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July 6, 2021

Magento chatbot extension: Top 5 best ones to speed up the support process and interact with customers better

Do you have many questions from customers? But it is so difficult to answer all of them at the same time quickly because of a shortage of support resources. Therefore, this will make your customer feel dissatisfied. Therefore, they’ll seek out alternatives from your competitors. Thus, you may use a Magento chatbot extension to speed up the support process and better communicate with your customers. So that it may avoid losing consumers and increase profits. 

We know that. Hence, in this blog, ArrowTheme will bring to you the Top 5 best Magento chatbot extensions to speed up the support process and interact with customers better. Are you ready to explore it? Let’s go.

Chatbot Extension Facebook Messenger by Magecube ($59)

Coming with this Magento chatbot extension, users will have an opportunity to use lots of great features. Firstly, Magecube’s Magento 2 Chatbot extension is a useful tool for attracting new customers and improving the shopping experience of buyers. Thanks to this extension, you also can increase the number of loyal consumers and increase sales. This extension will allow you to create your own Facebook Magento chatbot extension, which will then respond to customers on your Facebook Page. Please note that this extension is only compatible with the Facebook Messenger platform.

Highlight features:

  • Extends your company’s reach and assists in customer loyalty by giving the greatest possible experience.
  • By using navigations and simple discussions, your customers can save time by looking for new and trending products and categories.
  • Customer relations are improved and customer service control is simplified at a lower cost as compared to human labour.

Magento 2 Chatbot extension for Facebook by Magenest ($79)

Magento 2 Chatbot for Facebook allows vendors to create an intelligent and automated communication system to answer frequently requested inquiries from customers. Moreover, shop owners can develop a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger to engage customers through fast automatic responses. This is a helpful solution for reducing support time and promoting marketing campaigns with smart notifications in Messenger.

Highlight features:

  • In Facebook Messenger, you can receive and answer customer questions.
  • Any message should have CTA buttons.
  • Allow customers to obtain human help.
  • When you need human help, you just need to send an email notification.
  • Buyers can add items to their shopping cart directly from Messenger.


Magento 2 Facebook Chatbot extension- Webkul Store ($99)

A Facebook Chatbot is a program that is designed to work with the Facebook Messenger platform. Firstly, it enables shop owners to communicate with their customers in an automated manner. Because with this Magento chatbot extension, shop owners can send and receive messages with the chatbot. Therefore, you can set up a this extension for your customers with the guideline document of its Thus, your customers will get immediate responses to their inquiries. Besides that, you are able to add a greeting, not found, and product search message template.

Highlight features:

  • Activate or deactivate the Facebook Chatbot status.
  • Add text to greetings, not found, and product search messages.
  • Add a variety of product search terms.
  • In the messenger, show items from the store.
  • The visitor can view product options (size, color) as well as all of the product images.
  • Users can specify a price range within which they want to see items.
  • Multiple language translations are supported.


Robot Chat by Chatbot ($0)

With Robot Chat by Chatbot, you also can improve customer engagement by providing fast automated responses. Moreover, this plugin is a helpful tool for promoting marketing campaigns. 

Highlight features:

  • Use an AI chatbot to increase engagement.
  • Around-the-clock assistance is available to visitors.
  • Increase sales by generating more leads.
  • Templates that are free and ready to use
  • To create ChatBot Stories, simply drag & drop components.
  • Webhooks and a fully open API allow you to connect with third-party apps with ease.


Robot Chat by X-mage2 ($29)

You should install the Robot Chat extension for your Magento 2 store in order to increase sales and improve client experiences. Your buyer will be able to simply contact you, ask for assistance, and place an order thanks to this useful tool.

Highlight features:

  • Include messages of confirmation.
  • Interface that is user-friendly
  • This module is simple to enable/disable in the backend.
  • Various languages are supported.
  • Customization of automatic messages




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