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June 4, 2021

Magento extra fee extension: Top 10 best ones to create wonderful shopping experience on your web stores

For those who have no knowledge of Magento extra fee extension and how to apply it effectively, this blog is for them. If you’re also in them, don’t miss this useful blog below. 

Why is Magento extra fee extension essential for ecommerce stores? 

In order to give customers the best online shopping experience, your store must provide them with high-quality products. In addition to those, your business also should integrate with many other extra services. If you are running an online store yet still don’t know how to satisfy the needs of your customers. Then, let’s Magento extra fee extension help you. Once you set up this smart tool, you can easily strengthen buyer’s loyalty and improve the purchasing experience for your online store. In particular, in the long term, it will support you to drive sales and generate more profits effectively. 

With these visible benefits above, Arrowtheme will deliver for you a list of Top 10 most outstanding Extra fee extensions in the market. What are you waiting for without exploring them right now! 

Top 10 amazing Magento extra fee extension for improving customer’s shopping experience

1. Extra fee by Mageplaza

Magento extra fee extension

The first Magento extra fee extension we highly recommend for your ecommerce store is “Extra fee by Mageplaza”. First of all, this solution enables online retailers to charge extra fees for services like gift wrapping and speedy delivery, then show them on the storefront. Following that, by providing superior services to buyers during their purchasing process, store owners will easily boost sales and profit. 

Highlight features: 

  • Numerous forms of extra fees might be displayed on the Shopping Cart page
  • Enable applying extra fee based on multiple-conditions
  • Include three types of fee, including a flat fee per item, a flat cost per total cart, and a percentage cost per total cart.

2. Extra fee by Amasty – Magento extra fee extension

best Magento extra fee extension

In case you’re seeking a smart technique for creating a wonderful shopping experience for your online store, let’s refer to “Extra fee by Amasty”. Firstly, with this excellent tool, you can effortlessly add to the checkout and cart pages that display a ton of advanced extra fees. Besides, it will help you choose whether to create percent or fixed fee kinds and make specified fee options the default. What’s more, depending on the kind of payment as well as shipping options, it will automatically create the suitable additional fee. 

Outstanding elements:

  • It lets you build as many additional fees as you require
  • Set up a system where payment costs can be paid in a variety of ways
  • Select between two types of cost including fixed cost and percentage cost.
  • Support for API. 

3. Extra Fee by Mageants

wonderful Magento extra fee extension

Moving to another Magento extra fee extension for building a great online environment where buyers can easily buy and get the highest satisfaction on it. This program is Extra Fee by Mageants. First and foremost, coming with an automated design and this is the reason why this tool is extremely useful and productive with any type of ecommerce business. Simply speaking, it will help you insert a variety of extra costs to all of your customers’ orders. Especially, you just need to define the criteria once during this extension’s installation.

Key elements:

  • Firstly, apply the price to all products automatically
  • Manage the admin panel with ease
  • Next, fees can be levied in a variety of ways
  • Allow you to change the fee criteria with ease.

4. Magento Extra Fee extension by Magearray

awesome Magento extra fee extension

Looking for a professional and effective way to generate awesome shopping experiences on your web stores? Then, you should have a glance at the extension from Magearray. First of all, as soon as your store integrates this tool, you can impose administrative fees, which are visible to buyers during the payment process. Additionally, on the cart page, you are able to apply an additional cost based on category or items.

Awesome features: 

  • Make as many extra costs as you want
  • Additional fees based on categories or products
  • Add the additional cost to the percentage-based calculation
  • Charge a premium for a specific product.

5. Extra Fees by Mageworx

best Magento extra fee extension

If you’re finding a technique that is effective in bringing your buyers the best shopping experience as well as driving your sales, let’s consider “Extra Fees by Mageworx”. In fact, this Mageworx’s invention is always considered as one of the most flawless Magento extra fee extensions in the global market. For more details, it allows you to add an unlimited number of extra fees to the product page. Moreover, applying additional fees also lets you split your shipping and payment processing costs with your buyers.

Highlight features: 

  • Firstly, it allows shop owners to add an unlimited number of extra fees with ease
  • Next, extra costs can be disabled or hidden based on product fee criteria
  • For a new fee, choose an input type: a dropdown menu, a radio button, and a checkbox. 

6. Extra Fee by Milople – Magento extra fee extension

awesome Magento extra fee extension

Why don’t you try using Extra Fee by Milople for your online store? In fact, the reason we advise you to integrate this tool for your business is thanks to its great performance as well as effectiveness. Simply speaking, this program allows you to charge extra fees for any additional fee you require. Not only that, as an admin, you can choose which product price should be used as the basis for calculating the % charge or a predetermined amount.

Key features:

  • Charge extra fees for gift wrapping, quick delivery, insurance, and so on
  • Fees are calculated using a percentage of the order amount and a preset sum
  • Change the label to your liking.

7. Extra Fee by Shreejiinfosys

extension by Shreejiinfosys

Let’s take advantage of Extra Fee by Shreejiinfosys and the results it brings will never disappoint you. In fact, this Magento extra fee extension is known as one of the most perfect and advanced ones when mentioning this topic. To begin, this tool was created with the goal of supporting you to simply add any additional charge. Then, extra fees will be automatically added to the order total for every additional choice selected. 

Notable features:

  • Enable/disable the additional cost
  • For an additional charge, select a bespoke label.
  • Include any additional fees.

8. Payment Surcharge extension by Fooman

Payment Surcharge

“Payment Surcharge extension by Fooman” is really a must-have tool that any ecommerce shopkeeper all need to install for their stores. Firstly, this Magento extra fee extension offers you an amazing way to cut costs associated with payment provider fees. Besides, you are able to completely pass payment processing fees to the client by configuring this tool. In addition, it also enables you to charge any number of additional fees to any of their store’s different payment options. 

Outstanding elements: 

  • There is no limit to the number of payment fees that can be created in the backend
  • Various payment options may incur an additional fee
  • Ability to impose a fee based on minimum and maximum order amounts
  • Show the fee amount at the checkout.

9. Magento extra fee extension by Cynolnfotech

excellent Magento extra fee extension

Can’t help but mention the plugin from Cynolnfotech when mentioning the list of wonderful extra fee extensions. In fact, this tool is really a modest and helpful solution that supports e-commerce shopkeepers to add additional fees to buyers orders. For more details, thanks to this extension, you can charge extra fees for any services you provide in addition to your items with ease. Some of the additional fees you can offer are: extra packaging, fast delivery and so on. 

Key features: 

  • Firstly, display extra costs on the checkout as well as shopping cart page
  • Configuration of a product fee for additional services
  • Next, ability to specify order amount restrictions for applying a discount
  • Additional fees can be set for each shop view.

10. Payment Fee by Maghos

 Payment Fee by Maghos

The final Magento extra fee extension in our list is the technique from Maghos. First of all, as soon as you set up this tool, you can effortlessly impose extra fees for every method of payment. Then, you can cut costs by passing extra fees imposed by some payment processors to customers in this way. Not only that, using this extension also means that you will bring your buyers the best shopping experience whenever they visit your website. And, enhancing more revenue as a significant result. 

Outstanding elements:

  • Firstly, it supports you to apply extra fee for each payment option
  • Ability to define a maximum cart total value for extra charges to be applied;
  • Moreover, additional fees are divided into two categories: fixed and percentage
  • Configuration of taxes on the fee price.

The final line

Above all, Arrowtheme hopes through this blog, you will choose the right Magento extra fee extension for your ecommerce store and you will easily take advantage of it. In addition to this extension, you should refer to other different extensions as well as themes.

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