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June 3, 2021

Magento ebay extension: Top 10 best ones to connect to the eBay marketplace successfully

Do you know anything about eBay as well as Magento eBay extension? If you haven’t had any knowledge of this area, let’s take a look at this blog below!

Why should ecommerce stores choose the Magento eBay extension?

As you know, eBay is always one of the most well-known ecommerce marketplaces all over the world. And, eBay is a wonderful bridge to connect buyers and sellers from every corner around the world together. The eBay platform allows vendors to offer buyers thousands of products and services. So, if you’re running both an online Magento store and eBay channel, you will need a solution to effectively connect them and easily drive sales from them. This is the reason why Arrowtheme create this blog. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 outstanding Magento eBay extensions in the global market. So, let’s explore them right now! 

Top 10 awesome Magento eBay extension to improve sales for Magento 2 stores

1. Magento 2 eBay Extension by CedCommerce

Magento ebay extension

The first Magento eBay extension in our list is the product from CedCommerce. First and foremost, this extension provides centralized product management. Hence, it allows shop owners to effortlessly list products on eBay straight from their Magento 2 platform. Besides, it is really a perfect all-in-one solution for eBay merchants. Following that, they can easily synchronize categories, attributes, goods, orders, pricing, and so on. 

Highlight features: 

  • Firstly, it allows you to upload Products in Bulk
  • Posting products is very simple
  • Notification of rejected products
  • The category mapping increases product visibility
  • Inventory synchronization and profile-based pricing. 

2. Magento 2 eBay Extension by M2E Limited

best Magento ebay extension

In case you’re seeking a free solution for connecting to the eBay marketplace successfully, let’s take a look at this one from M2E Limited. In fact, this extension has been the first Magento platform native solution that completely integrates the Magento backend with the eBay marketplace for over one decade. For more details, it runs as a complex data processing layer that connects your Magento item’s catalog to your eBay account. 

Outstanding elements: 

  • Firstly, inventory management in real-time
  • Unrestricted Pricing Strategies with flexibility
  • Next, adaptable mapping eBay categories
  • The Data processing layer has been vastly improved. 

3. eBay extension by B2BMage

awesome Magento ebay extension

eBay extension by B2BMage is one of the most ideal choices if you want to link your Magento 2 store with eBay marketplace. Simply speaking, this extension is considered as a great connection tool for synchronizing product listings between sellers on and their Magento stores. Not only that, it also keeps track of eBay orders on Magento stores without requiring any significant changes to the operational functionality. 

Notable features: 

  • Run the order database profiler
  • Orders from eBay are added to your Magento store order list
  • Next, delete the entries for mapped orders
  • View the order synchronization process.

4. Magento eBay extension by Store Manager

wonderful Magento ebay extension

Coming to another Free eBay extension that you should integrate for your Magento 2 website, it is the product from Store Manager. In fact, this wonderful extension is really a fantastic time-saving tool for any ecommerce business. Thanks to it, you can effortlessly increase your earnings and attract new customers by selling your things on the massive marketplace like eBay. Simply speaking, this plugin will sync your data on Magento store with your eBay channels to provide the greatest purchasing experience for your customers. 

Key elements:

  • Allow you to exporting goods to eBay
  • Data from PrestaShop can be synchronized with eBay
  • Next, easily make changes to the auction settings.
  • Examine eBay’s import results with ease. 

5. eBay Connector

eBay Connector

In order to take benefits from a popular worldwide marketplace like eBay, your Magento store should be integrated with eBay Connector. To begin, merchants will be able to integrate the eBay marketplace with their Magento stores when using this eBay Connector extension. Besides, thanks to installing this extension, you can easily import everything from your eBay platform to your Magento store, including products, categories, and orders. 

Highlight features:

  • Firstly, it allows Magento to import eBay products, categories, etc. Shop owners can, however, choose to import just active products from eBay if necessary.
  • Next, import items types that are both simple and configurable
  • You can choose which eBay product types can be exported. 

6. eBay Connector Marketplace Add-On

best Magento ebay extension

If you’re looking for a powerful Magento eBay extension for enhancing your ecommerce store, you should have a glance at eBay Connector Marketplace Add-On. First and foremost, this extension allows store owners to integrate goods, categories, orders, etc between their eBay channels and their Magento 2 stores. Following that, they can easily keep track of everything on their eBay as well as Magento product listings.

Outstanding elements: 

  • Enable you to map Magento store categories with eBay categories
  • Next, import items with photos, prices, quantities, SKUs and so much more
  • Allow for inventory synchronization in real time.
  • Sellers can allocate products to whatever category they choose that were left unassigned throughout the import process.

7. eBay Item Compatibility – Magento eBay extension

eBay Item Compatibility

Right from the name, you might know that eBay Item Compatibility is for Magento ecommerce stores link with their eBay platforms. To begin, this wonderful extension will let store owners to import compatible eBay products into their Magento stores as soon as they install it. Then, clients may see all of the products that are compatible with the one they’ve chosen. Best of all, this eBay extension is very easy to use. With only a single click, you can pick any eBay imported goods and import all of the compatible items to it with ease. 

Key elements:

  • Firstly, filters can be used to find objects that are compatible
  • With a simple click, you can import items
  • Next, it allows you to map eBay parts data to Magento product properties
  • Customers can get a product compatibility check and advanced filtration.

8. Multi eBay Account Connector

flawless Magento ebay extension

Looking for a Magento eBay extension for simply connecting to the eBay marketplace successfully? Then, Multi eBay Account Connector is exactly the perfect option for you. In fact, this extension will sync eBay products, categories, and orders with your Magento 2 business after you set up it. Besides, all of the categories and orders associated with these synced eBay products are likewise available to you thanks to this plugin. What’s more, the sold-out of inventory on the eBay store is updated when products synced from eBay to the Magento platform are paid on the Magento ecommerce store. 

Outstanding features:

  • Firstly, it enables you to synchronize items between eBay to Magento store and vice versa
  • Activate the eBay account authorization feature
  • Next, the eBay platform notice for real sync can be set by the administrator
  • Shopkeeper has the ability to add numerous eBay accounts.

9. Ebay Marketplace Integration – Magento eBay extension

outstanding Magento ebay extension

The next Magento extension in this topic we highly recommend for any online store owner to effectively boost sales named Ebay Marketplace Integration. First of all, as a shopkeeper, you can use this extension to synchronize the listings of items between your Magento 2 website and eBay marketplace. Besides, without affecting the operational features, it can also manage eBay orders on your Magento website with ease. 

Awesome elements:

  • Firstly, it allows you to upload profile-based product
  • Mapping of product categories
  • Next, it helps you easily keep track of pricing
  • Synchronization across many sites. 

10. Ebay Affiliate Program

Ebay Affiliate Program

Last but not least is a stunning Magento eBay extension named Ebay Affiliate Program. For more details, this extension allows store owners to do all of the activities that involve fetching eBay product data to their websites, advertising the products, and forwarding the purchase process back to eBay. As a result, affiliates will present an excellent possibility to make commissions. 

Outstanding features:

  • Firstly, it will help you no longer need to be concerned about a faster checkout experience or payment option
  • Next, easily establish different prices being offered at eBay
  • Bulk products can be added in a variety of ways.

The final line

Above all, Arrowtheme hopes through this blog, you will choose the right Magento eBay extension for your ecommerce store. In addition to this extension, you should refer to other different extensions as well as themes to develop your business quickly in the future. 

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