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September 8, 2021

Top 25 popular paypal alternatives for your business in 2021

Despite being loved and trusted by a large number of users around the world, in many cases, PayPal also causes many difficulties for those in the process of using it. Thus, there are many businesses that are aggressively looking for other solutions to replace Paypal in order to give their customers the most perfect payment experience. So, in this article, Arrowtheme will deliver you Top 25 outstanding Paypal alternatives any business needs to know to get success in 2021. Then, explore with us right now!

The development of Paypal

According to PayPal figures, there are over 300 million active accounts and conducts over $700 billion in transactions each year, also, this number is sure to increase dramatically. Besides, this platform allows a huge number of e-wallets and online payment systems. Firstly, in 2019, PayPal processed about 34 million transactions each day, and this number has grown many times faster in 2020. Moreover, in February 2021, the share price of PayPal reached an all-time high of $304.79. Best of all, as of early August 2021, PayPal has reached more than 392 million users. Not only that, this platform is preferred by 72.2% of European online users. 


Although PayPal is really popular as well as comes with a lot of benefits, it causes many difficulties for the majority of users. For instance, PayPal does not offer any secure solution to both digital product and service suppliers, leading to their anxiety. Besides, there are many PayPal alternatives that have costs that are lower than PayPal’s 3.7% plus $0.30. What’s more, the thing that annoys users the most is PayPal freezing accounts without warning for up to six months. Furthermore, withdrawing money to your bank account can take a lengthy period. As a result, in many cases, the seller will not have enough capital to rotate production and business. 

With these reasons, in the following part, Arrowtheme will review Top 25 popular Paypal alternatives for your business in 2021. 

Top 25 best Paypal alternatives any business should know in 2021

1. Google Pay (Free)

paypal alternatives

The first Paypal alternative we highly recommend for you is nothing but Google Pay. In fact, Google Pay is always considered as one of the most flawless Paypal alternatives with its advanced features. For more details, this method enables customers to pay on your website, in-app or in-store easily. In addition, with the goal of helping businesses minimize the number of forgotten passwords as well as conversions missing, Google Pay lets them buy across all modern devices including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, etc. Not only that, you can also send your consumers personalized mobile offers and recommendations, share loyalty and gift cards in order to encourage them to purchase more. 

2. WePay (Available upon request)

WePay paypal alternatives

When it comes to the topic of best Paypal alternatives, we can’t help but mention WePay. The reason WePay became popular and used by a large number of users is because it can be integrated on many different platforms to make payments. In particular, it’s designed to enable rapid onboarding and processing “on JPMorgan Chase’s scale”. Best of all, WePal is a method that specializes in innovative online, POS, as well as omnichannel software platforms. Hence, just need only a single integration, businesses can implement embed transaction and payout capacity. 

3. Shopify Payments (Varies by plan)

Shopify payments

The next PayPal alternative any business needs to know to bring customers the best checkout experience is the payments system of one of the biggest ecommerce platforms named Shopify. First of all, Shopify allows you to accept credit cards without the use of a third-party service. Besides, from a simple store dashboard, you can keep track of your balance and payment plan. Also, you will receive email alerts when additional funds arrive in your bank account thanks to the help of Shopify payments. Additionally, in terms of Shopify POS, it allows you to accept credit cards on the move or in a physical location, all while saving money with rates as low as 2.4 percent + $0.30. Furthermore, Shopify Payments accepts various platforms, some of them are: Pinterest Buyable Pins, Facebook Messenger, Amazon, eBay, Facebook stores and so on. 

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4. 2CheckOut (Varies by plan)

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If you want to seek a wonderful payment method that can alter Paypal for your business, let’s take a look at 2CheckOut. The greatest strength of 2CheckOut is that it accepts 8 different payment methods, 15 different languages, and 87 different currencies in over 200 different countries. This is also the main reason why 2CheckOut is known as one of the most amazing Paypal alternatives in the global market. Besides, with anyone who focuses on mobile-friendly interfaces a lot, this method is the most ideal choice. Hence, regardless of whether your buyers use any device, they still have the highest satisfaction when checkouting. Furthermore, you will also benefit from 300 fraud rules per transaction, increased PCI compliance, and simple integration with over 100 online carts and thorough documentation.

5. Authorize.Net (Varies by plan)

Another Paypal alternative you can’t ignore to enhance your checkout process on your website is Authorize.Net. For more details, Authorize.Net has been built since 1996, over many years of development, now, they have over 43,000 merchants, over one billion transactions, and $149 billion in payments processed annually.

Alternatively, thanks to this awesome payment gateway solution, your clients can pay through electronic and credit card payments in person, online, or over the phone. Moreover, once using this method, you will get free, round-the-clock assistance as well as an award-winning API integration. In addition, in case your business is located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia, you can integrate Authorize.Net with many other payment methods such as: PayPal, Apple Pay, and Visa Checkout to trade with customers all over the world. 

6. Skrill (Free)

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This will be a big mistake if we don’t mention Skrill when it comes to the list of popular Paypal alternatives for businesses. In fact, using Skrill is extremely straightforward with a few simple steps. Following that, only with simply your email address and password, Skrill will let you send and receive money, store cards, link bank accounts, and make payments. Besides, users must pay only 1.45% in fees so that you can save more of the money from each transaction. Not only that, Skrill offers global support in more than 30 countries. And, whether you are using it for business or personal reasons, you will still receive the best and most enthusiastic support.

7. ProPay (Available upon request)

The next PayPal alternative you should pay attention to is ProPay. First of all, any type of business from small businesses, enterprise businesses to a range of industries can all benefit from ProPay’s payment solutions. Besides, it offers global disbursement and commission payment options, as well as credit card payment and payment processing. Moreover, one of the key factors that make ProPay preferable is it provides Pay-by-text or “one-click” email payments for SaaS platforms, marketplaces, and software vendors.

8. Dwolla (Varies by plan)

Dwolla is highly appreciated thanks to its friendliness as well as the simplicity to integrate into your website. Besides, it features a white-label API, so your consumers will always focus on your interface, not other elements. Moreover, with Dwolla, customer identity is verified without the use of a third-party site, and adding bank accounts is simple. Additionally, your payments can be automated and send up to 5,000 payments with only one API call as soon as you utilize Dwolla. Best of all, a 99.9% uptime in order to make sure that your customers will always have the best experience with the help of enhanced security, predictable pricing, and a dedicated customer success team. 

9. Braintree (Varies by plan)

Top 25 awesome paypal alternatives

In case you are looking for a solution that can alter PayPal well, why don’t you have a glance at Braintree? For anyone who doesn’t know, Braintree is one of the most excellent Paypal alternatives that includes everything businesses need to improve their checkout process. It can be said that Braintree is not much different from PayPal. Simply speaking, Braintree Direct, Braintree Marketplace, Braintree Auth, and Braintree Extend are payment solutions that are tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Additionally, Braintree enables accepting online and mobile payments in over 130 currencies and 45 countries. Especially, your users will have a more smooth checkout experience if you integrate Hosted Fields into the Drop-in UI. 

10. Stripe

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If you want to make the checkout experience more fluent on your website, don’t hesitate to take advantage of Stripe. In fact, not as inferior to any other methods above, Stripe is the most perfect Paypal alternative that any store owner should know to add to your website. Stripe can be up and operating in a matter of minutes thanks to its simple API. 

11. Payoneer

Coming to another common Paypal alternative you can’t miss if you wish to get success for your business – Payoneer. The most benefit of Payoneer is assisting you get paid promptly, securely, and at an affordable cost by overseas clients. Besides, no matter what your type of business is, Payoneer also caters well. Moreover, Payoneer has over 4 million users in over 200 countries and can easily handle your business. Thus, what are you waiting for without signing up for Payoneer, start receiving online payments to your Payoneer account right now? And then, you can easily withdraw money from your local bank or ATMs throughout the world.


12. Amazon Pay

Any vendors and businesses can utilize Amazon Pay to help customers simply make payments on Amazon. Because every client wants to log in using their Amazon credentials and check out using the same Amazon method they’re already familiar with. Besides, Amazon allows you to get the added security of its fraud protection without paying any additional fee. After you add Amazon Pay, it will interact with your existing CRM and complete all transactions on your site. Best of all, this is also a wonderful cross-platform, allowing you to manage payments on the go. 

Amazon pay

13. Wise

Don’t forget Wise when it comes to the top of outstanding Paypal alternatives for successful businesses. For more details, with a Wise borderless account, you may send and receive money, join the waitlist for a Wise debit card and perform payroll or batch payments with ease. Alternatively, Wise has the most competitive exchange rate with no hidden costs and the ability to conduct 90% of transfers from the United Kingdom to Europe in one business day. In particular, Wise is the suitable option to consider if you deal with a lot of foreign transactions. 

14. Venmo

Venmo paypal alternatives

Venmo is also one of the most Paypal alternatives that any business needs to know to develop their stores. First and foremost, Venmo comes with a bunch of advantages as added marketing for your business by integrating the platform into your mobile website or app. Furthermore, in order to add Venmo as a payment option, you need to link with either Braintree or PayPal Checkout.

15. Square

After you’ve chosen your business size and kind, then you want to seek an awesome payment method, you can ask Square for help. In fact, it is great for retail and in-person transactions, and it comes in two flavors. Besides, Square Point of Sale enables you to collect many options such as: credit cards, checks, cash, gift cards, print or digitally email receipts, process invoices and so much more. Not only that, you can even swipe cards without a connection. As a result, you will never lose business due to outages. Furthermore, you can also submit purchase orders, create cost of goods sold reports, and set up staff time cards and permissions.

16. Payline

excellent paypal alternatives

Payline is also one of the worth-using Paypal alternatives that any store owner should know to integrate for their checkout page. Firstly, Payline comes with a huge number of items to suit your needs, whether you’re in-store, on the go, or online. Besides, this method also offers a number of partnership choices. Hence, you can easily tailor your plan to your specific needs in order to get the best results. 

17. BlueSnap

Coming to the next exceptional Paypal alternative that gained a lot of compliments by users named BlueSnap. BlueSnap along with the capacity to process more than 100 global payments, intelligent payment routing provides optimum conversions, payment analytics, chargeback management, and risk management that can bring customers the best experience whenever they visit your site. Moreover, with the aim of making deployment even easier, BlueSnap interacts with the platforms you already use easily, such as your shopping cart, ERP, and CRM systems.

18. Viewpost ($14.99 per month plus transaction fees)


Why don’t you take a look at Viewpost – one of the most popular Paypal alternatives for the success of any business in 2021? Thanks to the help of Viewpost, you can effortlessly better control over working capital by sending and managing professional, customizable invoices and taking advantage of early payment benefits. Moreover, this method saves you a lot of time. 

19. FastSpring (Available upon request)

In case you are running a software, content, or apps business and you wish to find a Paypal alternative, the “end-to-end” platform named FastSpring is the best choice for you. The thing that makes it special is that it integrates with the digital goods you need to build your business and enables global subscriptions and payments for digital firms. What’s more, FastSpring also provides a variety of great features such as: omnichannel distribution, best ecommerce shopping experience, customer popup checkout, subscriptions and so much more. Not only that, tax administration and global payments are also assisted as soon as you use FastSpring.

20. Adyen ($0.12 processing fee per purchase)

Top best paypal alternatives

In the list of popular Paypal alternatives in 2021, we can’t help but mention Adyen. First and foremost, Ayden is a wonderful multi-channel payment option that offers your consumers various options of making payments anyway they choose regardless of online, in-app, or in-store. There are many big and famous companies that put their faith in this method, some of these outstanding ones are: Ebay, Spotify, etc. Overall, the solution is extremely adaptable, dependable, and simple to use. Hence, this can work well with any size of organizations of any size, thanks to an affordable pricing structure.

21. Stax Pay by fattmerchant (Plans starting at $49 per Month)

Stax Pay is part of the Stax finance platform as a whole. With its Stax Pay Smart Terminal gadget, this is a versatile checkout solution that enables for rapid, safe payments in many types including over the phone, on the go, or in person. If you are a retailer or selling professional services, field services, and healthcare, Stax Pay will serve you best. In general, this method can support companies of nearly any size.

22. Quickbooks Payments

paypal alternatives

Being a payment system that was created by Intuit, Quickbooks Payments works best with their accounting software as well as includes everything you need to have a leg up in the global market. In fact, this powerful PayPal alternative focuses on delivering easy, intuitive financial tools and quick transactions to small businesses. Additionally, thanks to Quickbooks payments, you implement many useful things. For instance, create and send invoices, set up recurring billing, accept mobile card payments and ACH bank transfers, etc. Not only that, you can link your bank accounts to Quickbooks to simplify accounting and eliminate manually entering data.


TransferWise is a perfect solution for you to make many international transactions with affordable prices. Firstly, TransferWise claims to deliver the “real” exchange rate, not one that has been inflated by hidden fees. In particular, it cost a UK recipient £106.47 less than PayPal in a $2,000 transaction. Not only that, the Borderless account comes with a debit card and lets users handle money in over 40 currencies, run payroll, batch payments, and so much more. Additionally, TransferWise allows you to invoice your customers in their local currency for business. 

24. Klarna


Klarna will be used with the goal of payment processing, merchant accounts, and payment plans. Besides, Klarna provides simple online and in-person checkout choices. Not only that, this payment method also provides pay-over-time options. For example, client financing, 30-day payment plans, or four-part payment plans for you to choose. Alternatively, Klarna contains a variety of advanced features. Some of the outstanding ones are: the ability to interact with e-commerce platforms, social media sites, use a chat interface during payment and so on.


The last one in our list of best Paypal alternatives for businesses is In fact, is the perfect method that has the lowest fee and is extremely convenient for users. For more details, accepts transaction processing fees starting at 0.25 percent + 15 cents. In addition, whether you’re utilizing a POS terminal, a virtual terminal, or an online shopping cart, it allows you to take all forms of card payments.  

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Which Paypal alternative do you like the most?

Overall, through our article, you can see that any Paypal alternatives are excellent and worth using for improving your payment process to become as convenient and perfect as possible. Above all, Arrowtheme hopes you can choose the most suitable alternative to PayPal to increase the efficiency of your business. If you have any problem in this topic, let’s CONTACT US constantly to receive the best advice.

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