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January 9, 2022

Shopify quick view app: Top 10 best apps to speed up shopping for your Shopify store

In fact, for any online retailer, Quick view is a must – have feature. This function includes a lot of advantages for shop owners. And, decreasing the time of customers to add items to their shopping cart is one of its main benefits. Thanks to it, shoppers will have an unprecedented great buying experience and will surely become loyal customers in the future. In order to achieve this goal, the first thing you need to do is choose a suitable Shopify Quick View app if your website hasn’t had this function. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 perfect apps about this topic for you to speed up shopping for your online store. Let’s explore it right now! 

Top 10 flawless Shopify quick view app

1. Secomapp

Shopify quick view app

Secomapp is the powerful Shopify quick view app Arrowtheme highly recommend for you to speed up sales for your e – commerce shop. On top of that, with Secomapp, your shop will never be afraid of missing any trend. Besides, when coming to this app, your customers will see a complete sample of the product they’ve selected. Not only that, they can buy it by adding it to their cart right in the popup without leaving the current page. As a result, it will bring the best experience shopping for your clients and push them to come back many times in the future. What’s more, this app also includes a Pand Quick view button that you can customize to give your page a synchronous appearance.

2. Smart Quick View

best Shopify quick view app

Don’t worry if the theme you like doesn’t have Quick view feature. This is because you can use the Shopify quick view app named Smart Quick view to add this feature with ease. At first, as soon as you install this app, your clients will be able to easily view product descriptions and add items to their cart from the selection or catalog pages. Best of all, this app allows you to install for both mobile version as well as PC one. As a result, your customers can buy your products anywhen and anywhere they want. Not only that, if you want to make it extremely unique and appealing, you are able to add or adjust anything in the quick view button as you want. 

3. Quick View and Color Swatches

outstanding Shopify quick view app

In case you want to find an awesome Shopify Quick view app to level up shopping for your online store, you should consider Quick view and Color Swatches. At first, thanks to this app, customers can easily see the details of the products without accessing another page. Hence, not only it enhances your customers’ online shopping experience but it also increases your store’s sales. This is because it lets them to easily preview your items and add them to their cart in the blink of an eye. Best of all, this app provides 14 days of free trial for you using before making a buy decision. Above all, forget the usual color dropdown menu! Instead, you should use this app in order to get success in business as well. 

4. Quick View & Quick Shop

Quick Shop

Coming to another amazing Shopify Quick view app called Quick view & Quick shop. At first, it is one of the most effective and smart Shopify apps in the market. This is because it will help your website get rid of a lot of obstacles including clicks. Hence, it will bring your customers the best experiences when shopping on your site. Besides, this app allows visitors to see all information of your products without having to refresh the page on a collection or homepage. As a result, it will help you to improve conversion rate and gain high profit as soon as possible. 

5. TURBO Product Filter

TURBO Product Filter

TURBO is one of the best Shopify Quick view apps you must know to develop your online business. At first, TURBO had a reputation all over the world thanks to 5 advanced apps included. They are: Product Filter, Search, Quick View, Sticky Cart and Badges. However, in this blog, we only review for you about its Quick view. In fact, with this app, clients will reduce their shopping time a lot yet still feel satisfied. Don’t need any click as well as reloading the page, just mouse over the items, then, all detailed information of them will appear for your customers. 

6. Quick View and Color Swatch 

Shopify quick view app to speed up shopping

If you don’t know which Shopify Quick view app is good, you should refer to Quick view and Color Swatch. On top of that, it is one of the most wonderful Shopify apps worth using for shop owners. Besides, it was created with the goal of supporting sellers to show the product description and colors quickly. Best of all, instead of accessing a new tab, this app will display brief but ample information of products customers want in a popup box. Not only that, just clicking on any product, clients will see the realistic color, material and manufacture swatches in the blink of eye. As a result, it will push them to make a buy decision quickly. 

7. Quick View & Color Swatches ++

best Shopify quick view app in the market

Let’s take advantage of this Shopify quick view app and you won’t be disappointed. At first, this app is very friendly and simple for any user. If you haven’t had any idea, it will help you design a special product preview pop-up with ease. Of course, you also have many freedoms to customize everything from layout to font colors. Hence, your site will stand out among the crowd and easily draw customers’ attention at the first glance. Best of all, this app offers a wide range of upselling features that results in a higher conversion rate. What’s more, thanks to built-in analytics, you can boost the customization even further. And, it also assists you in tracking the number of clicks on the “Add to cart” and “Buy now” buttons. 

8. Qimify Quick View


Right from its name, Qimify is exactly a wonderful Quick view app that helps you to speed up your online store’s shopping effectively. Firstly, just only a click, then, your buyers can absolutely access the product preview. Besides, your shoppers are able to easily add items they want to their shopping carts from the homepage or product page. What’s more, this app was built with the aim of cutting down the shopping time of customers while still bringing them the best experience whenever they visit your site. Best of all, Qimify has a flexible and useful design. Following that, it doesn’t have any sophisticated websites, and you can quickly master it without any additional cost. 

9. Quick view + Announcement Bar

perfect Shopify quick view app

If you expect a free Shopify quick view app, Quick view + Announcement Bar will be the ideal choice for you. Although this app is free, it is extremely advanced and will bring for you high effectiveness. Firstly, when integrating this app to your website, it will help your customers see all information about your products without leaving the current page. As a result, it will minimize customer’s shopping time as well as boost your conversion rates. Best of all, this app allows you to install for both mobile and desktop versions. Hence, your customers can access your site anywhere and buy your items anywhen they want. 

10. Quick View maker

awesome Shopify quick view app

Quick view maker is the best solution if your website lacks the Quick view function. In reality, this Shopify quick view app built the belief to a variety of retailers. This is partly because of its correspondence with most of the themes on Shopify. Besides, this app allows every user to access the item’s information quickly with smooth animation as well as many stunning popup effects. Moreover, Quick view maker not only saves shopping time to your customers, but it also brings the natural and quicker browsing experience. Best of all, it is compatible with any modern device and browser. 

In conclusion

Arrowtheme hopes you can choose the most ideal Shopify quick view app through this post, and thanks to it, you can gain the best outcomes for your ecommerce store.

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