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June 21, 2021

Magento salesforce extension: Top 5 best free and premium ones for Magento 2 stores

For online stores, engaging with customers is very important. So, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a must-have for every business. For store owners, a Magento salesforce extension is a suggestion to help you manage a good relationship with customers and potential users.
If you plan to install an extension like that, read our review below to have more detail. Here are the top 5 best free and premium ones for Magento 2 stores.

1. Magento Salesforce CRM extension by Magenest

This extension is a customer relationship management extension for online stores. You can sync all your data in the Magento store into this extension. So you can control the overall process including customers orders, profiles, campaigns and subscribers. Also, you can set up synchronization automatically or manually. Besides, you can sync data after an interval in case of large data. In addition, it maps your data fields in Magento stores with Salesforce ones. Finally, you can view reports to see the synchronization process.

Key features:
Firstly, sync and update data about customers, products, orders, campaigns and subscribers.
Secondly, select 3 synchronization mode including manual, interval and automatic
Thirdly, map between Magento data fields and Salesforce ones
Also, sync from one field to multiple fields
At last, view the report

Salesforce CRM Integration by Magenest
Mapping Management

Lifetime free update
6-month support
Price: $420

2. Magento Salesforce CRM extension by Mageplaza

Salesforce CRM Integration provides you with a synchronization process between data in the Magento backend and Salesforce CRM. It allows you to sync customers data, product data, orders and catalogue price rule. So you can have an overall view of your store even on mobile devices. Also, you can set up conditions to filter the data. For example, only sync orders that are larger than $200. In addition, it supports you to map fields among 2 platforms. Finally, you can schedule a time to sync by setting cron.

Key features:
Firstly, sync customers data, product data, orders and catalogue price rule
Secondly, set up conditions to sync
Thirdly, flexible mapping fields
Also, the queue management grid
Next, ruled reports
At last, mass action

Salesforce CRM Integration by Mageplaza
Salesforce CRM

60-day Money Back
Lifetime Update
365-day Support
Price: $349

3. Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Integration by PowerSync

This extension helps you manage all the data in your Magento stores. Hence, you can save much time and effort. It automatically saves your customer’s profile from Magento stores to its platform. Besides, it uses data normalization to prevent duplicate data. Additionally, this extension uses real-time synchronization to update exact figures. Finally, you can connect with their support team through an online portal. Also, it is open-source that you can customize easily.

Key features:
Firstly, set up easily
Secondly, automatically sync customer’s profile
Thirdly, sync Catalog
Also, real-time synchronization
Next, prevent duplicate data
At last, connect with a support team by an online portal

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Integration by PowerSync

Price: This is an Integration with a Third Party Service. Other charges and fees may be required to use this extension on your Store

4. Salesforce Connector by WebKul SoftWare Private Limited

This extension is a bridge between Magento stores and Salesforces. This extension will automatically transfer your data about categories, users, orders and products into Salesforce CRM. Also, you can disable it to activate manual synchronization. Furthermore, it provides you with smart mapping. For example, you can map all Magento categories with Salesforce along with the mapping option for price-book. In addition, it supports all types of products such as simple, grouped, configurable, bundle, virtual, downloadable. Finally, you can choose the default folders and price book.

Key features:
Firstly, transfer categories, users, orders and products data into Salesforce CRM
Secondly, automatic or manual synchronization
Thirdly, smart mapping
Next, support all types of products such as simple, grouped, configurable,…
At last, choose the default folders and price book

Magento salesforce extension
Salesforce Lead Mapping

3-month technical support
Free lifetime updates
Price: $399

5. Salesforce Integration by Netable Pty Ltd

This extension allows you to understand your customers through their interests, preferences and purchasing history. It helps you sync all the customer’s data from Magento stores to Salesforce. It provides real-time or manual synchronization. Also, you can map your data fields on Magento stores with Salesforce ones. For example, all orders will be mapped with a Salesforce ID.

Key features:
Firstly, real-time or manual synchronization.
Secondly, product/ category, customer, leads, order mapping
Thirdly, support different types of products
Also, support to upload file attachments
Next, assign accounts to different customer groups
At last, 30,000 customers synced in 10 minutes

Magento salesforce extension
Salesforce integration

Price: $10,000

In conclusion, Magento salesforce extension helps large business manage customers data well. Arrowtheme wishes you a good choice and success business.

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