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May 31, 2021

Shopify related products app: Top 10 best apps -strategic solutions to improve revenues

Shopify related products app enables adding product related products to be displayed. Suggest shoppers to add more choices, improve user experience, boost sales for your Shopify store. In this blog, Arrowtheme will suggest you good quality Shopify apps to improve revenues

1. Frequently Bought Together


Frequently Bought Together is an essential app for all Shopify e-commerce store. With this, the shop owners can easily add a bunch of related items with only one single click by featuring Amazon-like Bundle suggestions, upsell, and discounts. In details, this tool can analyze the previous orders in your site database with a high accuracy by utilizing data mining algorithms. From that, it can release a memory graph with products which are usually purchased together to the cart.

On top of that, you can easily allows your customers to remove any of the selected items with a user-friendly interface. Besides, if your shoppers choose the desired variants from your site’s variants, their images and prices will be adjusted automatically.


  • Show Frequently Bought Together widget like Amazon
  • Analyze and generate a memory graph of frequently added products
  • Choose and display a bundle comprised of the products by default
  • Add the items to the cart with one click
  • Support your customer in selecting the desired variants

2. Spify Lookbook


Lookbook app helps you to create appealing combo packages to motivate shoppers buy as many items as possible. This helps your busiess not only minimize inventory but also boost sales. In details, this application enables admin to find easily the product they desire to attach by its SKU code through our search engine. Likewise, the admin store are able to pin that extra “note” anywhere suitable onto the image. Besides, Lookbook helps you to generate a slider with smooth automation and beautiful effect which is available for admin to create an impressive slider.


  • Create a product collection just with an image
  • Work easily with pinned attachment-
  • Smooth lookbook slider
  • Easily display lookbooks at any position & any pages
  • Enable store owners to set the start time & end time for the lookbook

3. Cross Sell Related Products


While many Shopify related products apps only allow for automated suggestions, this app equips you with more control. While some store owners might want an AI calculate the best items, this control can enhance conversions, but the workload can be much higher, especially if you have a large catalog. More than that, this app supports you to show recommendations depending on the last product they’ve added to the cart and if any related items are out of stock, they won’t be showcased.


  • Display 15 related items per page.
  • Disable the module across your website with a click of the button.
  • If products are out of stock, or already in the cart, then the app won’t display them.
  • Developers can install the app on your online store for free.

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4. Wiser ‑Product Recommendations


Wiser is a Personalized Recommendations and Product Upsell app that supports the Shopify shop owner in improving their conversion rate on Shopify store by showcasing different suggestions widgets to shoppers.

Moreover, this Shopify app also allows the retailers to show the recommendation widgets like Handpicked Recommendations, Related items, Trending items, Frequently Bought Together, Top Selling items, Recently Viewed. From that, it helps you to increase conversion rate by 20% to 30%. Multiple preset templates available to select from to suit the website branding.


  • Multiple recommendations widgets in single app
  • Automatic setup process, no manual work required
  • In Depth Analytics system to show sales made by the app widgets
  • Enable to show recommendations on Thankyou page too
  • Enable to show recommendations on all pages of store including cart page too.

5. Upsell Recommendations ‑ Free


This Shopify app enables you to add related items to your website to upsell to your shoppers or support them to select a different product to make order. Moreover, this app provides three widget placement areas you can use including home, product and cart pages. Therefore, you have a maximum amount of choice to recommend items depending on algorithms such as bestsellers, intelligence and other options. More than that, this application comes with a lot of ways to customize the style and appearance of the widget. From that, it creates a seamless experience on your website.


  • Doesn’t reduce the speed of your website, ensuring good user experiences across your site.
  • Analyses the behaviors of past guests to predict trends and what other customers might want.
  • Uses the familiar Amazon style to put customers at ease.
  • Three locations to position the recommended products, including on the cart page.

6. Candy Rack — One Click Upsell

Shopify related products app

Candy Rack equips you with all the functionalities in Shopify such as currency converter. Therefore, it is very effective for Shopify store owners to improve their business worldwide. Moreover, by extra services as well as free gifts and suggesting frequently bought products, this module also supports all the shop owners to encourage their users to purchase upsell and related products. More than that, With One-Click Upsell Popup, it is easy for the customers to purchase their expected items depending on their past purchases.

Lastly, with this app, the Shopify marchers could encourage their shoppers to buy more by the Add to cart button which helps them to add any products anytime before they purchasing.


  • Use predefined upsells to design by customer’s preference
  • Encourage customers to buy more with gift wrap, extended warranty
  • Provide One-Click Upsell Popup in the cart
  • Easy to adapt to other screens by responsive
  • Support international business with currency converter

7. Also Bought • Cross Sell

Shopify related products app

The Shopify app is very quick and easily for you to install. It uses strong data mining to create product recommendations. Therefore, it is very effective and convenient for you to make effective decisions on what products to showcase. In addition, you can add manual product suggestions for shoppers to see.

The Shopify related products app is fully customizable. You could easily adjust the position of where the widget is, the fonts, sizes, colors and more. Likewise, you can also include the reviews of the products from many of the popular Shopify review apps.

Finally, you can showcase price comparisons, vendor names, description and an add-to-cart button for all item recommendations.


  • Allow to display lots of information.
  • Allow to customization available.
  • Easily connect with your review app to display how much other customers like the recommendations.

8. Cross Sell PRO

Shopify related products app

Shopify related products app allows the Shopify show owners to create an appealing and updated Ground Design which will be impressive to their customers. Moreover, the automatic Algorithm is a great tool to improve the cross-sell by the Also Bought button. By suggesting the relevant products to customers, it is very effective for customers to maximize their sales. Besides, this tool allows you to integrate with product reviews, so you will have the best data as well as increase the convention.

Furthermore, this tool helps the shop owner to improve customer’s satisfaction by providing them Comparison of Price. Last but not least, the Photo Gallery on Product widget with 3D animation is an outstanding features to make the users come back again.


  • Update Built-in design to impress customers
  • Smart and real-time recommendations
  • Maximize sale by Also Bought button
  • Easy to adapt to mobile screeen
  • Integrates with product reviews

9. Related Products ‑ Relatify

Shopify related products app

As you know that, the customers like to see different options when they’re seeking for a product. Therefore, this tool enable this ability by providing customers the chance to look at related products when they’re looking on your store.

Moreover, you can easily customize a lot of elements such as the title of the related products section, the font size and the color. From that, you can change to match with your branding. Especially, the shop owner can also easily customize the price, vendor and product type colors. Likewise, you can also showcase related items deepened on specific criteria like collection, tags, type and vendors. The choice is yours.


  • Select which products are related.
  • Easy to configure and use.
  • Support a lot of customization options.
  • You don’t need developer skills to make it work.

10. Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers

Shopify related products app

UNLIMITED UpSell Sales Offers s is a helpful Shopify app designed to support you to boost sales and maximize the average value of orders. In details, this tool helps you to encourage customers to add higher-valued products to their cart. At the same time, it helps you to promote and highlight sales with the compare-price feature, and relevant products. You could easily track your upsell sales offers performance in the app’s dashboard.


  • Inspire customers to add higher-valued products to their cart
  • Promote and highlight sales, provide with the compare-price feature
  • Recommend relevant items that are usually bought together
  • Feature products on sales in the Upsell popup
  • Monitor your upsell sales offers performance in the app’s dashboard

Selecting the right Shopify related products app from our list will help you to increase conversion rates and order values. Besides, you can check out other post to discover more great and helpful apps for your eCommerce store in our Shopify review series!

In conclusion

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