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June 14, 2021

Magento pdf catalog extension: Top 6 best ones to create eye-catching, media-rich catalogs for ecommerce business

Catalog is an effective marketing tool for every store. So Magento store owners should utilize catalogs to display their products with customers and distributors or showcase them in physical stores. From that, you can attract more customers and boost more sales. However, catalog needs to be updated regularly to present the exact price and the latest products. Therefore, the Magento pdf catalog extension is a helpful tool to create up-to-date and eye-catching catalogs for your stores.

So, if you have trouble with catalogs, come on with our review. Arrowthem will suggest to you the top 6 best Magento pdf catalog extensions which create media-rich catalogs for eCommerce business.

1. PDF Catalog Publication by SNM-Portal

PDF Catalog Publication helps you publish beautiful catalogs directly from your stores. Firstly, you can create a catalogue in 3 steps including selecting a template, a category and creating a PDF. This process takes you just 2 minutes. Secondly, you no longer have to design your catalogs. Instead, you can select from multiple available templates. Thirdly, you can set up to create product catalogs, lookbooks, product flyers and price lists automatically. In addition, each category has a different design. Also, this extension will automatically update the data from your stores. Finally, it provides cover sheets, sections separation, product pages, table of contents and back.

Magento pdf catalog extension

Price: Free

2. Magento PDF Catalog extension by Meetanshi

This extension brings many functions related to your catalogs. Firstly, it allows you to print a large number of catalogs in PDF. Secondly, it offers many design options. For example, you can select the cover page background, change the colours of the text or attach product attributes.

Also, you can add the date in the header and custom text in the footer. Thirdly, you can customize the printing for each customer group. For instance, it only prints for children or for parents. Even more, store owners can sort the products in PDF by name, price or position. Additionally, you have 2 options of catalog printing: list or grid view. In each option, you can configure display settings from colours, product titles, QR codes, description and so on. At last, it permits customers to print pdf catalogs quickly.

Magento pdf catalog extension
PDF Catalog

Free 90 Days Support
Free Lifetime Updates
25 Days Marketplace Return Policy
Multi-Store Supported
Price: $129

3. PDF Catalog Print Advance by MageDelight

PDF Catalog Print Advance prints catalog with pretty design for your stores. At first, it can print PDF catalogs quickly. Secondly, it provides you with a product category wise PDF catalog print option. This function helps you to serve niche market better because it prints a product category based on customers needs. Thirdly, you can customize the design PDF format with many options such as the colour, theme, font of the catalogues and the attribute of the products. Moreover, this extension supports you with the advanced QR Code in PDF catalog print. It integrates your physical stores with online stores. Finally, it helps you manage multiple stores by restricting access to catalog print option based on customer segment.

Price: $149

4. Magento pdf catalog extension by WebKul SoftWare Private Limited

Print Catalog extension gives you a solution of printing pdf catalogs. First of all, it allows you to create PDF catalog and download them. Secondly, you can select 1 of 3 available catalog layouts, choose the products to display on the catalogs and select the product attributes. Thirdly, you can change the front and back cover of the catalogs. Moreover, it supports you with print page size A4 or A3. Also, it allows customers to search products via SKU, ID, name or price. Additionally, store owners can create the associated product catalog such as configurable, bundle or grouped products. Finally, it previews cover and page layouts for you before publishing.

Print Catalog by WebKul SoftWare Private Limited
Catalog Print Setting

Free 3-month technical support
Email support: [email protected]
Free lifetime updates
Price: $199

5. Automatic Catalog Maker by Now In Store Inc.

This extension generates professional catalogs for online stores. It provides you with numerous product catalogs. Also, it offers you many types of catalogs such as line sheets, lookbooks, inventory tags and tearsheets. Especially, it supports you with both retail and wholesale catalogs templates. So you can show both retail and wholesale price for each product. In addition, you can customize the captions, product information, remove or add products to the catalogs. Moreover, you can print out PDF catalogs to use in physical stores or just show them on your website. These catalogs can be displayed with slideshow mode or flipbook mode. Finally, customer can receive barcode and QR code support.

Catalog format

Price: Free

6. Product PDF Datasheets by Maex

This extension helps store owners create product pdf datasheets and present them to customers. From that, customers can download product pdf, share them with friends and come back for a purchase. This extension allows you to edit the header and footer of the product pdf. Also, configurable product attributes are displayed in the pdf. Furthermore, it attaches a QR Code with a URL to the product detail pages. In addition, HTML supports custom text. Finally, it adds “pdf datasheet button” on the products page. Therefore, customers can download them quickly.

PDF Datasheet Preview
PDF Datasheet Preview

Price: $49

To sum up, Arrowtheme wishes our review was helpful for you. We hope you can find a good extension.

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