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June 2, 2021

Magento donation extension: Top 3 best ones to strengthen your reputation on the market

The reasons for choosing Magento donation extension for ecommerce stores

Charity donation is a noble deed. However, as you know, online shop owners are too busy with their business’s management. So, sometimes they don’t have much time for other things, one of which is doing charity. Thus, Magento donation extension was created with the goal of helping them resolve this problem. Thanks to this amazing extension, while you are selling your items effectively, you can still integrate the donation purpose in it. 

Not only does it help you collect funds for needy people, but it also runs a smart tool to improve your brand’s reputation in customer’s mind with ease. As a big result, you will boost sales and gain more profits for your store. With these reasons, in this blog, Arrowtheme will review for you Top 3 best Magento donation extensions in the global market. Let’s take a look right now! 

Top 3 outstanding Magento donation extensions any ecommerce business needs

1. Donations Suite – Magento donation extension

Magento donation extension

In case you’re looking for a solution that helps you not only raise funds for charity but also improve your brand’s market reputation, let’s have a glance at “Donations Suite”. First and foremost, thanks to this Magento 2 extension, you can easily establish a community around your business as well as make it more appealing to customers. Besides, “Donations Suite ” enables you to take online donations then, using this money to assist non- profits and charities. Simply speaking, clients can quickly make a donation to any charity listed in the ‘Order Summary’ area of the checkout pages thanks to this extension, which inserts a new part right in the ‘Order Summary’ part.

Highly elements of Donations Suite:

  • In the “Order Summary” portion of the shopping cart page, there is a “Donations” area
  • Inserting a personalized title, description, and image to any charity that has been collected
  • Next, choosing a minimum donation amount
  • Predetermined donation amounts that display as a drop-down menu in the Order Summary. 

2. Donation Product

Donation Product

In order to strengthen your brand’s reputation on the global market, one of the most worth-trying ways you should integrate for your store is using a great Magento donation extension. And, “Donation Product” extension will surely be the ideal choice for any type of ecommerce store. First of all, this Magento extension adds the function to give to charities in your store. Then, it allows you to add as many charities as you wish for your customers to choose. In fact, the process of adding a charity is similar to that of adding a product. Thus, you can do it with ease. What’s more, as soon as you completely generate your preferred charity, you can decide where the donation block containing the charity should appear in your webshop. 

Outstanding features of Donation Product:

  • Multiple charities can be added and shown thanks to this Magento donation extension
  • Help admin manage charities simply, as similar as items
  • Add as many donations as you’d like to the cart
  • Admin can control where the charity blocks are placed in the layout. 

3. Custom Price Donation Payment – Magento donation extension

best Magento donation extension

Let’s take a look at “Custom Price Donation Payment” and your purpose of enhancing your brand’s reputation will easily come true. To begin, you can let clients checkout by paying any arbitrary amount with this wonderful Magento donation extension. As a result, this will free customers from having to pay a set price for a specific product or service, allowing the store to build a stronger client relationship. In reality, this plugin can be quite useful for online organizations who collect donations. Moreover, due to this extension, as an admin, you are able to establish a minimum amount that buyers must pay upon checkout. Therefore, you will have complete control over customer payment collection, which distinguishes this extension from the rest.

Awesome elements of Custom Price Donation Payment:

  • During the checkout process, clients can pay any amount they want
  • Allow store owners to set a minimum amount that clients must pay during the checkout process
  • Next, regular products and products with a custom pricing can both be purchased in the same cart.
  • In the “My Account” section, clients may see all of their orders.

In conclusion

For long-term development strategy for your Magento online store, Magento donation extension is not enough. Thus, you should install a lot of other different extensions as well as themes. In order to achieve this goal quickly, you should select a reputable supplier. So, in this blog, we introduce you to a supplier named Magesolution. In fact, it is one of the most perfect places that provides various solutions for you to develop your store effectively. Let’s explore its Magento extensions and Magento themes right now! 

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