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January 8, 2022

Shopify currency converter app: Top 10 optimal apps – smart choice for your Shopify store

As you know, nowadays e- commerce develops more and more rapidly all over the world. When trading with different countries, of course, we need to know its currency as well as exchange rate. So, Currency converter app is built to gain this goal. In fact, supporting all global currencies on your Shopify store would help you reach out to more customers. Hence, in this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 optimal Shopify currency converter app for you to choose. They are all smart choices and worth using for your online store. Let’s explore now! 

1. Best currency converter

Shopify currency converter app

In case you’re looking for a Shopify currency converter app, let’s have a glance at Best currency converter. On top of that, this app is suitable with a wide range of themes and all of them have stunning looks. Besides, it comes with more than 160 types of currencies, including Bitcoin. Even if you use Ajax, prices are still converted instantly on every device. Moreover, you can also connect all of the currencies with a single button press. What’s more, this app can locate your client’s position and choose the suitable currencies for them. Not only that, you have many freedoms to change it  manually thanks to the Currency Switcher. Best of all, it will boost your sales as soon as possible. 

2. Auto Currency Switcher – Shopify currency converter app

optimal Shopify currency converter app

Auto Currency Switcher is one of the most worth using Shopify apps in the market owing to a 4.8 star rating based on over 5000 reviews on Shopify app store. With this app, trading with international customers becomes easier than ever. This is because when e-commerce becomes more developed and popular all over the world, the majority of international consumers prefer to see rates in their own currency. As a result, this Shopify currency converter app will assist you in reaching out to foreign buyers increasing your sales with ease. Best of all, the installation is very easy and free. 

3. Currency Converter Plus

smart Shopify currency converter app

If you want to create an app in converting currencies, why don’t you take a look at Currency Converter Plus? First of all, it is really a smart choice for launching an online store with the optimal interface. While these apps supply only below 178 currencies, this Shopify currency converter app comes with 222 currencies and updates exchange rates every minute. Addition to, on both desktop and mobile, an auto currency switcher menu button is always available as an option. Not only that, this app is outstanding compared to competitors thanks to many advanced features. For example, with “Automatic currency detection”, it can effortlessly find exactly your customer’s location and help them automatically convert to the local currencies.  

4. Multi Currency Converter – Shopify currency converter app

best Shopify currency converter app

Coming to Multi Currency Converter and the results it achieves will never make you disappointed. Firstly, not only as a Shopify app, but it is also really a boosting sales tool as well. With the widespread currencies from 236 countries and regions in the globe, your online store will increase international revenue in the shortest time. What’s more, prices are converted automatically round to whole numbers or numbers that end in.99. As a result, it makes your app become more professional and tidy in customer’ eyes. Best of all, just one – click, you can install this app successfully and take advantage of it immediately. 

5. Auto Multi Currency Converter 

app for online store

This app built its reputation with the belief from more than 15,000 businesses from 60 countries in the world. Firstly, just one – click, you can add up to 160 different currencies. Besides, this Shopify currency converter app is outstanding from the rest thanks to the amazing design layouts. Of course, you can customize this app to fit your store’s design and theme thanks to four layouts, flags, and full color control. Best of all, it allows you to use custom CSS to build the style of your dreams. What’s more, no coding required is the best plus score of it. Following that, even if you aren’t a developer, you can still operate with no hard effort. 

6. Currency Converter Box – BEST

BEST app

BEST is one of the most optimal Shopify currency converter app essential and free you must know in the market. On top of that, this app has a total of 164 currencies available. Especially, it can convert between currencies automatically in the quickest way. Besides, the exchange rate in Currency Converter Box is updated in real time. Best of all, customers’ locations can be found exactly and this app helps them to convert their currencies into the local one thanks to Automatic currency conversion. Moreover, both the original price and the converted price are all displayed. Hence, it brings customers the highest satisfaction and helps you to raise sales easily. 

7. Coin Currency Converter – Shopify currency converter app


In case you’re finding an optimal Shopify currency converter app, you can’t ignore Coin Currency Converter. Firstly, based on their IP address or the currency switcher, or both, coins will automatically translate all of your commodity prices to your customers’ native currency. Besides, this app integrates a bunch of 193 currencies, including Bitcoin. What’s more, it integrates a currency selector with your current theme’s currency function OR adds a currency selector that fits the look and feel of your shop. Moreover, this shopify app is completely compliant with stores that use AJAX or dynamically display rates. 

8. Multi Currency converter Hero

best Shopify currency converter app

If you want to find a shopify currency converter app that requires no coding, you have to take a look at Multi Currency converter Hero. Firstly, with the optimal and professional design, this app will suit with any type of online store. Besides, with many currencies supported, you can easily approach a variety of clients from all over the world. Thus, boosting international sales is very easy for you. Best of all, it is very easy to install and activate. Just need one – click and the installation process is done for you. 

9. Dynamic Currency Converter – Shopify currency converter app

amazing Shopify currency converter app

Dynamic Currency Converter is one of the best Shopify currency converter app in the market. Not only perfect in appearance, this app is also smart thanks to a lot of advanced features. Firstly, this app is the pioneer to round prices in “five,” “ten,” “hundred,” and “thousand with three methods are: “Automatic,” “Maximum,” and “Minimum”. Besides, you are able to create custom exchange rates for currencies and add price padding for a particular currency. Furthermore, this app comes with the fastest loading technology, then, your website speed will be optimized perfectly. 

10. Translate & Currency Converter – Shopify currency converter app

user friendly Shopify currency converter app

Last but not least is Translate & Currency Converter. We highly recommend this shopify app for your online store. At first, with the combination of Google native translation and the Shopify Translation API, you can edit translation content with ease. Besides, this app’s goal is to offer the best currency converter service possible with the support of 167 currencies and using real-time exchange rates. In addition, the currency switcher automatically modifies and changes currency prices depending on the visitor’s location as well. 

In conclusion

Above is the top best Shopify currency converter app you should know to integrate for your online store. Arrowtheme hopes through this article, you will choose the most suitable one to develop your business effectively.

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