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June 26, 2021

SMS Magento extension: Top 10 best free and premium ones for your ecommerce stores

If you are running a Magento ecommerce store yet don’t know how to increase customer’s experience as well as drive more revenue for your site, you should integrate SMS Magento extension immediately. In particular, you must know it is a tool that you can take advantage of it to connect to an SMS service provider and send SMS notifications to customers about important events. With these reasons, Arrowtheme will review for you Top 10 the most awesome SMS Magento extensions in the market for you to develop your business effectively. Now, let’s take a look below right now! 

1. SMS by PurpleTree Software LLP ($49)

SMS Magento extension

The first SMS Magento extension in this top we highly recommend for you is SMS by PurpleTree Software LLP. In fact, this is one of the most outstanding premium methods for your ecommerce store. First of all, you can use it to connect to an SMS service provider and provide key event notifications to consumers via SMS. Because Magento platform does not come with the ability to integrate any SMS service for sending SMS notifications to clients by default. So, this is the reason why you should add this amazing extension to your ecommerce business.

Highlight features:

  • Assist for dynamic URLs
  • Help you send automated SMS on each order events
  • Its setup process is really simple. 

2. LINK Mobility SMS Notifications – SMS Magento extension ($0)

awesome SMS Magento extension

In case you’re looking for a free solution for developing your ecommerce store effectively, you should have a glance at LINK Mobility SMS Notifications. First and foremost, LINK Mobility is a significant European mobile messaging service provider that uses its SMS platform to promote global communication. Besides, as soon as you register an account, it will work with you to develop a mobile messaging strategy that is targeted to your store’s specific needs. Not only that, it also allows you to alert your consumers when an action is taken against their order, as well as keep them updated throughout the order process. 

Notable elements:

  • When an order is successfully placed, invoiced, shipped,etc, customers will be notified.
  • Customers can select the types of notifications they want to receive.
  • From the administration interface, you can examine and modify notification subscriptions for a specific client. 

3. Twilio SMS Marketplace Add-On ($149)

wonderful SMS Magento extension

Moving to another SMS Magento extension you need to integrate if you want your online website to have a leg up in the market – Twilio SMS Marketplace Add-On. Firstly, as soon as you add this extension for your website, vendors can send text messages to their consumers and other sellers. As similar as the previous one, thanks to this extension, whenever any order is placed, invoiced or dispatched, your clients will be notified. 

Awesome features:

  • When a product is approved or rejected, it will send a notification message to the seller.
  • At the time of seller approval or disapproval, the seller will receive a text message on their phone.
  • If an order for a seller’s product is placed, the seller will receive an email notification.

4. ClickSend SMS – SMS Magento extension ($0)

outstanding SMS Magento extension

If you expect a free SMS Magento extension for your ecommerce store, ClickSend SMS will be one of the most remarkable ones that you can’t ignore. As soon as you apply ClickSend SMS to your website, it will send your SMS to any country all over the world. Hence, it will become great opportunities for you to easily grab more potential customers and then boost sales. 

Key elements:

  • Because of using the platform, this extension allows you to send SMS automatically.
  • When an order is shipped, send an SMS to your consumers.
  • It enables the usage of placeholders in SMS.

5. SMS Alert ($0)

SMS Alert

Another Free SMS Magento extension you should apply for your online website named SMS Alert. In fact, it is one of the most flawless extensions in the global market. First of all, it is a one-of-a-kind utility that adds SMS functionality to your powerful store. In particular, this capability, together with unique SMS layouts and a simple interface, can be activated with a few clicks on any store.

Highlight features:

  • Customers will receive a notification through SMS when they place new orders
  • Customers should receive an SMS when they join up
  • Its installation is very simple. Then, you can master it in just some simple clicks. 

6. SMSA Express Shipping – SMS Magento extension ($99)

best premium SMS Magento extension

Can’t help but mention SMSA Express Shipping if you are looking for an awesome premium extension for your ecommerce store. In reality, SMSA Express Shipping includes everything you need to help your ecommerce store have a leg up in the market. Thanks to it, you can easily examine the SMSA Express delivery mode, provide real-time shipping rates, make a shipment, print SMSA shipping labels and so much more. 

Notable features:

  • Depending on the weight, you can easily set the rate
  • It allows you to create a shipping label
  • Users are able to set specific countries for shipping. 

7. Twilio Booking Reservation SMS Notification ($49)

Twilio Booking Reservation SMS Notification

Twilio Booking Reservation SMS Notification is the ideal choice for any store owner who wants to develop their business effectively. For more detail, it is the most easy and trustworthy method of informing customers about your brand as well as your remarkable activities. What’s more, it sends SMS notifications to clients about booking events that occurred in the online store. Furthermore, as an admin, you also have the ability to deliver bespoke messages to a large group of people.

Highlight features:

  • Since you apply this extension, your customers will receive a text message notification on their phones.
  • At the moment of invoice creation, customers will receive an SMS.
  • When a booking is canceled, customers will receive an SMS.
  • Customers will receive SMS alerts and reminders for their reservations.

8. SMS Notification by MageComp ($99)

flawless SMS Magento extension

Let’s take a look at SMS Notification by MageComp, then, you will never regret it as soon as you integrate it for your site. First of all, thanks to interacting with potential clients by SMS notification, you can be sure of 100% delivery to active mobiles. Besides, it allows you to set up SMS notification services for various order status actions, allowing them to acknowledge their consumers around the clock. Now, you should explore some of its awesome features below:

Remarkable features:

  • It’s a simple matter of enabling or disabling the feature as needed.
  • Option to add the admin’s cellphone number in the backend for receiving store updates.
  • If a consumer hasn’t got an OTP, it also allows them to request it again.
  • Not only that, it also integrates the mobile number verification process with the Magento Signup form by default.

9. SMS Notification by Meetanshi ($149)

SMS Magento extension

Don’t forget SMS Notification by Meetanshi if you are finding a stunning premium SMS Magento extension for your online store. First and foremost, it uses SMS to instantly notify consumers and administrators about store and order actions. Besides, thanks to this robust extension, you can improve your store’s user experience on your site and boost sales as a great result. In addition to notifying consumers, it also enables you to be notified of their activity.

Notable elements:

  • Notify clients through SMS on their activity in your store, including order placing or cancellation, invoice generation, and so on.
  • Input the admin’s mobile number in the backend to receive SMS notifications for various client activities
  • Configure API settings.

10. Product Return RMA With SMS ($39) 

Product Return RMA With SMS

The last SMS Magento extension you can’t ignore in our list is Product Return RMA With SMS. There is no denying that it is really one of the most flawless extensions in this topic in the global market. First of all, as a store owner, you will easily add “returns” and “refunds” features to their stores thanks to this exceptional extension. What’s more, during the return process, it also additionally sends out SMS notifications for critical events. 

Highlight features:

  • Allow you insert “returns” and “returns” features to your website with ease. 
  • From the dashboard of the user, orders that are eligible to be returned are eligible for return action.
  • Return confirmation is communicated to users by email and SMS.

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