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May 31, 2021

Magento affiliate extension: Top 7 best ones to help you drive more sales from affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which a marketer promotes a company’s product to gain commission on each sale. Nowadays, affiliate marketing is booming. Therefore, it’s quickly becoming a important tool for any business looking to improve sales and brand awareness. Magento 2 shop owners can manage an affiliate program for their store in a number of different ways. One of the way is using the Magento affiliate extension. Thanks to the Magento affiliate extension, you’ll have complete control over your affiliate program such as any settings, rules, or restrictions you choose to apply to your affiliate program. That is the reason why in this blog, ArrowTheme mentioned the top 10 best Magento affiliate extensions to help you drive more sales from affiliates. Please read this article carefully. Because it is very helpful for your business. 

Magento affiliate extension: Affiliate by Mageplaza

Magento affiliate extension:

The Affiliate of Mageplaza is a fantastic affiliate marketing option for your online business. Firstly, this Magento affiliate extension helps online stores get more traffic. Moreover, it also helps you gain more revenue from sales through affiliate networks. Furthermore, thanks to this extension, your online store may increase the brand awareness for your store.

Highlight features: 

  • Firstly, make multi-affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Secondly, create a large number of Affiliate Groups.
  • Finally, invite your friends by posting on social media.
  • Price: $99

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Magento affiliate extension: Affiliate by Magecomp

affiliate extension: magento

Affiliate Magento extension of Magecomp is another fantastic solution for Magento 2 stores. Because it guides buyers to the affiliate products they want. Thus it leads to increasing traffic and revenue.

Highlight features: 

  • Firstly, in the Magento 2 backend, a new product type was created.
  • Besides that, add easily take the affiliate product type to add affiliate products.
  • Set your own custom title for your external affiliate link.
  • Open affiliate links in a new window.
  • The affiliate product will appear in the category and product pages.
  • Price: $49

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Magento affiliate extension: Affiliate by Plumrocket

 affiliate program

Affiliate of Plumrocket comes to help you create a variety of affiliate programs. Therefore, it attracts more consumers and increase your revenue for your store. Thanks to the support of over 20 affiliate programs, this extension allows you to interact with key platforms and earn more profit.

Highlight features: 

  • Choose from a list of more than 20 reputable affiliate networks.
  • Select the most relevant type of program such as Pay Per Lead vs. Pay Per Sale
  • At the same time, require different affiliate programs at the same time
  • Price: $149

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Magento affiliate extension: Affiliate by Amasty

affiliate extension:

The Magento affiliate extension called Affiliate by Amasty is an excellent way of setting up affiliate programs on your website. Because it is adaptable and responsive with a wide range of devices. Therefore, it will help your online store increase sales and revenue.

Highlight features: 

  • Firstly, by just a few clicks, you can create a dynamic affiliate program.
  • Set the type of commission for each program.
  • Offer promotion to customers
  • Set up the discounts and conditions for payout.
  • Manage the account and transactions of affiliates.
  • Price: $199

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Affiliate by Mirasvit

Magento extension:

The affiliate of Mirasvit allows you to create a sophisticated affiliate network for your business. Therefore, it becomes more appealing to your potential affiliates. Moreover, there’s no need to pay more for a third-party service. In addition, increase sales through other channels and provide your affiliates the opportunity to earn more money. 

Highlight features: 

  • There are four different kinds of promotion campaigns.
  • Types of promotion
  • Save history of transactions
  • Analytical power
  • Price: $149

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Affiliate by Aheadworks

Magento theme

The affiliate by Aheadworks allows you to create an unlimited number of affiliate programs. In addition, using this online marketing tool will help you increase sales through associated channels. Therefore, you have the opportunity to improve your brand’s reputation.

Highlight features: 

  • Flexible requirements for specific products (such as the Amazon Affiliate Program) can be specified by users. – 
  • Track performance statistics of affiliate campaigns
  • Use a variety of methods, such as a link, a discount, or both.
  • Set commissions rate for each transaction
  • Create a list of recommended products.
  • Set a minimum payout amount.
  • Compatibility: CE 2.3.X – 2.4.X EE 2.3.X – 2.4.X
  • Price: $199

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Affiliate by Landofcoder

magento 2

Magento affiliate extension of Landofcoder is a powerful and affiliate program that could be a perfect fit for your store. With this, shop owners may get more sales for their affiliate channels. Thus, your stores can earn more money 

Highlight features: 

  • Pay per lead, pay per click, pay per sale, pay per new order
  • Set the limit on withdrawals, commissions, discounts, payout conditions.
  • Transactions, affiliate accounts, withdrawals, banners, and links can all be managed
  • Commissions can be withdrawn using PayPal or a bank transfer.
  • Referral links
  • Check for spam.
  • Easy to configure 
  • Price: $149

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Hopefully, this article is useful for your ecommerce business. If you want to know more about both ecommerce sites in the Magento platform, you should visit our website at  Magento extensions and Magento themes. Let ArrowTheme help you to succeed!


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