plugin, whenever entering your site, clients will gain the fastest search speed with more than 500 queries per second for a million SKUs. 

7. Mageplaza Ajax Search for Magento 2

Mageplaza Ajax Search

Don’t forget “Mageplaza Ajax Search” if you’re looking for an excellent Magento 2 extension search for your store. In reality, “Mageplaza Ajax Search” is really a must-have tool for any shopkeeper to make the item searching process become smarter and quicker. On top of that, this extension uses AJAX technology to allow visitors to see search results as soon as they type the first character into the search box. What’s more, product information including image, name, price, and a brief description will be displayed in the dropdown search list. As a result, customers will easily see the products they’re looking for and make a buying decision soonly. 

8. Elasticsearch for Magento 2


The next Magento 2 extension you should know to increase engagement for your online store called “Elasticsearch”. To begin, this powerful Magento 2 search extension allows you to improve the default Magento search feature. Besides, it also helps you boost more conversions directly from search results. In addition, with its autocomplete search function, your customers will get the return searching results related to items, CMS pages, product’s types, etc. As a result, they will receive the best product searching experience when visiting your site, and generating more sales as a result. Best of all, you also have many freedoms to make changes to the search results box as you want. 

9. Magento 2 Search Extension by Landofcoder

flawless Magento 2 search extension

Let’s try to use this Magento 2 search extension and your store will surely achieve a lot of wonderful results. Firstly, thanks to this extension, your ecommerce business will optimize the product searching experience for customers. Besides, by taking advantage of AJAX technology, this plugin enables your clients to search from the first typed word. What’s more, even if customers don’t know exactly the items they want, they will still simply locate the right thing with search autocomplete and relevant suggestion features. Best of all, you also have many freedoms to customize the dropdown box to make it compatible with your brand. 

10. Search Suggestion for Magento 2 by Webkul 

must have Magento 2 search extension

Can’t help but mention “Search Suggestion for Magento 2” if you want to drive engagement as well as conversions for your store. Firstly, your visitors can quickly discover the product they’re looking for when using this Magento 2 search extension. Then, they will get the exact search results without any hard effort and time. Simply speaking, as soon as your client types, this extension will display for them search results and propose relevant products. Some of them can be item images, product’s name, and price. Best of all, this plugin also highlights the keyword customers type in search results. Thus, they can easily find their necessary products at a glance. 

Final line

Arrowtheme hopes that you have gained knowledge about this topic and choose the most suitable Magento 2 search extension for your ecommerce store. However, the search function is not enough if you want to enhance your store quickly and effectively. You should integrate many other different Magento 2 Extensions as well as Magento 2 Themes.

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