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May 18, 2021

Shopify countdown timer app: Top 10 powerful apps to boost sales for Shopify stores

Nowadays, there are many ways to boost sales in your Shopify stores. One of the easiest ones is to focus on the missing fear of the customers. Therefore, many countdown timer apps were born to help you increase your sales revenue. Read the top 10 powerful Shopify countdown timer app right now to improve your performance!

What does a Shopify countdown timer app do?

Firstly, Arrowtheme will explain some basic knowledge about the countdown timer app. As you know, people are afraid of missing out on something. Hence, many apps apply this useful insight to create a countdown timer for the products. This will urge customers to buy as soon as possible. Especially, these apps are very useful on occasions such as flash sales, special day and limited-time promotions.
To be detailed, Arrowtheme will introduce the top 10 must-have countdown timer apps to boost your sales.

1. Countdown Timer Ultimate (by KILATECH)

Prices: Free plan available or $3.99/month for a paid plan
Countdown Timer Ultimate is a great Shopify countdown timer app that encourages customers to buy products right now due to the urgency. Hence, it increases the conversion rate of your stores. Besides, this app allows you to customize your store countdown with many options. You can change your timer according to each occasion. Also, you receive a 24/7 support service from the producer.

Highlight features
Firstly, countdown timer customization options
Secondly, increase conversion rates
Thirdly, support 24/7
Next, 12 clocks design
Then, compatible with mobile devices
At last, free trial with all functions

Shopify countdown timer app
Shopify countdown timer app display

2. Urgency Bear Countdown Timer (by Conversion Bear)

Prices: Free
Urgency Bear Countdown Timer is a completely free countdown app in Shopify. This creates an urgent situation with low stock to attract customer. Therefore, it raises your conversion rate and sales revenue. Additionally, the countdown timer is designed to match your theme stores. Besides, you can easily set up this app within 2 minutes.

Shopify countdown timer app display
Urgency Bear Countdown Timer

Highlight features:
Firstly, eye-catching timer
Secondly, easy setup
Thirdly, excellent customer support
Next, display scarcity of stock
Also, automatically match your store
At last, no coding needed

3. Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 (by SpurIT)

Prices: Free plan available or from $8.95/month
Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 provides Shopify store owners with a countdown clock suitable for store themes. Hence, it persuades customers to make decisions quickly. From that, it increases your conversion rates. Besides, you can set up your timer everywhere on your page. You also set up an individual timer bar and auto restart. One special thing about this app is to guarantee their service for 2 months. If it does not pay itself back, you can uninstall it and receive a refund.

Highlight features:
Firstly, 11 templates for each ocassion
Secondly, set up a countdown on the product page, homepage, collection
Thirdly, compatible with mobile devices
Next, individual timer for each visitor
Then, guarantee policy in 2 months
At last, support customer 24/7

Templates for each occasion
Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 templates

4. POWR Countdown Timer (by

Prices: Free plan available or from $4.99/month
POWR Countdown Timer is a great Shopify countdown timer app. This app creates a countdown bar for your store. This aims to notify the promotion and encourage people to buy quickly. You can choose to display a countdown timer for new customers or for all visitors. Moreover, you can customize your countdown clock by changing the fonts, colours, animations and background. This app also supports you with text in many languages.

Shopify countdown timer app
Shopify countdown timer app

Highlight features:
Firstly, compatible with mobile devices
Secondly, notification of promotion and time left
Thirdly, customization of the countdown timer clock
Next, support text in many languages
Then, integrate with POWR apps
At last, display timer for new visitors

5. Shopify countdown timer app: Countdown Timer Bar (by Hextom)

Prices: Free plan available or $9.99/month for a premium plan
Applying the FOMO effect, Countdown Timer Bar adds to your store a countdown timer on a banner to urge customers to BUY NOW. This app provides you with many countdown options such as daily events, periodic countdown and promotions for early birds. Also, you can set up countdown bars in advance to save time. Moreover, without coding, you can install it in just some minutes.

Highlight features:
Firstly, provide emoji in bar messages
Secondly, many types of countdown options
Thirdly, the auto-schedule function
Next, responsive with all devices
Then, geographical promotion target
At last, do not put the logo on your bar

Countdown Timer Bar
Countdown Timer Bar

6. Scarcity: Cart Countdown Timer (by Effective Apps)

Prices: $1.99/month or 7-day free trial
Scarcity: Cart Countdown Timer is a Shopify countdown timer app that can be installed in 1 click. After that, the clock will appear on the product pages to create an urgent situation for customers. These countdowns will disappear when time’s up. After then, you can choose to restart or delete them. Also, you can customize the design and text of the countdown timer. For more information and support, click “Get Support” to send them emails.

simple dashboard
Scarcity: Cart Countdown Timer

Highlight features:
Firstly, customization of timer
Secondly, installation in 1-click
Thirdly, many options after time’s up
Next, a simple dashboard
At last, support customer within few hours

7. Shopify countdown timer app: Conversion Plus (by Varinode, Inc.)

Prices: Free plan available or $6.99/month for a bronze plan
Conversion Plus provides store owners with a free available plan for the countdown timer to avoid cart abandonment. The countdown timer is displayed on the cart page, checkout page and drawers. Hence, customers will be afraid of out of stock and limited promotion. This fear will encourage them to buy now instead of waiting. Besides, you can adjust the duration and the text of the timer. What happens next also depends on you. Additionally, this app is responsive to all devices and does not have its logo on countdown timers.

Conversion Plus
Conversion Plus

Highlight features:
Firstly, support for many languages
Secondly, customize the text
Thirdly, adjust the duration of the cart timer
Next, responsive with all devices
Then, display the true inventory reserved
At last, no app branding

8. Countdown Sales Timer (by Pixel Union)

Prices: Free plan available or $5.99/month for premium
Countdown Sales Timer drives customers to buy more by creating the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) effect through countdown timers. This app allows you to choose many beautiful themes and display one-timer with unlimited impressions. Supported by Pixel Union (the biggest name in Shopify theme and app design), the countdown timer will be very eye-catching and attract many customers. Also, for a premium plan, you can schedule a timer in advance and allow the recurring daily timer to run.

Countdown Sales Timer
Countdown Sales Timer

Highlight features:
Firstly, customization of timer
Secondly, schedule timers in advance
Thirdly, run the recurring daily timers
Next, easy installation
Then, unlimited impressions
At last, provide a full targeting suite

9. Ultimate Scarcity Pro (by Softpulse Infotech)

Prices: Free plan available or $8.99/month for premium
Ultimate Scarcity Pro creates scarcity for customers to encourage them to buy the products as soon as possible. This app also displays the real stock inventory according to levels of scarcity. So customers tend to action quickly in order not to miss out. In addition, you can choose various options for the timers based on time. When it expires, you can set up to hide or auto-reset the timer. Moreover, for different products, you can display different templates.

Ultimate Scarcity Pro
Ultimate Scarcity Pro

Highlight features:
Firstly, stock bar customization
Secondly, many timers templates
Thirdly, production selection options for promotion
Next, the background options
Then, text message aligned with timers
At last, display number of visitors

10. Shopify countdown timer app: Timer Plus ‑ Countdown (by ShopClimb)

Prices: $4.95/month
Timer Plus ‑ Countdown is a sales solution for your store. It fully customizes the timer to boost your sales. By offering customized options, this app completely matches your store. Furthermore, it supports you with attractive animation to drive more attention. In addition, you can adjust and change your timers with a powerful dashboard. Besides, this app is easy to install and responsive to all devices.

Highlight features:
Firstly, a powerful dashboard to edit
Secondly, a free trial in 14 days
Thirdly, the customized timers option
Next, attractive animation
Then, responsive with all devices
At last, top quality support

Timer Plus ‑ Countdown
Timer Plus ‑ Countdown

In conclusion, there are many different Shopify countdown timer apps for your stores. Let’s read the review, use the trial and choose the best one. Arrowtheme hopes that this post is useful for you.

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