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May 18, 2021

Shopify gdpr app: Top 10 amazing apps for your Shopify stores


Security is a major concern for both online retailers and online shoppers these days. As a result, GDPR was developed to provide online stores with the best functionality for protecting their customers’ data and the shop owner’s data. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens in transactions between EU member states. Therefore, if you are a busy entrepreneur to expand your business into the population inside the EU, you must consider GDPS law. This law refers to any company that receives traffic from EU citizens. Thus, a Shopify gdpr app is the perfect choice for your business. Thanks to that app, you can sell your products across borders without difficulty. 

Hence, in this blog, ArrowTheme collected a list of Top 10 amazing Shopify gdpr apps for your Shopify stores. Let’s start.

GDPR Cookie Compiler by Metizsoft solutions pvt ltd

Shopify gdpr app

GDPR Cookie Compiler is a Shopify gdpr app developed by  Metizsoft solutions pvt ltd. Thanks to this app, your ecommerce website can achieve GDPR Cookie Compliance quickly and easily. Not only that, It also assists you in adapting your site to European Regulations. Moreover, the Cookie Banner’s design is easily customizable. As a result, you can change the color, and font to match your website’s design. Furthermore, GDPR Cookie Compiler is multilingual. Therefore, your customers can translate the current language on your online store into another language. Finally, you will no longer need to recruit developers to ensure that your business ecommerce follows EU regulations; instead, you will save time and money by using this app.

Awesome features:

  • Installation with a single click
  • Compatible with all Shopify themes
  • Easy to customize 
  • Using for free

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Shopify gdpr appGDPR Backpack by Isenselabs

gdpr app Shopify

GDPR Backpack by Isenselabs is the perfect GDPR solution for your online store. This Shopify gdpr app is mobile-friendly. Therefore, it supports all kinds of modern devices such as: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops. By only one click of your mouse, you are able to install this app with ease. Moreover, GDPR Backpack by Isenselabs is completely free and serves as an alternative to all paid GDPR solutions. This Shopify gdpr app is also the first free solution to provide cookie management as well as a dedicated GDPR tool page.

Awesome features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Various options to customize: fonts, colors, texts
  • Customers have the ability to choose whether or not to use cookies. 
  • Using for free

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Shopify gdpr appEasy GDPR + Cookie Bar by Innonic

Shopify app gdpr

Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar is another Shopify gdpr app created by Innonic. It can assist you in becoming GDPR compliant as well as Cookie Bar compliant. Hence, you can save an amount of money to invest in your store instead of paying the fines. Furthermore, the EU Cookie Bar offers multilingual. As a result, your online shop can use auto-translation to 24 EU languages. Furthermore, Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar by Innonic also gives users access to their data and allows them to edit it. Besides that, it can help you act quickly by sending you emails whenever new access, modify, or delete requests are made. Thus, let;s install this amazing shopify app now and enjoy it for free.

Awesome features:

  • Support Multilingual EU 
  • Easy to install
  • Users can access and edit their data
  • Using for free

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GDPR Banner: Block Cookies, JS by ⇪ upsell

gdpr Shopify app

GDPR Banner: Block Cookies, JS by ⇪ upsell comes with lots of awesome features. Now let’s explore:

  • Firstly, the app will prevent a third party from signing up for your ecommerce website without your permission
  • Secondly, by JavaScript., you are able to set the warning on those customers or administrators who can enter your shop
  • Thirdly, GDPR Banner: Block Cookies also provides cookie bar
  • GDPR Banner guarantees that your store complies with European legal requirements.
  • This Shopify gdpr app supports 23 languages.

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ICONX ‑ Free GDPR & Mini Menu by Scorpio lab

security Shopify app

ICONX is a Shopify gdpr app you need to meet General Data Protection Regulation. This app comes with a variety of features. Firstly, you can customize layouts easily. As a result, your online shop may attract more customers with stunning colors, texts, palette,… Besides that, thanks to the Mini menu, your ecommerce website also encourages visitors to purchase more. Hence, your sales may increase. Not only that, admins can also build the Thumb Zone Navigation Menu to gather critical data from customers more quickly and easily. Finally, this ICONX app integrates with other Shopify store features, allowing them to operate more efficiently and increase sales.

Awesome features:

  • One click installation.
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads integration
  • Using for free
  • Assist in collecting consumer information more quickly and easily.

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GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page by Pandectes

ePrivacy Page

GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page by Pandectes provides you some important features. Hence, your online store can meet the General Data Protection Regulation. 

 Awesome features:

  • Available using for free
  • There are 24 official EU languages available.
  • Cookie scanners
  • Javascript API
  • Activate only for EU/CA visitors or for all visitors

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EU GDPR Cookies Notification by Omega

GDPR Cookies

EU GDPR Cookies Notification by Omega will help you to solve EU law in a single click. Firstly, with many amazing benefits, the EU GDPR Cookies Notification app is one of the most popular Shopify applications. Besides that, shop owners can build their own website with customizable functions. Thus, users can create templates that will attract visitors at first glance. Furthermore, the EU Cookies Notification will notify consumers to the fact that the stores are using cookies. Customers can conceal the cookie for up to two months if they agree to the terms. Finally, when shopping, consumers will take advantage of the EU GDPR Cookies Notification app’s benefits.

 Awesome features:

  • Limit the minimum age.
  • Build a professional-looking.
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads integration
  • Support the display of a scope that can be customized.

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Shopify gdpr appGDPR Cookie Notice Bar

EU GDPR Cookies

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar is the next Shopify gdpr app in this list. In this Shopify gdpr app, there is a popup behavior management configuration panel. Therefore, it allows you to adjust those app settings, which is ideal for customizing app preferences and ensuring that user interactions aren’t affected. Besides that, you can adjust the fonts, colors, and other elements to make it fit your branch. Moreover, you can also monitor where the message appears on the screen. Thus, consumers don’t miss it while also ensuring that it doesn’t obscure important details.

 Awesome features:

  • Put the bar/popup so that important information is not obscured.
  • Only anyone who is in the EU should see the notice.
  • Change to banner’s appearance and design to match the website’s brand
  • Since it’s responsive, it’ll look great on any smartphone with any screen resolution.

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Shopify gdpr appGDPR Data Compliance Banner EU

EU GDPR app Shopify

GDPR Data Compliance Banner EU will show a simple banner asking for permission to monitor user behavior.Besides that, if a language isn’t supported, you may contact their customer service team, who might be able to add it. Furthermore, the app will show all cookie acceptance in the admin screen, allowing you to see who on your site accepts and who does not accept cookies. Nevertheless, you might need to look further if you’re looking for a full GDPR enforcement program.

Awesome features:

  • A simple GDPR app that informs customers that your website uses tracking cookies.
  • Requests their permission to monitor their online activities on your blog.
  • This isn’t a full GDPR enforcement program. Other apps/actions can be needed.
  • Support Multiple languages 

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EU Cookie Bar ‑ Cookie GDPR 


This Shopify gdpr app is easy to use and completely free. It simply shows a banner to your customers informing them that your store uses cookies. Moreover, the terms of service for your website will be concealed from the website user until the customer has agreed to them. Additionally, you don’t have technical knowledge. Don’t worry. You still can install it with a single click. Not only that, you also can configure it to fit your brand with ease

Awesome features:

  • Install with one click of your mouse
  • Easy to customize without any technical knowledge required
  • Fully responsive

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