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June 4, 2021

Magento currency converter extension: Top 10 best ones you need to install for your Magento 2 stores

With the development of technology, business is expanding into global trade with ease. Language and currency are always significant issues that they must overcome first. Because different countries have different languages and currencies. Luckily, there is a solution to all of your worries. Magento currency converter extension is what you need. By this extension, your product price automatically change for visitors based on their IP address.

ArrowTheme collected a list of Top 10 best Magento currency converter extensions you need to install for your Magento 2 stores. Let’s explore to choose a suitable one for your Ecommerce business. 

Currency Auto Switcher by Landofcoder ($89)

Magento currency converter extension

Based on the buyer’s IP address, this wonderful Magento currency converter extension will find out the customer’s location. And then it shows the product’s price in the native currency for each. Therefore, buyers of other countries still see the price of the goods in their native currency. This affects smoother customer experience and increased customer satisfaction.

IP address
Fast block IP
unlimited currencies extension
Unlimited currencies
multiple languages extension
Multiple languages

Highlight features:

  • Firstly, it brings stunning interface
  • Secondly, it finds out users’ IP addresses
  • Support multi currencies based on buyer’s location

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Magento currency converter extension: Store Switcher extension by Mageplaza ($149)

With the Store Switcher extension by Mageplaza, your buyer will have an unforgettable shopping experience in your online store. You have many stores in different countries. Don’t worry. Because you also can adjust the currency for the product’s prices. Additionally, this currency converter extension allow your stores to provide buyers with their local currencies. Thanks to GeoIP, you can find out the location of buyers. Furthermore, based on consumers’ IP addresses, you can guide to buyers. So your buyers can go to right store version.

Magento currency converter extensions
 currency converter extension Magento

Highlight features:

  • Choose pages to apply the store view rule to.
  • Change the currency to the relevant place.
  • GeoIP can be used to determine a customer’s current location.

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Magento currency converter extension: GeoIP Extension by Magedelight ($149)

Magento extension
Magento 2 currency converter extension
Magento 2 extension

Highlight features:

  • Firstly, you can find out the buyer’s location based on an IP address.
  • Secondly, it redirects users to a custom URL automatically 
  • Thirdly, you can show right language and currency for each country.
  • Change the tax rate for products based on the user’s location.
  • You can guide your buyers to the right store version.
  • Import of IPV4/IPV6 from the terminal 
  • Finally, pay $49 for installation

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Magento currency converter extension by Module Bazaar

extension magento 2

The next Magento currency converter extension in this list is currency Auto Switcher and GeoIP Location by Module Bazaar. Coming to this one, you can find out the buyer’s location by the IP address. And then your online store may apply a suitable language for customers. 

Highlight features:

  • Installation is simple.
  • It has beautiful interface
  • The URL can be set both automatically and manually.
  • Automatically find out the IP address of the user
  • Guide buyers to the store for their native language.

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Magento currency converter extension by FME Extensions ($69.99)

Let take a look at the awesome features of Magento currency converter extension by FME

currency extension
Show Prices in Local Currencies

This kind of extension will determine the customer’s IP addresses. Therefore, your online store adjusts price currencies automatically based on the users’ geographical location. 

Round Off Product Prices in Local Currency

By rounding off the pricing figure in local currency, you can display an accurate product value. Choose one of the algorithms below:

  • Default or Ceil,
  • Round X or Ceil X,
  • Ceil 0.99 or Round 0.99,
  • Round 0.95, or Ceil 0.95
switching currency extension
Switching currency

This is the process of auto currency switching of this extension. The extension will display the product price based on customer’s country

ecommerce store
Limit Currency Switching For Specific User Agents

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Magento currency converter extension by Magefan ($79)

magento 2 currency switcher extension

This Extension of Magefan is the perfect tool for your store. Thus, you store can attract more customers. Firstly, it is based on the geographic location of the customer. Therefore, it will display prices in customer’s local currencies. Additionally, you don’t need to install any additional software. Because it integrates with multiple databases such as MaxMind IP Database, CloudFlare IP Geolocation, PHP GeoIP,… Hence, your online store can detect customer location better. Moreover, thanks to Robots Restrictions, your ecommerce site may avoid issues of SEO. Finally, this kind of extension still works well with all Magento 2 themes.

Highlight features:

  • Currency Based On Customer Location
  • GeoIP Databases
  • Robots Restrictions
  • Integration With Magento 2 Themes

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GeoIP Currency Switcher by Magecomp ($29)

currency switcher for magento 2

The reason to choose GeoIP Currency Switcher by Magecomp:

  • The Maxmind database determines Visitor location
Magento currency switcher extension
  • Automatically change currency based on the user’s IP address: Your store can change the currency of the product based on the visitor’s location. As a result, user experience will improve. 
  • Fronted currency switching can be restricted
switch curency
  • Pay $49 for installation

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Currency Auto Switcher by Mageworx ($79)

Magento currency converter extension

Highlight features:

  • Firstly, currency conversion is carried out automatically.
  • Secondly, have currency options
  • You can disable auto switching for certain site URL
  • Finally, you have to pay $25 for installing Pro version

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Magento currency converter extension by Meetanshi

currency auto switcher extension

Online stores are focused on extending their business globally. Therefore, the store brings a way to support any customers around the world. Because the currency of price is a significant aspect in the user experience. Therefore, it increases engagement and conversion of customers. In addition, foreign currency prices may expand your business rather than the local currency. Hence, it helps to reduce cart abandonment. Visitors may feel confused. Because they can decide to take products with payment errors. Thus, to avoid that, Currency Switcher by Meetanshi change currencies based on the GeoIP address of the user. Because this extension detects the users’ GeoIP location by using Maxmind’s FREE GeoLite2 API. 

Highlight features:

  • Guide consumers to the appropriate store version.
  • Set language based on the location of your consumers.
  • Display prices in the native currency of customers.
  • Use IP addresses to determine a user’s location.
  • Pay $59 for installation

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Magento currency converter extension by Amasty

Store Switcher for Magento 2 by Amasty is a tool you should not miss. Because, it automatically directs customers to the right store. And then it displays the suitable currency and language. Furthermore, it makes your store appealing and pleasant for customers all around the world. Therefore, you are able to expand your business internationally.

  • Allow visitors to choose store version
Magento 2
  • Location-based switcher
currency switch

Highlight features:

  • Firstly, it guides buyers to the correct store version.
  • Secondly, it sets language based on the location of your buyers.
  • Thirdly, it shows native currency prices to suit buyer
  • Finally, it uses IP addresses to find a user’s location.

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