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January 1, 2022

Shopify product video app: Top 10 superior apps to take your website to the next level

Videos are one of the most effective ways to increase the conversion rate of your Shopify product pages. A still image or a paragraph of text cannot convey as much information in the same amount of time or space as a video. And customers seem to like videos. According to figures, video would account for half of all online content consumed. As a result, choosing the best Shopify product video app for your store is important. There are a number of excellent Shopify product video apps that will help you. The following are the top 10 superior apps to take your website to the next level

Video Background by Code black belt

shopify ecommerce app - Shopify product video app

The first Shopify product video app I want to recommend in this list is Video Background by Code black belt. Coming to this video app, your online stores may own the latest fashion in web design. You are able to pick from any publicly available YouTube video or one of our pre-selected videos. Not only that, the video can be displayed full-page, responsively, or as the background of a specific section. Besides that, by only one click, you can install this Shopify product video app. One more thing is no coding requirement. As a result, Installation couldn’t be simpler. Additionally, you have a permission to choose which pages will have video backgrounds. Videos can be shown on your 404 Not Found page as well. 

Other highlight features:

  • Customize a transparency to make the nice effect
  • Mute the audio of video
  • Display icon such as play, pause, mute, sound at the bottom left of the video player
  • Choose whether or not to display the video in mobile browsers.

EasyVideo Shopify product video app by Nexusmedia

Don’t worry if your Theme does not have video features for the products. Just install EasyVideo, it will help you to solve this problem. Without any coding knowledge, you still are able to use this Shopify product video app with ease. Besides that, you also can upload Youtube Video for your product gallery. Additionally, Easy VIdeo brings to you a 7 days free trial. As a result, you are free to test the app with your own theme. Moreover, this Shopify product video app integrates with YouTube, Vimeo

Key benefits:

  • Product videos with no coding require
  • Integrates with Vimeo and YouTube videos

Yottie Shopify product video app by Elfsight

Yottie is another Shopify product video app you should consider. With this awesome Shopify product video app, you are allowed to share any YouTube videos into your Shopify Store. Besides that, you just need to paste the video URL and then the video will appear automatically on your ecommerce website. Furthermore, you have 3 header layouts: Classic, Accent and Minimal to present on your site. 

Key features:

  • Retina ready plugin
  • Use Free and Autorotation modes
  • Turn on Autoplay mode in the popup to watch the video immediately after clicking on it.
  • Higher product awareness
  • Regular live updates available
  • Works on any Shopify website
  • Fast support team
  • Regular live updates available

Widgetic Video Player by Widgetic

Coming to the next Shopify product video app, you are not only able to embed  the video URL from Youtube, but also other social channels like Facebook, Instagram,… or Google Drive. Furthermore, your video can be displayed with full screen. Not only that, this Shopify product video app is designed with responsive. Therefore, your ecommerce site still works well on the tablet, mobile, and desktop. 

Other cool features:

  • Showcase your products in interesting ways to attract more customers.
  • Increase conversions
  • Connect with users
  • Upload your own MP4 files or play files from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and YouTube.

Factory Shopify product video app by Small victories

Factory is a Shopify product video app that allows you to create slideshow-style videos from your product photos in seconds. This app transforms product data into dynamic videos that catch visitors’ attention and increase viewer interaction, Additionally, you have permission to download, preview or export the videos to other platforms.

Awesome features:

  • Integrates with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube
  • Dynamic Ads engage viewers
  • Updated content every day easily

Vizardc Shopify product video app by Vizard studio

Using Vizard, your product videos will become more stunning. Coming to this Shopify product video app, there is a new feature called VIZARD SHARE MOBILE APP. Vizard Share is a companion smartphone app that makes sharing the videos you make here a breeze. Simply ‘pull to refresh’ on your Vizard Share mobile app after creating a video on Vizard – Instant Video Maker, and your video will appear, ready to share. In addition, you not only are able to add Vizard videos but also Youtube or Vimeo videos to the products page.

Cool features:

  • Create stunning videos for your products page
  • Share your product videos on social media such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 
  • Showcase your products in a beautiful way with unique crafted video templates.

Product Videos by Omega

Product Videos by Omega is another Shopify app you should not miss. By simply pasting the video URL from Youtube or Vimeo, you are able to add videos to your site. Not only that, with Play video in Lightbox Popup, you are able to decide to show single or gallery video on popup. Additionally, thanks to the fully Mobile Friendly App, your customers can go to your online shop without any restriction of devices. If you have trouble with the installation of this Shopify product video app, don’t worry, there is a fast technical support team who is ready to assist you solve any problems within 24 hours. One more thing is that with a 14 Days Free Trial, you have an opportunity to explore the products before deciding to buy.

Highlight features:

  • Show videos on Product details
  • Support YouTube, Vimeo
  • Multiple Responsive Layouts

Video Slider by

Adding videos into your online store has become easier. Video Slider by will bring you surprise things. Using this app, you can customize your YouTube or Vimeo videos in your Video Slider to match the look of your store. Therefore, your online store will become more stunning with awesome video transitions  The video on your Slider will be displayed automatically. In addition, Video Slider by Powr provides you multiple languages to help you expand your business. Besides that,it is not only responsive with any kind of device from small screens to larger screens but also Get instant access to more than 50 POWR apps for Shopify.

Cool features:

  • Adding videos from YouTube and Vimeo on your slider
  • Easy to customer video: title, transaction, size, playback control
  • Adding video backgrounds, video testimonials & video banners.

Shopideo by Menelabs

The next great Shopify product video app in this list is Shopideo ‑ Product video by Menelabs. As above apps, this app allows you to add any video from Youtube or Vimeo to your product page. Not only that, if you change the themes, all elements also change automatically. You have permission to change the control of showing videos like auto-play and auto-restart. Furthermore, Shopideo’s speed  has been designed to fit your ecommerce site. 

Some features:

  • Easy to add the YouTube or Vimeo videos on product pages
  • One-click installation
  • Automation

Image Gallery + Video ‑ EA by EnormApps

Image Gallery + Video ‑ EA by EnormApps is the last Shopify product video app in this blog. With only one click of your mouse, you are able to install this app with ease. Not only that, this app comes with fast loading of images. This makes your online store have a high performance. Furthermore, multiple Video Gallery lets you add videos from any sources such as: Youtube, Vimeo,… Moreover, your videos are presented in two modes: inline and popup.

Awesome features:

  • Gallery in 4 layouts
  •  Fully customizable video gallery
  • Main gallery & sub galleries


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