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January 1, 2022

Shopify return app: Top 10 best apps to make the great customer experience

Nowadays, when eCommerce is developing fast, the right of customers is also increasing. Online shoppers have the right to return goods when they have some problems. Hence, to better the customer experience, Shopify store owners should manage well with the return process. Shopify return app was born to help you solve this problem.

Why do you need a Shopify return app?

First of all, you should define what you need in a Shopify return app. Normally, customers can require to return goods provided that the products are in a good condition. They will expect to have an easy return process in a short time. To satisfy them, you should build an automatic process by a Shopify return app. The more satisfied they are, the more frequent they come back to your store.

So, let’s read the top 10 best return apps that Arrowtheme lists below.

1. Clicksit Return Center (by clicksit app limited)

Prices: Free to install, additional charges may apply.
Clicksit Return Center brings to you a fully automated return solution. It is a free returns management app that deals with all returns. You can control it in a dashboard to keep track of all return requests. Additionally, you can choose many options from free returns to the shared cost of the return. Besides, a self-service return portal is provided for customers. Furthermore, they offer CollectPlus returns in the UK. With CollectPlus setup, you can send your customers a prepaid label and they can drop off the return at any of the 8000 stores. Besides, CollectPlus only charges per return processed.

Shopify return app

Highlight feature:
Firstly, the easy, clear and recognizable return process
Secondly, free to install
Thirdly, offer CollectPlus returns in the UK
Next, keep track of return in a dashboard
Also, detailed analysis of return
At last, the self-service return portal

2. AfterShip Returns Center (by AfterShip & Automizely)

Prices: Free plan available or from $9.99/month
AfterShip Returns Center creates a branded return experience for your customers. It builds a return page for your store to manage all the return request. Besides, this app creates more than 10 reasons for the returns and offers customers various return methods. For example, customers can choose to return to the store, receive a prepaid label or their own carriers. Furthermore, it provides you with a return policy to ensure your benefit. Moreover, it generates smart rules combined with your policy to cut off the cost.

AfterShip Returns Center

Highlight feature:
Firstly, submit a return request in just a few clicks
Secondly, connect with 10+Couriers
Thirdly, 3 methods of return
Next, 3 choice of resolution
Also, manage returns effectively
At last, advanced automation rules to cut off the cost

3. Returnly: Returns Manager (by Returnly Holdings, LLC)

Prices: From $29/month, 14-day free trial
Returnly: Returns Manager helps customers return with ease. It supports customers with a self-serve return centre and automatic emails. Hence, it saves your time and increases productivities. Besides, you can set up your own return policy. You can offer many returns options for customers such as variant exchanges, auto refunding, different priced product exchanges and Returnly credit. However, it is only available in the US and Canada.

Shopify return app
Shopify return app

Highlight feature:
Firstly, a self-serve return centre
Secondly, automatic emails
Thirdly, Returnly credit
Also, multi-warehouse locations
At last, product recommendations

4. Rich Returns (by Rich Returns & Exchanges)

Prices: From $9/month, 7-day free trial
Rich Returns allows customers to experience the return journey automatically. This app offers easy exchanges or returns within one 1-click. Also, you can customize your return portal to match the brand image. Furthermore, this app helps you to decrease the cost and save time on returns by providing good customer service. In addition, you can see an overview of your return in one place.

Rich Returns (by Rich Returns & Exchanges)
Rich Returns

Highlight feature:
Firstly, an overview of your returns in one place
Secondly, an automatical customer return journey
Thirdly, see an overview of your return
Also, exchange or return with ease
At last, customized brand

5. Automated RMAs and Returns (by Freedom Software, LLC)

Prices: $19.95/month, 30-day free trial.
Automated RMAs and Returns provides you with an easy return process. Your customers do not need to contact directly to you. Instead, they only need to fill a request on your shop site. Then they submit the email, the order number, select an item and give you a reason. Also, customers will receive a prepaid return label. Furthermore, you can see the overall process on the dashboard. All information will be updated automatically to your customers.

Automated RMAs and Returns
Automated RMAs and Returns

Highlight feature:
Firstly, an easy return process
Secondly, return requests are on the shop site
Thirdly, a prepaid return label for customers
Also, see the overall process on the dashboard
Next, collaborate with 100+ shipping carriers
At last, email notification

6. Atomic Returns (by Atomic Returns)

Prices: From $5/month. 30-day free trial
Atomic Returns gives the best return experience for your customers but it also optimizes your benefit. For customers, this app personalizes each experience. It tracks and sends to customers the status of their return process. Besides, it allows customers to send a message back to you. For your store, you can set up this app easily in some minutes. Also, it helps you reply to customers for the return. Especially, it optimizes the ROI of your return policies and decreases the risk of the return.

Shopify return app

Highlight feature:
Firstly, give the best return experience for customers
Secondly, personalize each experience
Thirdly, allow customers to send a message back
Also, set up easily
Next, optimize the ROI of your return policies
At last, QR code returns

7. Shopify return app: Return Prime (by Appsdart)

Prices: From $9.99/month. 7-day free trial.
Return Prime builds trust for your brand by offering customers a good return policy. This app connects with many logistics partners to create the automated label and fasten the return process. Besides, you can install this app in a few minutes with their support. Furthermore, you can choose to apply the return and exchange policy in your language.

Shopify return app
Return Prime

Highlight feature:
Firstly, offer a good return policy
Secondly, connect with many logistics partners
Thirdly, create the automated label
Also, install this app fast
Next, live-chat support
At last, customized policies and translate flow

8. ShippyPro ‑ Labels and Returns (by ITALIAN VALLEY SRL)

Prices: Free to install. Additional charges may apply
ShippyPro ‑ Labels and Returns include 3 main functions: shipping, tracking and returning the Shopify orders. This app supports you with printing the shipping labels, choosing the best courier for every order. All information will be displayed on the Admin page. Besides, it automatically sends notifications to customers so that they can keep track. Also, this allows customers to return products according to your policies. Hence, you can save time and manage more effectively.

Shopify return app
Shopify return app

Highlight feature:
Firstly, cooperate with 130+ carriers
Secondly, support 5 languages
Thirdly, send notifications to customers
Also, self-serve return services
Next, update information on Shopify
At last, increase conversion rate

9. Support Tickets Plus (by Jonathan Garber)

Prices: From $15/month. 7-day free trial
Support Tickets Plus manages your customers with tickets. This app offers tickets for each order in advance of customers. Hence, you can estimate your revenue next time. Also, these tickets integrate with return and exchange services which is supported by RMA. Besides, you can add the regulations and policies for the return process to these tickets. This will decrease the risk of return for your stores.

Support Tickets Plus
Support Tickets Plus

Highlight feature:
Firstly, interchangeable tickets
Secondly, RMA linked with tickets
Next, all things in one ticket
At last, cooperate with Endicia Shipping Labels

10. Return Magic (by Shopify)

Prices: $10/month, 30-day free trial
Return Magic helps you to build a return portal that customizes your brand. Customers can freely choose 3 options: cash refund, products exchange and gifts. Hence, it increases customers loyalty to your store. Moreover, it connects with more than 50 carriers so the return process is more convenient. Besides, this app creates smart rules to protect your benefit. Also, it analyzes the return process to show the insight of customers. Last but not least, it translates into multi-languages.

Return Magic
Return Magic

Highlight feature:
Firstly, set up within 10 minutes
Secondly, translate into multi-languages
Thirdly, show the insight with analysis
Also, a return portal for your brand
Next, print labels from over 50 carriers
At last, smart rules to protect you

In conclusion, Shopify return app definitely brings a lot advantages to your store. Arrowtheme wishes you to install a good app. Moreover, do you have a plan to update your Ecommerce website with less money? So take advantage of the Special Deal up to 30% for Shopify Packages Services and all of your problems will be solved at a lesser cost. You can look into Back-end Update Services, Front-end Update Services, and Custom Shopify Website Development. When you work with us, you can easily and quickly upgrade your Ecommerce Website, which helps to attract more website traffic. As a result, you no longer need to be concerned about your website. We will assist your company’s website in reaching new heights.

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