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June 27, 2021

Magento shipping extension: Top 10 best ones to get effective and timely shipping strategies for your stores

Shipping is the final step to bring products to customers. So, online store owners should focus on the shipping process to create the best experience for customers. However, store owners may face difficulties with managing a large number of shipping orders, different shipping rate among countries and which methods to calculate. Therefore, the Magento shipping extension was born to solve this problem. Here are the top 10 best Magento shipping extension to get effective and timely shipping strategies for your stores. You can choose one of the 10 best ones.

1. Magento shipping extension by  MageAnts

Shipping by MageAnts ensures each product in your store is applied a correct shipping rate. By using shipping per product, you can increase the additional fees based on standard shipping rates. Also, customers can not see the separate shipping fees. Moreover, it allows customers to change the shipping methods by disabling shipping per product. In addition, you can enable the default shipping rate for all products. From that, it will automatically apply the shipping rate. Furthermore, there are some products that have a higher shipping fee. For example, transferring a heavy item or fragile products will cost more. So, this extension allows you to fix the shipping charges before shipping. For customers, you can send a customized message to notify an error when your store does not provide the “shipping per product” option. Finally, you can select countries to adopt specific shipping methods.

Magento shipping extension
Magento shipping extension

Price: $149

2. Multiple Flat Rate Shipping by Landofcoder

Multiple Flat Rate Shipping helps you improve the shipping process. Firstly, it provides you with various flat rate shipping methods. Secondly, it serves your international customers well because it applies shipping rates based on specific countries or all countries. Thirdly, you can change the flat shipping rate flexibly based on the number of orders. You can choose the rate by fixed or percentage amount. Moreover, it supports you to import and export the shipping rate in CSV files. In addition, you can customize the error message for customers. For example “We are so sorry because this shipping method is not supported in your country.” Finally, it shows all the flat rate shipping options on the checkout page. So customers can easily see and choose.

Magento shipping extension
Select countries for shipping

1-month money-back
Free 6-month support
Lifetime update
Price: $69

3. Magento shipping extension by Mageplaze

This extension gives store owners many advantages. First of all, it provides you with 5 shipping flat rates. These figures are based on geographical locations. The admin can change the name of these rates by name of the country. Secondly, you can choose the orders of the shipping flat rates to show on the checkout page. So customers can easily see your shipping fees. Thirdly, the admin can select specific countries which are applied the shipping rate. Also, you can send an error message to others. In addition, this extension connects with one-step checkout to better the customer’s experience.

Magento shipping extension by Mageplaze
Flat shipping rates

2 – month Money Back
Lifetime Update
1- year Support
Price: Free

4. Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On by WebKul SoftWare Private Limited

This extension assists you to control the shipping fee based on the distance and weight of the products. There are some highlight features to optimize the shipping method. First of all, you can edit the shipping method title to be more specific. So customers can know where the shipping method is applied. Secondly, it uses Google Maps API to define the distance between sellers and buyers. Hence, it can calculate the shipping fees. Thirdly, you can manage all the shipping rate table in a CSV file. Also, you can add or remove any existing shipping rate. Moreover, the admin can allow sellers to control their shipping individually. Finally, you can create invoices and packing slip address including shipping fee.

Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On by WebKul SoftWare Private Limited
Shipping Address

Free 3-month technical support
Free lifetime updates
Price: $199

5. Shipping Calculator by Mageworx

The Shipping Calculator extension displays all the shipping information on the products pages of your store. So customers can see all the shipping options, the cost of each and delivery information. Firstly, this extension creates a well-designed block to display all the shipping options and fees. Customers just need to fill in the address and wait for loading. Then all the delivery data will appear on the block. Secondly, you can configure the shipping fields. For example, you can set up shipping calculation based on country, state or postal code. Also, you can choose the existing fields to be displayed. Furthermore, it allows you to highlight the cheapest option to attract customers. Thirdly, you can hide shipping options for special products if it is unavailable. Finally, it provides you with a default shipping location for local customers. So they can check out faster.

Magento shipping extension by Mageworx
Shipping Calculator

Free lifetime support
Updates lifetime
25-day Marketplace Refund Policy
Price: $99

6. Shipping Cost Calculator by Amasty

The Shipping Cost Calculator shows the final price including shipping fees to satisfy customers. First of all, this extension displays all available shipping options on the products pages. Therefore, customers can know the final price before checkout. Secondly, you can calculate the shipping fees based on 3 fields: Country, State and Zip. Also, you can edit the tab name and hide the unnecessary fields. Thirdly, it allows you to disable the calculation for specific products which you do not support. Furthermore, it saves time by adding the default value for the same location. At last, you can modify the notification such as “Sorry but we do not ship in this area.”

Magento shipping extension by Amasty
Shipping Cost Calculator

Free lifetime updates
3-month free support
25-days Return Policy.
Price: $119

7. Magento Distance-Based Shipping extension by Magmodules

The speciality of this extension is that it calculates the distance based on actual transports instead of straight line distance. Firstly, it brings to you many shipping settings options: fill your store or warehouse locations, set maximum shipping distances, recognize the customer’s address and so on. Also, you can define a fixed price for each kilometre. Additionally, it allows you to measure the distance in miles. Secondly, you can sell your products all over the world. It will help you calculate the delivery fees everywhere. Moreover, you can limit the countries that you serve. Thirdly, it supports you with flexible options such as free shipping, minimum and maximum shippings fee, set by the country, limit per order amount and limit to distance. Finally, you can use an extensive log function to connect with Google and check shipping errors.

Magento Distance-Based Shipping extension by Magmodules
Shipping Settings

Price: $65

8. Shipping Cost Calculator by Infostride Solutions Pvt Ltd

This extension shows a progress bar to inform customers of the additional amount to get a discount. For instance, your store gives a free ship coupon for all orders over $200. If the cart’s subtotal is $100, the progress bar will go a half. It means customers need to buy an additional $100 to get a freeship coupon. Also, it allows you to control all the amount of discount in the settings. In addition, you can edit the text to congratulate customers on gaining a coupon or notify the remaining amount to gain. Finally, it is a completely free extension to use.

Shipping Cost Calculator by Infostride Solutions Pvt Ltd
Shipping Cost Calculators

Price: Free

9. Shipping Matrix Rates by Mageside

Shipping Matrix Rates offer you an effective way to calculate the shipping rates based on location, weight, price and method. Firstly, you can edit all the shipping rates in a CSV file. That means you do not need any knowledge about coding to do. Secondly, you can apply a specific price for a certain group of customers or products. Thirdly, it filters zip codes for you to specify the shipping codes. In addition, you can show multiple shipping options for customers to choose the most suitable ones. Furthermore, you can select some criteria to define the shipping cost. For example, $15 for each order which has a weight from 3 to 6 pounds. To sum up, it provides you with a flexible and customized shipping method for your store.

Shipping Matrix Rates by Mageside
Shipping Matrix Rates

Price: $249

10. StorePep Shipping Calculator by Solvilor Technologies Pvt Ltd

StorePep gives you a great shipping solution for online stores. Firstly, it connects your store with multiple carriers and has many warehouses. Secondly, it automatically selects the cheapest ones, creates labels and follows up the delivery process. Thirdly, during the checkout process, this extension shows customers different shipping cost based on weight, product categories, ship from and to location, and discount for special carriers. Moreover, it operates all over the world, so you can sell your products to people in different locations. In addition, it updates all the shipping information on your store pages. So customers can easily keep track. Finally, it helps you generate labels in just a few clicks.

StorePep Shipping Calculator
Shipping Calculator

Price: This is an integration with a Third Party Service. Other charges and fees may be required to use this extension in your store.

To conclude, Arrowtheme suggests that you should combine the most suitable shipping extension with your Magento store to manage more effective.

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