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June 1, 2021

Magento coupon code generator extension: Top 6 best ones to attract customers and gain their loyalty

As you know, the coupon is one of the most essential factors for any ecommerce Magento store to attract more and more potential customers. If you can take advantage of coupons well, you can enhance the client’s experience as well as gain their loyalty with ease. However, how to create discount codes suitable for each customer segment? One of the best ways is using a powerful Magento coupon code generator extension. As soon as you add this extension to your online website, it will help you generate vouchers automatically without any hard effort. For more details, in this blog, Arrowtheme will review for you Top 6 outstanding Magento coupon code generator extensions to grab customer’s interest. Let’s explore them right now! 

Top 6 wonderful Magento coupon code generator extensions in the market

1. Coupon Code for Magento 2

best Magento coupon code generator extension

In case you’re seeking a wonderful Magento coupon code generator extension for your store, let’s take a look at “Coupon Code for Magento 2”. First and foremost, this extension is considered as a must-have function for any ecommerce business to attract customers and gain their loyalty. Besides, it not only helps you save time in managing business, but it also improves the shopping experience for customers whenever they visit your site. What’s more, it also allows you to quickly and easily create discount codes and send them through email.

Highlight features: 

  • Allow for the creation of coupon codes depending on the rules of the shopping cart
  • Support you to easily and rapidly send coupons to clients via email
  • Next, support API
  • Coupon codes can be imported from CSV files and plain text. 

2. Magento coupon code generator extension by Aheadworks

oustanding Magento coupon code generator extension

There is no denying the effectiveness of the Magento extension from Aheadworks in creating coupon codes. Simply speaking, as soon as you integrate this extension to your site, it will easily help you to generate, deliver, and track individual coupons. Besides, you can use this Magento coupon code generator extension to establish the restrictions for coupons and its expiration date. As a result, your online store will boost sales, then drive more revenue with ease. Best of all, this extension works flawlessly with any third-party extension. 

Outstanding features:

  • Coupons will be delivered automatically to customers 
  • Simple to build the rules of each coupon
  • Allow for the addition of an expiration date to each coupon
  • Ability to add information about the coupon’s status and other details. 

3. Generate and Import Coupons

wonderful Magento coupon code generator extension

The next Magento coupon code generator extension we highly recommend for your online store named “Generate and Import Coupons”. In fact, this extension is a great choice for store owners who want to save time maintaining coupons. First of all, thanks to this extension, you may generate and import a large number of voucher codes at a glance. What’s more, you are able to simply track coupon usage statistics and export codes due to this powerful Magento plugin. 

Awesome features:

  • Support you to build infinite vouchers per cart price rule
  • Allow you to distribute vouchers through URLs
  • Next, provide ability to offer Groupon deals
  • Allow the use of coupon designs to generate specific codes. 

4. Improved Import & Export – Magento coupon code generator extension

Improved Import and Export

“Improved Import & Export” is really an ideal solution if you want to capture clients and gain their loyalty for your store. Firstly, this extension supports the most widely used file formats, including CSV, XML, and Json. Besides, with separator mapping and XSLT templates, the structure of CSV and XML files may be mapped straight from the Magento 2 backend. More than these, it also allows you to import and generate all kinds of items from a single file thanks to the Improved Import and Export. 

Key features:

  • All product kinds can be imported and created from Excel, CSV, XML, and Json files
  • With XSLT transformation templates, you can insert any XML file
  • Next, EAV import is flexible
  • Modify the price of the product by a percentage or a fixed amount. 

5. Import Coupon Codes For Magento 2

extension to create coupon

Coming to another Magento coupon code generator extension that any ecommerce owner should integrate for their stores called “Import Coupon Codes”. In reality, “Import Coupon Codes” is always known as one of the most outstanding and worth-using Magento extensions in the global market. For more details, thanks to this great extension, you can easily create, import as well as export coupons for each customer segment. Besides, it also helps you make coupon management easier and improves your customer’s experience. 

Highlight features:

  • Use emails to send voucher codes to each customer
  • Coupon codes will be automatically applied when you click on a private coupon link
  • By importing a CSV file, you can bulk remove discount codes and shopping cart restrictions. 

6. MageArray – Magento coupon code generator extension

awesome Magento coupon code generator extension

Why don’t you try using “MageArray” for your ecommerce store? In particular, “MageArray” is really a special and professional Magento coupon code generator extension you should install for your site. Firstly, this extension is a perfect solution to encourage your clients to return to your store for their next purchase. Besides, you are able to use “MageArray” to create a coupon depending on the order total. Moreover, it will also encourage your clients to return to your store and purchase stuff. Then, your profit will dramatically grow as a result of this. 

Outstanding features:

  • Help you create a coupon automatically based on the order total
  • Simple to set up and configure
  • Provide customers with discount vouchers to encourage them to place more orders from your store. 

Final line

Arrowtheme hopes this blog is helpful for you and through it, you will get more ideas to develop your ecommerce store effectively. Let’s refer to other Magento extensions and Magento themes

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