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July 22, 2021

Shopify cancel order: Quick guide to implement it

If you are having issues with order cancellation in Shopify and don’t know how to implement it, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, Arrowtheme will deliver you the quick and simple guide for you to apply it successfully. Addition to Shopify cancel order, we also give you various helpful information about how to archive a fulfilled order as well as the way to delete an order effectively. So, let’s explore them right away! 

Shopify cancel order

In fact, in case you face problems such as: an order is fraudulent, a consumer requests a cancellation, or an ordered item but is no longer available, you have to cancel it. 

What’s more, you can only cancel order in the following scenarios:

  • Firstly, you haven’t gotten paid for the order yet.
  • Secondly, although you have received money for the order, no items have been delivered.

Besides, with a fulfilled order, if you cancel it, you will have to manually cancel any fulfillments. Cancelling a fulfillment in Shopify doesn’t interrupt an ongoing fulfillment. 

Shopify cancel order

In addition, if you’ve received payment for the order, you’ll receive a full refund if it’s canceled. Unluckily, with an order cancellation, you can’t provide a partial refund.

For more detail, the data concerning which items are replenished and refunded after you cancel an order are saved in the order’s Timeline. 

Also, the payment status will switch to Refunded or Voided as soon as you implement a Shopify cancel order. For more detail, the payment status is Voided if a payment has not been captured. And, and vice versa with Refunded. The state of a partially refunded order with a captured payment is Partially reimbursed.

How to implement Shopify cancel order?

In order to implement Shopify cancel order effectively, you just need to follow several simple following steps:

#1. To begin, go to Orders in your Shopify admin.

#2. To cancel an order, click the order you wish to cancel.

#3. Then, select More actions > Cancel Order to continue.

#4. If you make a payment, it will display information concerning the return.

#5. After that, uncheck Restock items in case you don’t want the refunded things to be refilled in your inventory.

#6. From the drop-down menu, you must select the reason for cancellation.

#7. Uncheck Send a message to the customer if you don’t want your customer to be notified about the cancellation. 

#8. Finally, press Cancel order to complete. 

Simple guide to archive a fulfilled order

Aside from the way to implement Shopify cancel order, in this blog, we also instruct you how to archive a fulfilled order. Amazingly, you are able to archive an order once it has been fulfilled. Thanks to that, it will be removed from the list of open orders. Best of all, you can use archiving to keep track of open orders that haven’t been fulfilled, as well as to ensure that you have a complete tally of open orders in Shopify. In reality, an order that has been archived is not the same as one that has been cancelled. You don’t erase an order when you archive it. Also, you take it off the list of open orders.

implement Shopify cancel order

Furthermore, you can utilize a filter to your orders list to get a comprehensive list of your archived orders. Besides, if you want all orders to be archived automatically, enable Automatically archive the order in the Order Processing section of the Checkout settings in your Shopify admin. Then, let’s explore the steps to implement it via both desktop and mobile (iPhone/ Android).

Archive a fulfilled order by Desktop

#1. To begin, visit Orders in your Shopify admin.

#2. Then, click the number of the order you want to archive from the Orders page.

#3. Finally, under More actions, you have to click Archive orders.

Archive a fulfilled order via iPhone/ Android 

#1. Firstly, tap Orders on the Shopify app.

#2. Then, you must select the order you’d like to save.

#3. Tap …. with iPhone and with Android

#4. Press Archive order option.

How to delete an order in Shopify?

In fact, deleting an order will mean it no longer appears in your Shopify admin and are no longer recorded in reports. And, you only have the ability to delete orders of the following types:

  • Firstly, use orders for which a manual payment method.
  • Secondly, orders that began as a draft and later were marked as paid.
  • Thirdly, orders that use Shopify’s API to import
  • Finally, test orders.
quick guide to implement Shopify cancel order

However, you should take a note that you must archive or cancel an order before it may be deleted. Besides, with orders that uses Shopify POS to pay or your online checkout can be preserved but not erased. 

Now, coming to the method to delete an order below:

#1. To start, let’s move to Orders in your Shopify admin.

#2. Then, choose an order that has been archived or canceled.

#3. The final step is clicking Delete this Order at the bottom of the page.

In conclusion

Above all, through this blog, Arrowtheme hopes you will implement Shopify cancel order as well as archive a fulfilled order or delete an order successfully at a glance. We hope this article is extremely useful for you.

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