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June 10, 2021

Magento mega menu extension: top 10 best ones to create a navigation menu with ease for your stores

Magento mega menu extension is a must-have tool when it comes to improving the way your main menu display. In this article, will introduce you to this great feature and the top best extensions for Magento 2 you can try to impress your customers right at first sight

1. Mega Menu by Amasty

Magento mega menu extension

Mega Menu by Amasty is a perfect choice for your online store. This extension will help you rearrange the products in a scientific and beautiful way. What’s more, this extension makes it easier for customers to find products on your website.

Exclusive features

  • Firstly, this extension allows the admin to select Horizontal and Vertical Menu include effects: Fade, Slide, toggle
  • Also, you can easily adjust different menu styles easily such as width, color, icon or position
  • Besides, it is compatible with the mobile menu
  • Lastly, admin can easily choose style your own mega menu without editing CSS file

2. Magento 2 Mega Menu by Magesolution

Magento mega menu extension

If you are looking for a way a improve usability and navigation on your online stores, Magento Mega Menu by Magesolution is exactly what you are looking for. First of all, this extension allows displaying in horizontal, vertical, or both of them can make your website not only beautiful but also easy to use. Besides, it provides you with  7 styles in a menu that not only attract customers but also helps shop owners to create an excellent direction board.

  • Firstly, it enables inserting menu without limiting
  • Also, the admin can insert a menu to any position to create code automatically
  • Different stores can add different menu
  • Besides, this extension allows generating a menu for the category, cms page, or any URL
  • You can insert icon/custom HTML to the menu
  • Allow supporting mobile responsive menu
  • Lastly, it allows you to insert video, images to attract the customers on the menu

3. Mega Menu by Cmsmart

Magento mega menu extension

The next Mega Menu extension we highly recommend for your online store is an extension by Cmsmart. . In fact, this extension provides you the shortest way to navigate customers to the exact place they are looking for. First of all, thanks to this extension, you can easily select different styles on the menu. With this, your customers feel new to your website. Besides, you can adjust the color to be more eye-catching with the visitors

  • This extension provides 7 menu styles
  • Also, it is very easy to customize and install
  • The admin can set a different color for the menu
  • Besides, this extension supports both horizontal and vertical menu
  • This tool provides outstanding options in the menu

4. Mega Menu by Bsscommerce

Magento mega menu extension

With the help of Mega Menu extension, customers will easily find all information and products at the first sight. Additionally, this extension assists store owners to add and customize a big menu with a visual backend panel to navigate guests on the website.

  • This extension offers 3 sub-menu levels
  • Also, it supports 3 types of sub-menu: classic, category listing, and content
  • With this tool, you can freely customize Menu URL: category link or custom link
  • This extension allows adding, delete and edit menu items
  • The admin can easily insert labels to highlight menu items. For example Hot, New, Sale
  • You can freely insert static blocks into the menu

5. Mega Menu by Magenest

Magento mega menu extension

The menu is a crucial function on every website. It is the place to get the customer’s attraction. Therefore, creating an impressive menu is an effective solution to optimizing your website and impress your customers with your online store

  • Generate a multi-level menu using drag & drop or hyperlink
  • Add pages, categories, or custom items to the menu
  • Customize menu items with different colors, labels, or icons
  • Generate menu according to existing categories automatically
  • Create labels for the menu
  • Assign a label to each menu item
  • Able to customize label and menu with HTML and CSS

6. Mega Menu by Rootways Inc


This extension will equip you with helpful features to create the best sitemap right on the main navigation of your online store. By using this tool, you can easily create your basic navigation into an appealing mega menu layout with multiple styles and layouts. Besides, you can easily generate a customizable navigation bar that showcases categories, sub-categories, a header, footer, sidebar, content, images, and exclusive products

7. Menu Magento 2 by weltpixel


Menu Magento 2 by Weltpixel supports both user and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly. Besides, this extension enables you to create an appealing and dynamic navigation menu without any technical skills.

  • Add CMS blocks for each category individually.
  • Full control over CMS Block position.
  • Multiple Menu layouts available.
  • One click add custom content to Mega Menu.

8. Mega Menu by Magezon


This Mega Menu by Magezon allows you to optimize menu layouts with flexible options. First and foremost, this tool helps your Magento store enhance its layout and also customers’ experience with ease and effectively. Besides, this extension offers a top-notch intuitive interface that allows you to create any mega menu within minutes. Just simply drag and drop 11 elements to adjust its position and size. Then, this extension will do the rest for you.

  • Drag & Drop menu Builder with fastest load time and cache supported 
  • SEO Friendly
  • Support multiple stores, languages, and aftersales

9. Mega Menu by MageDelight


Magento 2 Mega Menu extension from Magedelight provides an effective solution for store owners to design menu items using images and videos with different animation effects. Moreover, this extension provides the ability to generate a mega menu that redirects visitors to static blocks, external links, categories, or pages.

  • Firstly, this extension allows showing images and videos in mega menu
  • Also, you can generate sticky menu on site
  • Besides, you can choose different animations effects
  • Include different design styles such as horizontal, vertical, drill down
  • Allow dragging & dropping menu fields in the menu
  • Lastly, it enables setting Mega menu anywhere

10. Easy Mega Menu by Ibnab


This free extension can optimally visualize your site menu to impress your customers right at first sight. Besides, it allows users to have an overall look at all your products at one time. Thus, your customers can easy to find what they want to purchase.

  • The admin can easily add, delete and edit menu items without coding skills
  • Also, this extension is responsive all device such as tablet and mobiles r
  • This extension provides a flexible navigation menu management

Final Words 

On the journey of development and growth, the best Magento import products extension on our list will do wonders for your online business. In addition to this extension, you should refer to other powerful  Magento 2 extensions as well as Magento 2 themes.

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