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May 24, 2021

Shopify checkout app: Top 10 best apps to streamline the transaction process for your online store

According to a recent survey on consumer satisfaction levels with different aspects of online shopping, 80% of surveyed consumers are more likely to purchase a product online if the checkout is easy. Hence, to gain more revenue, Shopify stores owner should optimize the checkout process.
Installing a Shopify checkout app will be a good solution. Therefore, today, Arrowtheme will offer the top 10 best apps to streamline the transaction process for your online store.

What is a Shopify checkout app?

In the first place, Arrowtheme wants to explain more about a Shopify checkout app. It will bring to your store many benefits. Firstly, it decreased the steps for customers to checkout. Secondly, it allows shoppers to skip a cart with “Buy now”. Hence, customers can save time and buy easier. From that, you can utilize the checkout process to gain revenue.

Then, come with Arrowtheme to read a more detailed review about the top 10 best Shopify checkout apps

1. Shopify checkout app:Fast Checkout In One Click (by Sweet Ecom)

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Prices: Free plan available or $4.49/month
Fast Checkout In One Click brings higher conversions to your store with faster checkout. This app allows shoppers to go directly to the checkout page. So they no longer go through the cart page. Additionally, the “Buy now” button was decored impressively to attract customers. You can choose to appear on the cart page pop-up before checkout or not. Furthermore, this app matches perfectly with your store’s theme. Or you can customize anything.

Shopify checkout app
Shopify checkout app

Outstanding features
Firstly, faster checkout
Secondly, animated “buy now” button
Thirdly, match with your theme
Next, simple installation
Also, compatible with mobile devices
At last, great support for users

2. Shopify checkout app: One‑Click Checkout (by SpurIT)

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Prices: Free plan available or from $9.95/month
One‑Click Checkout is a Shopify checkout app that enables shoppers to check out in just one 1-click. By skipping the cart page, customers can go directly to checkout. Hence, it betters the customer’s experiences. Furthermore, “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons are displayed on all pages. So shoppers can click at any time to call for a pop-up. It will appear to send customers to the checkout pages. In addition, this app offers unlimited theme options for cart summary pop-up and “Buy now” buttons.

Shopify checkout app
One‑Click Checkout

Outstanding features
Firstly, skip the cart page
Secondly, direct checkout
Thirdly, unlimited theme options
Next, a one-page checkout booster
Also, “Buy Now” and “Add to cart” work perfectly
At last, 24/7 support with 2-5 minutes response

3. Shopify checkout app: Skip To Checkout (by Koala Apps)

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Prices: $4.99/month, 3-day free trial.
Skip To Checkout Avoid helps your customers with a fast checkout. Hence, it saves time for customers and boosts sales for you. Moreover, you can custom pages for skipping to checkout. Additionally, the cart will be skipped but not be deleted. Also, you can change the text “Buy Now” by any call-to-action content. For any support, you can chat with them through the dashboard or email them at [email protected].

Shopify checkout app
Shopify checkout app

Outstanding features
Firstly, easy install and use
Secondly, customize the “buy now” button
Thirdly, choose the pages for skipping to checkout
Next, mobile-friendly
Also, change the content of the button
At last, great customer support

4. Buy Me ‑ Buy Button (by Makeprosimp)

Price: Free available plan or from $2.95/month for more
Buy Me ‑ Buy Button was built to boost rate conversion and sales revenue by an outstanding “Buy Me” button and a fast checkout. This app makes customers not forget the “Buy Me” cart button because it displays this button on all pages of your stores. In addition, it automatically matches your store’s theme and allows you to customize it whenever you need it. Besides, it provides both a quick buy from listing products and a one-click checkout option to save time. Moreover, customers can share the products link via social media.

Shopify checkout app
Buy Me ‑ Buy Button

Outstanding features:
Firstly, the “Buy me” button is visible on all pages
Secondly, a one-click checkout option to save time
Thirdly, a faster process of buying
Next, share products link via social media
Also, automatically match the shop’s them
At last, email support with a high response rate

5. Instant Checkout ‑ Buy button (by Apps On Demand)

Prices: From $2.99/month. 3-day free trial
Instant Checkout ‑ Buy button highlights the “Buy now” button to attract customers to check out immediately. This app will automatically display the “Buy Now” button on the page. So customers can easily see. Aso, you can customize this button to match your theme design. Moreover, it allows customers to skip the cart page to check out. Furthermore, it analyzes the number of clicks on each product. Therefore, you can evaluate the performance.

Instant Checkout ‑ Buy button
Instant Checkout ‑ Buy button

Outstanding features
Firstly, no code needed
Secondly, allow customers to skip to checkout
Thirdly, animated buttons
Next, count the number of clicks
Also, customization the buttons
At last, customer support 24/7

6. Fast Checkout Sales Bundle (by Carty Labs)

Prices: Free
Fast Checkout Sales Bundle installs for your stores 4 features: Sticky bar, Sticky Button, Quick Buy and Mini cart. These 4 functions help you to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. Furthermore, you can use available themes or customize them to match your store. Additionally, it provides customers with a quick checkout process. Customers can easily check out from every page.

Fast Checkout Sales Bundle
Fast Checkout Sales Bundle

Outstanding features
Firstly, sticky add to cart bar
Secondly, sticky button
Thirdly, quick buy
Next, sticky mini cart drawer
Also, customize theme design
At last, install without fees

7. Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO (by Codeinero)

Price: From $6.92/month. 7-day free trial.
Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO is a friendly add-to-cart app to shorten the checkout process. This app utilizes your customer time by the sticky add-to-cart bar and checkout bar. These tools will be designed so that customers can’t miss checkout. Therefore, it decreases the risk that customers forget to pay. In addition, your customers are also pleased by a direct buying from product listing without returning to the homepage. Also, customers can choose to skip the cart function by 1-click checkout.

Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO
Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO

Highlight functions:
Firstly, you can install easily without developers or hidden frees.
Secondly, this app boosts your sales by making the cart and add-to-cart button more visible.
Thirdly, you can receive support from this app through live chat.
Next, automatically suit for your shops.
Then, it uses animations to attract customers.
At last, the skip to checkout function.

8. Checkout Comments (by

Prices: Free
Checkout Comments allows customers to give comments about your products on the checkout process. From that, you can understand deeply about customers. For example why they buy your products, how they feel about your services, … Hence, you can optimize your marketing campaign and serve customers better. Also, you can receive good reviews as proof of your services. Furthermore, this app is completely free. So you can try it out at no charge.

Checkout Comments (by
Checkout Comments

Outstanding features
Firstly, receive customer’s comments
Secondly, analyze the comment
Thirdly, show comment as reviews
Next, understand customers deeply
Also, customize the questions for comments
At last, completely free

9. Start to Finish (by Finish Labs)

Prices: $4.99/month
Start to Finish increases your conversion rates by shortening the time for the checkout process. When customers can find your products through emails, social media posts, advertisement,…, they will face difficulties doing the checkout. Hence, this app provides customers with a direct checkout through a link. Therefore, shoppers are more convenient and likely to buy your products. As a result, this app will match perfectly with your marketing campaign to reach more shoppers.

Start to Finish

Start to Finish

Outstanding features
Firstly, a direct checkout through a link
Secondly, check out immediately through advertisement, social post, email, SMS, …
Thirdly, prefill your customer’s cart
Next, simple installation
At last, suitable for marketing campaign

10. Product Warnings on Checkout (by Elastic Soft)

Prices: Free plan available or $9.95/month
Product Warnings on Checkout helps you send the notification about the products to each customer. The product’s warning will be sent before the checkout process. Hence, you can avoid the misunderstanding. Also, you can choose products and the content of the warning. For example, you can notify customers about the shipping time, some characteristics of special products,… Furthermore, customer can understand clearly about the products before buying.

Product Warnings on Checkout
Product Warnings on Checkout

Outstanding features
Firstly, product’s warning before the checkout process
Secondly, avoid misunderstanding
Thirdly, notification about the change of products (for example shipping time)
Next, warnings were targeted
Also, mobile-friendly
At last, users accept your terms and conditions

In conclusions, Arrowtheme hope that our review is useful for you. To optimize the checkout process, you can refer the add-to-cart apps.

To read more informative review about Shopify apps, come here.

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