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March 14, 2024

Best Shopify Name Generator Tools

Choosing the right name for your eCommerce business can feel overwhelming.  It needs to be catchy, memorable, and reflect your brand identity.

But let’s be honest, launching a new store comes with an endless list of tasks, from target audience research to product selection. There’s hardly a moment to spare, much less to come up with the ideal name.

But don’t worry!

In this blog post, we’ll share some of the best Shopify name generator tools, give you some inspiring business name examples, and offer some tips to spark your creativity.

So, let’s get ready to find the perfect name for your online store!

FREE Shopify Business Names Generator Tool

Shopify Business Name Generator
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Shopify has a free business name generator tool that helps you find a great name for your online store in seconds. Enter a word describing your business and click “Let’s go.” You’ll get tons of ideas to choose from, in all sorts of styles. Whether you want a catchy, modern name or something more classic, they’ve got you covered.

You can search for names specific to your industry, like clothing, jewelry, or crafts. And if you find a name you love, you can register the domain name right through Shopify with just a few clicks. Let’s try this free Shopify name generator now!

Oberlo Business Name Generator – Shopify Name Generator 

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Oberlo has a free business name generator tool to help you find a name for your online store. Just type in a word you want to include in the name, and the tool will give you many ideas to pick from.

You can look through the names and choose one you like. Then, you can check if the matching “.com” website address is available. This tool can help you get your new business started easily. Hence, you can use Oberlo as a Shopify store name generator tool to get ideas for your business.

Anadea Business Name Generator – Shopify Name Generator 

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Anadea can help you pick a great name for your online store! It’s a free tool that takes a word that describes your shop and mixes it with other words to give you ideas.

Just think of a cool word for your store and type it in the Anadea tool. Then click “Generate Names,” and it will show you over 20 unique shop name options!

You can browse through many names or try a different word to see more ideas. If you find a name you love, Anadea can also tell you how much it would cost to register the website address and build your store online. Let’s try this tool as a name generator Shopify stores.

Namelix Business Name Generator – Shopify Name Generator 

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Namelix is a powerful AI-powered business name generator that stands out from other Shopify business name generator tools. 

Namelix goes beyond just combining dictionary words. It leverages artificial intelligence to create unique, brandable, and catchy names that are short and memorable. You can even input keywords to get suggestions directly related to your niche.

Plus, Namelix displays domain availability for each name, saving you valuable time in the brainstorming process.

FreshBooks Business Name Generator – Shopify Name Generator 

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FreshBooks has a cool tool that helps you pick a name for your online store. Just click “Let’s Get Started” and it will ask what kind of business you have. There are options like art and marketing, law, consulting, handyman work, and computers.

Then, you can tell the tool some words you want in your store name. After that, it will come up with many name ideas for you. If you don’t like any of them, you can try again with different choices.

Tips To Choose The Right Shopify Name Generator

Choosing the right name for your online store is like picking the perfect first impression. Here are some tips to help you find a name that’s catchy, memorable, and reflects your brand when using a Shopify name generator:

  • Keep it short and simple: Use combinations of short words, invent a word, tweak an existing one, or use a word with personal meaning.
  • Be different: Conduct market research to see what your competitors are using and try to come up with something completely different.
  • Consider your online presence: Check if your chosen domain name is available, and consider selling on third-party marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy.
  • Get creative with your domain name: If the .com for your chosen name isn’t available, consider using a different top-level domain (TLD) like .store, .shop, or a TLD based on your product or brand.
  • Be original: Make sure you’re legally allowed to use the name by checking with the trademark office in your country. Search for the name on search engines and social media to see if it’s available.
  • Find new inspiration: Give yourself themes to think about, or consider using words from other languages.

3+ Inspiring Business Name Examples


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Bonsound is a Canadian company with a catchy name that combines “bon” (good in French) with “sound.” They help musicians with things like managing their careers, selling merchandise, and booking shows. It’s a short and memorable name that fits perfectly in today’s online music world.


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Cotopaxi is a real volcano in Ecuador, and it’s also the name of an outdoor gear store! This company didn’t make up a new name; they borrowed it from a famous landmark that outdoor enthusiasts would already know and love. They even tell the story of the volcano on their website, making the connection even stronger.

Conquest Maps

Conquest Maps
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Conquest Maps sells beautiful maps, especially pin-board maps that travelers love. Their name is simple: it tells you exactly what they sell (maps) and adds a word (“conquest”) that suggests a journey or adventure. When you buy a Conquest Map, you’re not just buying a map, you’re reliving your travels and planning new ones!

How To Choose A Store Name for Your Shopify

While online Shopify name generator tools are fantastic for jumpstarting the process, especially when you’re feeling creatively stuck, they shouldn’t be the sole source of inspiration. The beauty of crafting a great business name lies in the exploration beyond these tools.

The following brainstorming tips will guide you towards a unique and memorable name that resonates with your brand, drawing inspiration from your everyday experiences.

  • See what others are doing: Take a look at what your competitors named themselves. This will help you avoid picking a name that’s already taken and might give you some ideas for your own.
  • Think differently: Brainstorm all sorts of names, even weird ones! Sometimes silly ideas can lead to great ones. The more ideas you have, the easier it will be to pick the best one later.
  • Get help from friends: Brainstorming is more fun with others! Ask your friends and family for their ideas.
  • Organize your thoughts: Once you have a bunch of ideas, write them all down and group them based on how they sound or what they mean. This can help you see new connections and come up with even more names.
  • See how it sounds: Ask people who fit your ideal customer profile what they think of your favorite names. This will help you pick a name that people will remember and like.

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