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April 26, 2021

Quick view app: Top 10 excellent apps for Shopify to retain more customers

Most of customers can finish their shopping quickly. The longer customer spend shopping on your online store, the more likely they are to abandon their cart and abandon the deal. Therefore, you need some ways to speed up shopping experience. One of helpful tool you can use for that problem is Shopify quick view apps. By Shopify quick view apps, your customers are able to buy faster. Because they can look at anything on only one screen to save time instead of looking at each product individually. Therefore, in this blog, we will provide you a list of Quick view app for Shopify to retain more customers. Our team collected Top 10 excellent apps. Let’s explore.

Quick Shop

The first Quick view app I want to review in this list is Quick shop. Quick shop allows your customers to see you by searching the keywords and titles of products. Additionally, by quick buy option, your customers can go to your app, and then, they can select and put the items into their carts with ease. Not only that, this Quick View app also displays a number of variants such as size, colors or features. Furthermore, the code of this app is clean. Therefore, It has no impact on the speed of your website. Moreover, your customers can access your app on any kind of screen size. 

Some other high light features of Quick Shop:

  • Preset Quantity:
  • If the customer is not logged in, hide the prices:
  • Language translation 
  • Design for mobile devices

Fast Order

Do you need an app to help you save the searching time? Don’t worry. Fast Order is the best pick for you, By the several basic steps, your customers are able to search, see and add your products into their cart. Furthermore, Cart abandonment is reduced thanks to a fast order processing system. Besides that, you are able to customize lots of features to fit your business. In addition, this Quick view app is mobile phones friendly. Therefore, your app still works well even on cell phones. 

Some other awesome features of Fast:

  • Quickly add products into cart
  • To find a specific product, use the SKU/Name search.
  • To add everything to your cart simply by entering the known part number

Quick view & Quick shop

Quick view & Quick shop comes with lots of useful features that assists you in developing a powerful business site. QuickShop eliminates several barriers, such as clicks, and assist shoppers in starting their orders with ease. Therefore, your business may increase the traffic. Thanks to the quick view feature, your customers may see the pop up that shows the detail of your products. As a result, they can add the item to their cart or purchase it immediately to save time. Not only that, your site will have a stunning look on all types of screens, even on the mobile phones.

Quick View by Secomapp

If you are dreaming of creating an online store, Quick View by Secomapp is helpful for you. This Quick view app provides various functions. One of them is reducing the shopping time. Because by a popup, your customers can see the preview of your products without loading the page and then add them into the cart for buying. Not only that, you have permission to evaluate your online store’s performance thanks to Google Analytics. 

Here are some highlight features of Quick View by Secomapp:

  • Instant Product Details preview from any Collection page
  • Fancybox based pop-up
  • No HTML/CSS knowledge required.
  • Support all major browsers
  • One Click To Checkout

TURBO Product Filter

TURBO Product Filter is a product of When you install this Quick View app, you have an opportunity to own a 5-apps pack and a 7-day free trial. In addition, you can see other highlight features of TURBO Product Filter below:

  • Reduce searching time
  • By 5 apps you can filter your collection page
  • Reduce shopping time
  • Optimized search engine
  •  Sticky Cart
  • Quick View
  •  Badges

Quick View and Color Swatch by Aaaecommerce inc

Quick View and Color Swatch by Aaaecommerce inc will make you surprised by its features. This extension allows your customers to view product previews in a single click without loading the entire site. Therefore, your site will provide the shoppers a comfortable experience. Additionally, you don’t need to know any coding knowledge, you still can configure any elements on your site as you want.  Not only only that, your customers are able to access your site without limitation of browsers or devices. Ajax allows you to add products to your shopping cart and update your shopping cart. 

Therefore, below are other highlight features of Quick View and Color Swatch by Aaaecommerce inc:

  • Color Swatches
  • Support all major browsers
  • Fancy box based pop-up
  • No HTML/CSS knowledge required

Quick View and Color Swatches by

Thanks to the awesome features of Quick View and Color Swatches by, we believe that this Quick view app will help you to increase the sale of your products. Besides that, as the Quick view app above,  Quick View and Color Swatches by also shows the detail of your products by Quick view button. Not only that, it brings to you  2 in 1 App. It means that you have the opportunity to use both Quick View and Color Swatches in only one app. Color Swatches code installation instructions are simple to follow. In addition, one more interesting thing is free. You can use this Quick view app free within 14 days

Quick View & Tracking by Roartheme

If you are seeking a quick view app to retain more customers, Quick View & Tracking by Roartheme is the perfect choice for you. Thus, below are some awesome features:

  • Without loading the page, you are able to show products preview 
  • High speed performance
  • It is possible to change the appearance of the app.
  • Beautiful pre-made designs.
  • Increasing Conversion Rate 
  • Without refreshing the tab, still see product specifics on a collection or home page.
  • Analytics and report what customers need to store owner

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket combines with  40+ vital apps. It’s designed to improve your store’s load times and save you money on app fees while still making you money with cool features like conversion boosters. Instead of installing many apps which make your store slow and increase your cost, you should choose Sales Rocket. Because it has everything you need to run a successful Shopify store. Sales Rocket Integrates with Instagram, Facebook, Mailchimp, Klaviyo

Here are some cool features of Sales Rocket:

  • Increase speed and reduce costs
  • Show instagram feed with featured products 
  • No developers needed
  • Support with LIVE CHAT
  • Sales Popup
  • Countdown Timer

Product Previewer

Product Previewer is the last Quick view app I want to recommend in this list today. Using the product previewer, customers on your store will display product descriptions without having to load the product page. Both devices and screen resolutions are supported, allowing all consumers to view the products easily. Because of the lightweight coding, site speed is unchanged, which helps to minimize bad customer interactions.

Other awesome features:

  • Fully Responsive
  • Quick view button
  • Preview popup
  • Easy to installation and set up

So that is all about Top 10 excellent Quick view apps for Shopify. More importantly, besides using the Quick view apps to retain more customers, you also should take a look at our Maintenance & Support Services. By using them, you can save 30% off for annual subcription and 20% off for monthly subscription. Is this a great choice. Not only that, you also can experience the awesome services to upgrade your website to the new level. For those reasons. What are you waiting for. Let’s CONTACT US right now to know more about them..

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