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May 5, 2021

Shopify logo generator: Top 10 best free and paid apps to start successful brand

As you know, Logo is considered the face of the company and it will tell the identity of your brand. In fact, Logo is one of the most important things that contributes to the success of your company. Your logo communicates a lot about your business. And, if your logo looks stunning and attractive, it will leave a good first impression on potential customers. Then, if you are about to start a successful brand, this blog is very helpful for you. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review the Top 10 best free and paid Shopify logo generator for you. Let’s explore right now! 

Top best Shopify logo generator

1. Hatchy

Shopify logo generator

In case you are seeking a Shopify logo generator to launch a successful brand, you should take a look at Hatchy. It is considered as one of the best free Shopify apps in the market. On top of that, this app can support various types of online business such as: Fashion, Food, Sport, etc. Besides, you can choose the suitable designs from hundreds of professional templates. Not only that, you have many freedoms to simply add icons, customize colors, modify fonts, and edit templates. As a result, it will become extremely unique and special compared to components. Best of all, you just need to provide some features about your brand. Then, it will show a variety of flawless logos for you to choose. 

2.  Canva

free Shopify logo generator

The next Shopify logo generator we highly recommend is Canva. As you know, Canva is one of the most famous and popular Shopify logo generators in the market. Firstly, although you’re not a designer, you still create the professional logo for your brand with some simple Drag and drop. Besides, this app provides hundreds of logos for you to choose. In fact, all of them are very professional and tell the value of your brand to customers very well. In addition, Canva’s tools are very easy to use, and if you get trouble on anything, it also has a wealth of support articles to help you resolve them with ease.  

3. Brandcrowd

best Shopify logo generator

If you’re looking for a shopify app that helps you to design a unique logo for your brand, you can consider Brandcrowd. At first, this Shopify logo generator includes a bunch of astonishing design models. Hence, regardless of any type of online business, you can still use this app to create a special logo. Besides, Brandcrowd provides for you 2 choices. Following that, you can purchase pre – made logo designs or use their logo generator to design your own special one. 

4. Logo Maker

perfect Shopify logo generator

As its name suggests, you can find Logo Maker is the powerful machine that helps you to build your logo easily. At first, this Shopify logo generator was manufactured with the aim of assisting business owners in creating a company logo with no hard effort. Besides, although it was launched in the 2000s, it is not old or inferior to any latest apps. What’s more, Logo Maker offers a variety of logo icons. Therefore, you can adapt to every type of online business. Not only that, it also provides a lot of  fonts and colors in order to make your logo brand stand out from the crowd. 

5. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo maker

Coming to Wix Logo Maker and Arrowtheme believe the logos it brings will satisfy all your needs. On top of that, this Shopify logo generator is special in that it does not take you straight to the logo builder. Instead, it asks you a series of questions to get a sense of your brand, culture, and what products you want to sell. After answering all questions, it will show you a wide range of logos that are compatible with your brand. Then, you can choose the most suitable one. Of course, you can effortlessly customize to make your own unique logo with a few simple operations. 

6. Looka

Looka - Shopify logo generator

Looka is an AI-powered, interactive online logo developer. As you want to create a logo for your brand by Looka, you can type your company name and press Get Started on its website. After that, you’ll be asked to type in your business. Next, this Shopify logo generator requires you to pick five or more logos as inspiration for your own after you’ve entered your online business. After that, you can choose your favorite color scheme and provide some additional details about your company. Finally, you can choose the best suitable logo in order to increase brand awareness. 

7. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands

If you want to find a free Shopify Logo generator, you should have a glance at Tailor Brands. Firstly, it is known as one of the most fantastic free online logo design tools in the market. As soon as you visit its website, it will request a logo name or some other business name idea as well as a tagline that defines your brand. Besides, it also asks you a series of questions about your business. As a result, it will bring suitable and awesome logos for your brand as well. What’s more, thanks to smart machine learning, it will create a lot of amazing and unique logo brands in some seconds. So that, even if you are a non – designer, you can still use it and design your own logo with ease. 

8. Designhill


Coming to another best Shopify logo generator named Designhill and the outcome it gains won’t make you disappointed. At first, after you enter its website, you must answer some questions about your business. Next, many things such as: colors, slogans, icons, etc can all be tweaked to find the most suitable style with your brand. Besides, Designhill includes a variety of professional logo models that suit all types of online business. Furthermore, Designhill provides many ways to pay for the company logo. Following that, for $20, you can get the logo file, or for $65 you can get logo files for your website, social media, packaging, print and branding.

9. Placeit

high quality Shopify logo generator

In case you want to find a Shopify logo generator, Placeit would be the ideal choice for you. Firstly, this Shopify logo generator provides you with hundreds of high-quality choices to choose, up to 13000 templates. Besides, you’ll be presented with a list of cool logos as soon as you type your company name and industry into the generator. Each logo it shows is all special and worth using. However, if you want to make a unique logo to make your brand stand out from the rest, you can absolutely customize it easily. 

10. GraphicSprings

best Shopify logo generator

Coming to the last Shopify logo generator we want to suggest for you is GraphicSprings. If you want to create a great logo, all you have to do is typing in your company name and optional tagline, then, an editor will appear. Besides, GraphicSprings allows you to approach a library of logos. Then, you have many freedoms to customize anything you want to make it outstanding more than every competitor. Best of all, it has the ability to break down logo styles based on your company.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Arrowtheme hopes you will choose the most suitable Shopify logo generator app for your ecommerce store through this blog. Then, in case you have any problem not only on this topic but also any other Shopify one, let’s CONTACT US. We do offer Shopify packages that contain everything you wish to make your ecommerce business more and more rapidly developing. Best of all, we are launching a sales program up to 30% for all of our services. Hence, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details right now!

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