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January 9, 2022

Shopify FAQ app: Top 10 best apps – inexpensive way to build FAQ page with ease

As a many other extensions, FAQ app also contributes a lot to the success of an – commerce store. To give customers the best shopping experience, in addition to providing them with quality products, you also must answer all of their inquiries. And, Shopify FAQ app will help you to achieve this goal with ease. If your website doesn’t have a FAQ page, now, it is a good time for you to improve it by adding a suitable FAQ app. As soon as you integrate this app, your website will surely gain more benefits and win customer’s love. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 reasonably priced FAQ apps for you to build a FAQ page. Let’s read it right now! 

Top 10 cheap Shopify FAQ apps

1. HelpCenter

Shopify FAQ app

If your e – commerce website doesn’t have an exclusive FAQ page, you can ask HelpCenter to resolve this problem. At first, thanks to this app, all of your customers’ commonly asked questions will be answered right away without any support from the live chat team. As a result, it will help both you and your clients save a lot of time and money. Besides, it enables customers to submit any problems they are having to your website. Hence, depending on them, you can easily change the content of your FAQ page to satisfy customers. Best of all, this Shopify FAQ app is very easy to install and operate even if you’re a newbie. Let’s take advantage of HelpCenter to create your own appealing FAQ page now! 

2. EasySlide Accordion tabs & FAQ

best Shopify FAQ app

Coming to this topic and the next Shopify FAQ app we highly recommend is Easyslide Accordion tabs & FAQ. In reality, EasySlide is one of the ideal solutions for you to build an awesome FAQ page with ease. On top of that, this app provides you a free trial in a week and after that, it will charge a fee 5$ per month. Overall, this is a quite inexpensive fee that anyone can afford. But, it will bring high business efficiency thanks to a bunch of great features. What’s more, Easyslide can integrate with many well – known tabs including Shopify’s review tab, YotPo’s review tab, etc. Following that, they facilitate the collection of customer reviews as well as the suggestion of reasonable pricing. Hence, it can draw more and more customers. 

3. FAQ & Accordions

cheap Shopify FAQ app

FAQ & Accordions is one of the most ideal Shopify FAQ apps for creating a perfect FAQ page. On top of that, this app is exclusive for e- commerce stores that focus on shop decoration and marketing efficiency functions. In fact, every consideration and problem of customers about your products can be resolved thanks to FAQ & Accordions. Besides, you are able to integrate a FAQ section on each of your online store’s sites. This process is very simple. Following that, all you need is clicking the add button and the FAQ section will be produced for you. Moreover, this Shopify FAQ app also allows you to create and customize FAQ page as stunningly as possible. 

4. Product Questions and Answers

Product Questions and Answers

Product Questions and Answers is considered as an effective tool and must – have for any online shop. At first, with this app, hundreds of questions from buyers can be resolved in the blink of an eye. Besides, its primary goal is to improve customer loyalty by generating SEO for new questions as well as answers. In fact, this app will sum up all questions of customers and report them to you. Then, you must find a way to solve the problem to best satisfy customers’ inquiries. Best of all, with this app, you can easily collect a wide range of emails from clients through Mailchimp. Hence, it is very effective for you to send newsletters for them about the best – selling products, upcoming programmes, etc. 

5. Ultimate FAQ

best Shopify FAQ app in the market

Coming to another reasonable way for creating an excellent FAQ page – Ultimate FAQ. If your customer has any questions about your items and needs help, this app is the best solution for you. On top of that, this app enables you to see any customer’s questions whenever they post them on any specific website. Besides, it also displays FAQ on individual product pages, allowing all related questions to be shown on a single page. What’s more, with this app, you can add links and videos to FAQs, as well as create SEO-friendly FAQs. Hence, your clients can search for the products or anything they want based on keywords. 

6. Product FAQ

inexpensive Shopify FAQ app

If you’re seeking a Shopify FAQ app that can help you appeal to more and more visitors, you should take a look at Product FAQ. At first, this app is a useful tool for your store to improve customer service and the consistency of their FAQ section. Besides, thanks to Product FAQ, repetitive questions will be cut down on. As a result, you can save a lot of time when not having to answer similar questions many times yet still assista large number of merchants. Best of all, it also supports you to customize the context of their FAQs by selecting from a variety of color and font options. Hence, your site will stand out from the rest and leave a big impression on the customer’s mind. 

7. Ez FAQ

 app for online business

Don’t ignore Ez FAQ if you expect a cheap way Shopify app to build a powerful FAQ page with no hard effort. On top of that, Ez FAQ is an effective tool that helps online stores gather and respond to customer queries. Besides, this app comes with a variety of exclusive features that helps you to achieve your goal as soon as possible. To begin with, you should set up a new Shopify store with all of the necessary FAQ information. Best of all, Ez FAQ will automatically connect to your e – commerce website without downloading any additional app. What’s more, you have 5 day to try it for free before deciding to buy it. So, let’s try now!

8. Ask questions

Ask questions

If your online store is just a small or medium business and you are considering a Shopify FAQ app, you should refer to Ask Questions. Firstly, you can use this app to build a question box where customers can leave their suggestions or questions. Then, all questions will be sent for you. And, you must give them the best response in order to meet all their requirements. Besides, you have many freedoms to change the order in which queries and answers are published, unpublished, or deleted. And, to improve customer interaction, these answers are usually posted on FAQ sites. 

9. SlimFAQ

perfect Shopify FAQ app

SlimFAQ will never make you disappointed with a number of advanced features it has. First and foremost, it is a fantastic tool for online retailers to boost their competitive edge by improving customer service. To begin, Slim FAQ uses WYSIWYG editor to help you customize questions and answers. Besides, you may use the editor to update documents, photographs, and instructional videos in response sections. As a result, your customers will always have the latest information. In addition, this app provides multi – languages including English, French, Korean, etc. Hence, you can easily approach potential customers all over the world. 

10. Widgetic (FAQ Accordion)

free Shopify FAQ app

In case you want to find a free Shopify FAQ app to develop your online business, you should have a glance at Widgetic. Comes with many smart features from the free version, this app gained high scores in customer’s mind. Of course, it also provides the premium version with more advanced features for you to choose. First, thanks to Widgetic, the list of FAQs is automatically updated. Then, you will benefit from improved management as a result of the automation. Besides, depending on the client’s content, this app can easily categorize questions for you. Therefore, it is extremely simple for buyers to find the answers they need. Best of all, this Shopify FAQ app also uses formatted text to increase readability. 

Wrapping up

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