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June 17, 2021

Magento popup extension: Top 10 best ones to help your store stand out with a variety of beautiful popups

In offline stores, salesmen interact with customers and offer a discount to boost sales. What’s about online stores? How do they can connect with the shoppers? There is an effective tool to use. It’s a pop-up. In this essay, Arrowtheme will explain more about pop-up and suggest to you the top 10 best Magento popup extension for your business.

What is a Magento popup extension?

First of all, a pop-up is a small window that appears on your site to send messages to shoppers. Owners use popups to say welcome to visitors, offers discounts or collect email subscribers. Hence, the Magento popup extension helps you create appealing popups to achieve your goals.

To be detailed, let’s come to see the top 10 best ones to help your store stand out with a variety of beautiful popups.

1. Magento popup extension by Magesolution

This popup extension is a great solution for those who want their visitors to be aware of all the latest and hot stuff in your store. It is a free extension to create popups with any HTML content, image or form when pages load to grab customer attention. Also, it helps you promote your products, news, ads and events or collect information from users by any kind of form (newsletter or any custom form) through an attractive popup window.

Magento popup extension
Countdown on the popups

It brings to you multiple features to control the appearance of your popups. Firstly, it supports HTML content with any widgets or shortcode. Secondly, allows showing popups on all the pages or just the homepage. Thirdly, you can select a special customer group for popups. Moreover, you can freely set up window dimensions. In addition, it combines countdown time on a popup with start and end date to create urgency. Finally, you can customize the background for popups.

Customer support:
90-day free support
15-day money back
Free lifetime update
Price: Free

2. Popup by Magenest

Popup extension by Magenest helps you create attractive popups on the website. Firstly, it offers 6 types of popups including Yes/No button, Contact form, Subscribes form, Social Sharing, Static Popup and Hot Deal. Each type of popups has different effects. For example, a hot deal popup will show your products with a special discount to grab customers attention. Secondly, popups will appear based on 4 smart rules. For instance, after customers spend X seconds on the page, or after customers scroll pages by X percents. Thirdly, you can customize the design of popups by CSS or WYSIWYG. Also, you can use the premade popup templates of this extension. In addition, it supports you with a floating button for each popup to avoid interrupting customers. Moreover, it allows you to schedule a countdown timer on the popups. Finally, you can receive reports about popup performance.

Popup by Magenest
Popup by Magenest

Free 6-month support
Lifetime updates
Price: $119

3. Popup Pro by Aheadworks

Popup Pro extension provides you with a powerful popup as an effective promotion tool. Firstly, you can use the Targeting option to customize customers experience. The popups will be shown to a selected customer group or on a defined page. Secondly, you can control the popup design by using the WYSIWYG editor and choosing animation effects. Thirdly, this extension uses trigger events to make popups appear. For example, popups appear when customers come to your page for the first time. Moreover, you can see the key performance statics from the popup grids to track the result. Additionally, the backend preview helps you imagine how it will look. Finally, the admin can manage all work under a single tab with a user-friendly interface.

Magento popup extension
Popup pro

Support: Free 3-month technical support
Price: $179

4. Magento popup extension by Bsscommerce

This extension creates popups to interact with your shoppers and increase the conversion rate. First of all, it offers 4 suitable times to display popups such as after customer scroll your page by X percent, after customers spend X seconds on the page, immediately when customers visit your page and after customers view X pages. Secondly, it combines a suitable place with a proper animation effect to get the most from popups. For example, popups appear on the middle centre of the Product Page with the Zoom effect. So it can attract customer attention. Thirdly, it creates urgency for customers by adding a countdown timer for the discount into the popup. Besides, it allows you to set cookie expires in 1 hour to avoid annoying customers. Moreover, you can choose the customer group for special popups. Finally, this extension compatibles with all devices.

Magento popup extension
Popup demo

Price: $119

5. Popup by MageArray

Popup by MageArray offers you many well-designed popups with many functions. Firstly, it allows you to use any kind of popups such as image, video, HTML content, CMS widget, Google Map and so on. Secondly, you can place popups on any page including Home Page, CMS Page, Product Page and Category Page. Thirdly, you can or pick up manually or schedule time for Popups. In addition, you can add a link to image popups to redirect customers. Moreover, you can change the size, effect and background of popups. Finally, popups are auto-fit to the screen of mobile and devices.

Popup by MageArray

Price: $49

6. Better Popup by Mageplaza

Better Popup extension is a smart way to encourage customers to take action. Firstly, it collects emails of visitors smoothly and increases the potential customers. Secondly, it uses exit-intent popups to keep shoppers stay on your website. Thirdly, you can use premade templates or customize your own popups by modifying the content, display styles, design. Moreover, you can choose 2 positions for popups: Full-screen and Center display. Additionally, you can receive reports about subscribers over a week via emails. Also, it connects with the Mageplaza Report extension to sync your data. Finally, reports about new subscribers are connected with Magento 2 to avoid spam emails.

Popup preview

Price: Free

7. Popup by Magebird

Popup by Magebird is a marketing tool to display discounts, welcome new visitors and get more subscribers. Firstly, popups offer a discount code when shoppers tend to leave your store with an abandoned cart. You can set up some conditions about the subtotal amount of the cart to give discounts. Secondly, the popups are equipped with limited time offer to urge customers. Thirdly, it displays popups to offer related products for cross-selling. In addition, you can choose many options for a cookie. For example, a specific time for popups to appear again. Besides, it has 20+ newsletter widget with many adjustable elements. Also, it connects with many newsletter services to increase subscribers lists.

Magento popup extension
Popups Demo

Price: Free

8. Magento popup extension by Meetanshi

This extension allows popups to appear at the right time on your store without annoying customers. First of all, you can control all the popups in the “Manage popup” grid in the backend. You can reuse the popups or create a new one. Secondly, it allows popups to appear at the time customers visits the page, after customers spend X seconds on the page or scroll a page by X percentage. Thirdly, you can edit the content of popups by WYSIWYG or add custom CSS. In addition, you can select target customer and store views to show popups. Moreover, this extension will notify you of the number of views for each popup. So you can adjust the popup to be more efficient. Finally, popups are available on desktop, mobiles and tablets.

Free 90 Days Support
Free Lifetime Updates
25 Days Marketplace Return Policy
Price: $69

Popup by Meetanshi
Popups with coupon code

9. Custom Popup Pro by FMEextensions

Custom Popup Pro extension offers unlimited popups for your stores. Firstly, you can use the WYSIWYG editor to adjust the content. Also, you can design popups with custom CSS. Secondly, this extension has different options for the time of popups. You can also select the specific store view to display popups. Thirdly, you can set up conditions to show popup on target products. In addition, popups are enabled on the category page, CMS page and even the Checkout page. 

Custom Popup Pro by FMEextensions

Price: $89.99

10. Newsletter Popup by MageComp

This extension improves your email marketing by offering newsletter subscriptions. It allows popups to appear on all pages inside your stores. You can edit the title and text of newsletter popups to attract more customers. Also, you can schedule time in advance to show the popup. Newsletter Popup will focus on collecting customer emails. From that, you can send the notification about your new products, deals and coupon code to customers. Especially, this extension is completely free. Install now and try it!

Newsletter Popup by MageComp
Newsletter Popup

Support: Free lifetime update
Price: Free

To finish, Magento store owners can utilize popups to do marketing more effectively. Arrowtheme wishes you the best choice.

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